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  1. Oh, I know, but I follow a lot of the QAnon conversations (I have a fascination with insanity) and many of the QAnon community couldn't wait for this to finally be the smoking gun. But, just like so. many. things. before it.... It wasn't.
  2. Apparently, they did a poor job of redacting, since Slate was able to figure out references to Clinton, Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and others. QAnon folks (well, Ron): prepare to be disappointed as you usually are.
  3. Skwrl


    “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine?!?”
  4. Skwrl


    On a related topic, Ron, how’s that Durham Report going? Big bombshell, am I right? Lol.
  5. Skwrl


    You mean maybe because he’s Beelzebub? Or does saying crazy shit only work when Ron repeats it from a forum notorious for child pornography and Russian disinformation efforts? Edited to add: no, wait, it doesn’t make sense when he does it either...
  6. Guys, this is a serious matter - he's part of at least three high risk groups: elderly, obese, poor...
  7. Skwrl


    I mean, do Q drops ever contain non-misleading information? I'm starting to wonder. You know these particular guys were fighting against ISIS, right? Unlike you, they're opposed to fascists. They are anti-fascists. Crazy, huh? You just saw Arabic lettering and your bigoted brain said "bad guys", didn't it? But I guess - as a fascist - you'd do that. So you're saying you like ISIS now?
  8. Skwrl


    Fundamentally, you're still being scammed by Jim Watkins, a pig farmer in the Philippines who moved there because of their (ahem) questionable enforcement of various sex crime laws, and who owned 8chan and now 8kun where these "Q drops" arise from. And yes, you Q devotees may still be voters, but that's because there no rules against delusional people voting. I'm glad you finally admit, though, that it's really just a propaganda effort to motivate the gullible and delusional to vote for Trump. After all, if any of the purported accusations were true, don't you think loud mouth Trump would have bragged about it by now to improve his poll numbers? If any of it were true, it would be a massive boost to his polling and the probability of his being re-elected. If any of it were true. Alas, though, it's not. But even Trump realizes he'd have to provide some evidence to back up the outlandish claims, so he's stuck since he has none. But on the plus side from his point of view, so long as the promise of this future Great Awakening keeps getting dangled, you guys all dance on the strings like good little manipulated boys and girls, all the while thinking you're "independent", but you'll vote Trump even if it isn't true. So independent that no matter what evidence is presented to you, you believe the fantasy and will vote Trump regardless. So, mission accomplished from the Trump election camp's perspective. But the ironic part is the puppet thinks he's a free thinker.
  9. Skwrl


    Maybe you missed the part where he paid off women that Trump had affairs with to keep them quiet and had to enter into an immunity deal over it. Link 1, Link 2, Link 3. Family values!
  10. Skwrl


    I’m actually going to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. When you search on Google, Google remembers your searches. So if you search QAnon a lot, it will likely make high on the list of results. If you don’t know how search engines work, you might assume that it’s true for everyone. So, of course you’re right, it’s not, but I could see how someone who doesn’t know how things work might think it is. A better test would be to search on something like DuckDuckGo that doesn’t track your searches or use a search bias. Or maybe in incognito mode depending on the browser.
  11. Skwrl


    How are you defining positive? Things that make you feel tingly in your pants? I think agendas that promote human rights, access to affordable healthcare, and affordable (and these days safe) education are a Hell of a lot more positive than any of the bullshit Qcumbers jabber about. You know why? Because the agendas I listed are real, make people better than they were, and are not some make believe revenge fairytale, like Q. Besides, I don’t think a call for what is basically a coup-d’etat coupled with an extrajudicial killings of people you don’t like without any real evidence is “positive” That’s downright evil, actually. So no, not positive at all. Try again to come up with a favorable aspect of it other than “it’s gullible folks for Trump”.
  12. Skwrl


    I find it interesting what you chose to bold, Phil. My take away was earlier in his response. “I don’t know much about that movement other than they like me” was the actually important part here. Qcumbers have been dying for a reporter to ask Trump “the question” as they call it; and now that they have, Trump - the supposed leader of the “white hats” - has said he didn’t know much about it. Trump’s support for it has been revealed - it’s not about a secret baby saving movement, it’s about a group that likes him a lot, so he likes them. Somebody play the “sad trombone” sound for Ron. It also reminds me of a joke I heard: A Qultist dies and goes to heaven... Upon meeting Jesus, he asks with glee who Q really was. Jesus takes a deep breath and says, "I've been expecting you to ask, but I'm only going to answer you once and then we move on... Q started as a random bunch of people pranking you online, which then was used by people in power for their own political purposes.... It's OK though, your life still had meaning..." The Qultist starts shaking his head and says, "I can't believe it... The Deep State really does go all the way to the top..."
  13. Skwrl


    I love how you always talk about it being “positive” but never talk about it being “truthful” or “accurate”. Of course, that’s because it’s not, but at least now you’re basically being honest with us and acknowledging that Q really just a manipulation campaign to get gullible people to vote for Trump.
  14. Skwrl


    In Ron's case, an invisible man issuing vague missives that can always be read to support his preconceived notions is very appealing to him.
  15. Skwrl


    ... regardless of their truth or accuracy. That's why it's absurd. You engage in no critical thought, no questioning if your 'positive' input might be blowing smoke up your ass. So, you completely miss the point - as usual. Sex trafficking and child abuse exists. It's a bad thing. It should be rooted out and stopped and those engaged in it prosecuted. However, simply by accusing people you don't like of being sex traffickers or cannibals or whatever, that... doesn't make it true that those particular people are engaging in it. Example: I could accuse you of sex trafficking, Ron. We know about your secret violations of the Mann Act. That gang of 13 year old girls you kept in a cage - I heard all about it. You see, a magic elf, code named P, told me about it on PasteBin. Does that mean it's true? I mean, sex trafficking exists, and a weird clown on an anonymous website told me it, without any evidence, so it must be true using your logic - when are you going to turn yourself in? But of course, that's absurd. People living in the real would would expect to see evidence of your crime before they even make the claim. And I have no evidence to give, so people would rightly dismiss my claim. And that's why people reject yours. You so desperately want to believe in the fantasy, though, that you ignore all evidence and logic to the contrary. I find it hard to believe that you're too un-intelligent to understand this, which leads me to the conclusion that you're actually saying a lot of this crap in pure bad faith. Unfortunately, what you're doing is actually hurting the people who are actually working in programs to stop real (not imaginary) sex trafficking. Because if people flood the places with bogus tips about imaginary instances of sex trafficking, or - even worse - if people start to associate the legitimate programs to stop sex trafficking with whackadoodle theories, they might back away from their support from those worthy programs. Conclusion: You don't care about sex trafficking. You want those people you don't like "punished". That's the sum total of your thinking.