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  1. Skwrl

    Wingsuit research

    I’m really curious if all of this extensive research has ever been applied to wingsuit performance? I mean, given this information, shouldn’t you be able to figure out a mode of flight that out-performs everyone? How do your flights compare to typical performance suit fliers?
  2. I used a Canon M5 with a tongue switch (2.5mm jack). Worked fine. Note that it uses an EF-M format lens. So I you are trying to shoot with an EF or EF-S, you will need an adapter.
  3. Skwrl

    Scotty Burns

    Awwww, look at Mr. Tough Guy hiding behind an anonymous account and trash-talking. I was wondering the other day why I don't run into more assholes in the sport; I guess I found one. (And yeah, if it's troll shit posting, it's still assholish...) Shame you're not brave enough to announce who you are though. Since that's the case, we can pretty easily ignore you. Have fun running around trying to upset people.
  4. Skwrl

    Pilot7 canopy

    I've had both and I find the openings on the P7 are superior for wingsuiting. Seconded on this as well.
  5. Skwrl

    Pilot7 canopy

    I can compare it to a Storm - I had a Storm for about 1000 jumps. It has *much* more of a glide than the Storm. The Storm feels like it moves at something like a 45 degree angle. Much nicer when you're a little far from where you want to be. Also a much more powerful flare. The landings on my Storm always felt like I was using a CRW canopy. As for the Sabre2, I had one for about 400 jumps (before the Storm). The glide ratio is similar, but the openings and landings on the P7 were much nicer.
  6. Skwrl

    Pilot7 canopy

    I like mine a lot! The openings are fantastic, and it's much nicer performance than my prior two canopies (a Storm and a Sabre2).
  7. Skwrl

    upload audio to facebook

    It’s a good thing this forum is dead, or else people would be annoyed with your spam shitposting.
  8. Skwrl

    A license jumping camera....

    You are wrong. There is a video somewhere (cant look for it right now) of a guy trying to do this under canopy. He failed. Are you talking about this one? In fairness, in this idiot's case, he had used a nylon screw to attach the snag hazard, and OP is just talking about adhesive.
  9. Skwrl

    A license jumping camera....

    Those two things don't add up to me. Either - your footage is actually crap - well, maybe it's useful to show to wuffos "hey, look! I'm a skydiver!"; - you're actually paying more attention to it than you claim that you are; or - you don't know what good footage looks like.
  10. Skwrl

    How many jumps before your first WS (updated)

    I'm curious why you're asking. Regardless, I think you'll get confusing or misleading data. Focusing just on the US, for a long while, there was no BSR requiring 200 jumps; it was a recommendation of 200 jumps in 18 months. However, for a few years now, it's been a BSR that requires 200 jumps. So for people (like me) that learned to wingsuit a long time ago, you might get weird numbers. And not a lot of newer wingsuiters tend to frequent this forum (or at least they don't post). At the very least, you'd probably want to break it down by people who learned pre- and post-BSR.
  11. CPI is open and jumping an Otter this week (and I think for the next couple of weeks).
  12. Skwrl

    Jumping near Burlington, VT in August

    Closest one is in Addison, VT, about 45 mins away.
  13. Skwrl

    A2 or C2

    I'm curious: if you are looking to buy a suit for skydiving only, why are you limiting your options to Squirrel? Squirrel is a great company, and they make good products, but there are other manufacturers who make comparable suits. Additionally, asking "what suit should I buy?" is hard to answer without knowing what you want to do with the suit. Are you looking for a suit for performance? Flocking? Aerobatics? XRW? Something else? Edited to add: don't buy a suit you haven't flown. If you can't find a demo near you, look harder.
  14. Skwrl

    Best video camera

    I wouldn't waste money on the projector version of that camera, but the non-projector model is BOSS.