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  1. Skwrl


    So you support lying to people if it serves your end? Proverbs 12:22 might be something you should think about. Oh, and it didn't work, did it? Even in Georgia. It's still a topic here, Ron, because as the story crumbled it's been fascinating to watch as a sociological phenomenon as people discovered they've been lied to, alienated family members, and in some cases committed crimes in furtherance of a complete lie. The team is the father and son team of Jim and Ron Watkins. Ron admitted it recently. Ooopsie! Bummer that it's just a pig farmer in the Philippines and his braggart son, ain't it?
  2. Skwrl


    I read all 4953 drops. Yep. Every. Single. One. And you know what? You're right, Ron, about one thing: I do have a much better understanding - they are utter political revenge fantasy nonsense.
  3. Skwrl


    This aged well, don't you think?
  4. Skwrl


    OK guys, hear me out. I know that *none* of our fanciful predictions have *ever* come true but this one is the real deal, totally legit. I heard it from my brother’s roommate who is cousins with someone in a top secret agency’s dog walker. Honestly though, the best part is the Qcumbers are mightily freaking out amongst themselves because of Trump’s concession speech yesterday and his half-hearted condemnation of the attempted insurrection. Oh no, it turns out that he’s not the secret leader of the anti-pedo White Hats; in reality the only person he really does care about is himself. Who could have guessed?
  5. Imagine what it must be like for some of the Qanon folks that participated in this whole thing. You travel all the way to Washington DC - in the middle of a pandemic - to hear Trump whine on stage about Oprah and Mike Pence at a rally, and then you march to the Capitol Building to smash shit and then stand around aimlessly. You go home and find out Biden won anyway, and then your favorite Twitter news sources (probably something with a name like "Patriot Newsman of the Old West") has your photo posted in the Capitol claiming that you're actually a "gay communist Antifa actor"). The next day your God Emperor Trump himself posts a video cucking himself and bending the knee... Saying words to the effect of, "Those were heinous terrible acts, I didn't support them; I'm so sowwy, Jack, p-p-p-pwease let me use Twitter again!" You can't leave DC since you're probably labeled a flight risk because you literally attempted insurrection and the police are looking for you after one of their own died. The sun is going down and you're getting cold. A Great Awakening indeed, isn't it, Ron? LOL.
  6. Skwrl


    Ron is hoping for an anti-American coup. He always has been. That's ultimately what the Q fantasy describes. And regardless of Q, that's what he wants. But I love that even he is starting to realize that he's been "had" by the Q scam. I mean, all this "military insider" (in reality, the son of a pig farmer in the Philippines) has done is post a "yay Trump" music video (to the tune of Twisted Sister's "We're Not Going to Take It") since the election. There's a reason why the Q thread fell off of the front page of SC lately, as compared to when Ron would always bump it up once it got to page 2 with more wacky conspiracy theories: he's given up, in his heart. It must feel like pretty sad end to a major delusion. But actually facing reality is a good thing.
  7. So you’re basically arguing they are the 21st century version of the 19th century British Empire, effectively. OK. Yep. Most likely. Given the ways we have over-exerted ourselves abroad and have a crippling and absurd military budget, we can’t - and shouldn’t - do anything about it unilaterally. So that leaves collective and collaborative action. Not America First, but taking a smart eye to building alliances. Alliances require collaboration and mutual interest. Von Clausewitz’s Real Politik. Subtle, nuanced, planned thought. So in this respect, I’m glad that we won’t have the current Administration much longer.
  8. Skwrl


    Ah, fair point. Yeah, that would eliminate the chance to create chaos.
  9. Skwrl


    You mean it was originally started as a joke on 4chan, moved to 8chan and later 8kun (run by Jim Watkins in the Philippines) and was subsequently co-opted by Fancy Bear to use as a tool of disruption, with control of the handle recently switching hands to an "unknown" purchaser? Yeah, I have no idea what this whole "Q" thing is about.
  10. Skwrl


    I mean, I know you're joking. My point is that if you're running a scam that involves predictions, you never want to be too detailed in the dates you're throwing around. Because sooner or later, time's up.
  11. Skwrl


