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  1. shift

    Vector v310

    It'll be tight but it should fit.
  2. I will also be using a dytter and wrist alti. Thanks though.
  3. EBay "BCD scuba hanger". They go for $13-$15 usd
  4. Has anyone configured their flysight as an audible altimeter like an N3A? The beta firmware supports voice output, and altitude triggered alarms, but I'm having a problem getting it to go off at the correct altitude. The alarms are in meters, so I converted to feet, and set the DZ ground offset, but the alarms are still way off.
  5. My opinion, take it for what its worth. If you are just starting, start on your current canopy (sabre2 150?). Sabre2's have pretty long recovery arcs. Not as long as a Katana but more than a Stiletto. I started double fronts on a Storm 190, then carving 90's on a Sabre2 170, then Sabre2 150. Now I'm working on 180's, and will be moving on to a Katana 150 before a Katana 135. After jumping the Katana 150, I'm glad I started on my less aggressive Sabre2. But, as said, you can get pretty decent swoops out of one all things considered. PS I hate Stilettos for swooping. The short recovery arc may prevent you from hitting as hard if you mess up, but you have to start your turn really low.
  6. Brake lines are too short. Or canopy is way out of trim.
  7. I agree. 160's have been sparse recently. I see a 99 for sale now for $600 with 8 packs and 0 rides, so maybe closer to that. I was recently looking for a 126. Was in a group conversation on FB with a seller and he offered a 93 with 30 something packs, 3 rides for $600 "for a quick sale". Other guy nabbed it immediately before I had the chance to tell him he was crazy.
  8. Short answer, sounds like it *should* fit. Long answer, talk to your rigger/instructors. A J3 is made for a 170 main. You should be able to stuff a 190 in there.
  9. I would say closer to $700
  10. I wear a chest mount for wingsuiting and backup (in case some idiot forgets to charge the digital). But i typically use my N3 as primary as well as an audible.
  11. and i spent an hour on the phone with cox this morning because my credit card got stolen last month and i needed up update it, but their website doesnt work, local number hangs up on me, and then they tried to slam me with $35 in fees for returned payment and phone assisted payment.
  12. i just got my sabre2 150s relined and the slider typically stays up higher longer. not a big deal for me. pump rears and its fine.
  13. yes, paralog contains the NMU that is used to access the N3 settings and update firmware.
  14. Chuck Norris can unscramble an egg.