    It matters because it further discredits them when their predictions - including their most important prediction of all, the purported "Storm", fails to materialize. It might not dissuade the lunatic fringe, but after a while, it starts to become an untenable fantasy. Edited to add: it was one thing to keep pushing the date back "a bit", to "give the White Hats time". Suddenly telling the Q faithful that they have to wait for 2024? I think you're going suddenly see a lot of them start to ask if it's really just a kooky revenge fantasy... As I've said before, even Ron has given up calling it accurate and has admitted it is a means to support Trump. Now having to wait for a re-election in four years? I doubt you'll see many who want to sign up for that narrative.
  12. Skwrl


    What I think is going on here is a massive blunder on the part of Q. He could have just dipped after the election results, and implied that he was too busy with "The Storm" to post. In the (increasingly likely) event that Biden is confirmed president elect by non-media sources, that approach would imply that Trump, Q and the rest of the gang are now diverting their full attention to on-the-ground countermeasures against the Deep State (with Trump doing important work behind the scenes, away from the public and media eye). It would be the perfect ambiguity, and could even be convincingly framed as 'part of the Plan'. But noooooo... By playing along with Trump's narrative that the Democrats' voter fraud will be revealed to and acted upon by the Supreme Court in a way that will cost Biden the presidency, Q is again insisting that Trump is making huge - and guaranteed successful - efforts to remain in the White House. Q has sucked himself into another deadline he literally cannot make good on With the election, it was at least a few years. But now, Q has weeks at most. Either "The Storm" happens in a few weeks time - after Trump campaign lawsuits have already been thrown out like candy wrappers - or Q is basically completely debunked. An actual official definitive election loss for Trump will be contrary to everything Q has said in a way that most Qultists will have to acknowledge (if only for a second). Or else he's trying to set a new deadline for 2024 and admitting the loss to Biden, in which case four more years of grift! But how many Qcumbers will hang out that long? My guess is not many. Conclusion: Jim Watkins isn't a particularly smart guy.
  13. Skwrl


    Ron is hair-splitting since that's all he has left. Allow me to translate for you. "Q" (as in the purported secret agent who - according to Ron's fantasy - is providing us all the information that we need in order to piece together the story of how the "Satanic cabal" is going to be defeated) only posts on 8kun. There have been no posts from "Q" on 8kun since before this election. However, there has been no "de-platforming" of Q: 8kun allows people to post literally anything on it (it's notorious for having child porn and all sorts of other creepy and illegal crap on some of it). It's not changed one bit, at least based on its publicly announced policies. However, the reason for the silence is likely because the person who set up and runs 8kun - Jim Watson, a pig farmer who moved to the Philippines because of its lax sex laws - has been under investigation recently for a few things (including fraud and sex crimes, among other things), and probably doesn't want to risk posting and making his legal situation worse. Now, most people who follow the whole Q thing - even people who are deep into the cult - don't read 8kun (which is probably good, given how horrid the place is), and that allows the fraudsters to try to claim that it's a sort of spooky secret "dark web" (but it's literally a picture posting forum that you can get to it without any knowledge and using any browser). But the Q devotees claim that this "deep web" element adds to its legitimacy, so just ignore the child porn, please! Anyway, some people who read Q's posts (called "drops" by the Qcumbers, because that makes them sound "secret agent-ish") on 8Kun disseminate and interpret them for the cult, so the cultists don't have to go to creepy 8kun, and so that they can put their own spin on them. These people are referred to by Ron as "Q Analyzers". The Q Analyzers have been kicked off of Twitter, Facebook, and a few other platforms. But they are still on some less popular platforms. Now, if you find yourself reading this and thinking, "This is one of the dumbest things I've ever read", then yeah, congrats, you now understand the Q phenomenon! None of it makes internally consistent sense. None of its purported "predictions" about anything - other than things were glaringly obvious to anyone who follows politics - have proven out. There's no reason why a government operation would ever - ever - run this way. But it's all backed by Fancy Bear, the Russian intelligence service, and honestly that's all the help you need when it aligns with the authoritarian hopes of the Q followers and maybe a dash of mental illness. (In some cases, more like a dallop than a dash.) I suspect even Ron is starting to have his doubts, though, because he's pivoted from talking about how it was "true" to "how it was helping to try to re-elect Donald Trump". And he wouldn't be alone in that - you're seeing more and more people commenting on the forums - yep, I still know where to find them, so how "de-platformed" can they be? - about how they're losing faith in the hoax as time progresses. I guess we'll see who the last one is there to turn out the lights, or how it metastasizes into some other absurd revenge fantasy for the easily deluded.