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  1. Skwrl


    I love how Ron thinks that "maybe this time, they'll finally see the secret sinister Satan worshipping, baby-eating cult that runs the country from pizza parlors without anyone knowing, and agree that we need to root it out and put an end to it, and only Trump can save us..." I mean, it's like hope springs eternal. Utterly insane hope, but whatevs. I wonder at what point the Energizer Bunny runs out of battery, given all the failed predictions. (Actually, the models predict he'll double down, so I'm waiting with popcorn to see...) It's like someone was trying to make a scale model of: what happens when your worldview is run by pareidolia? Well, here you go! (By the way, a friend of mine is working on her PhD in psychology, with a specific focus on abnormal psychology. She was the one who originally turned me on to Q. It's been a friggin' gold mine for her thesis. Holy cow, man... She had to narrow it down to subsets of subsets of delusion within the Q Movement, because it's more than one - or even five - PhD thesis can handle.)
  2. Skwrl


    I have and still do. They're full of nonsense and irrational thinking. It's fascinating to watch, much in the same way as mental illness can be fascinating to watch. It teaches interesting things about the nature of thought and thought processes. That doesn't make it true, though. Don't need to have a high IQ to vote. In fact, for some purposes, it's politically easier to herd the low IQ folks to vote the way you want. They don't question as much or when they do question, they're willing to accept crazy explanations with clones, secret mole children, etc., so long as they support their world view. ... which might be the the real purpose behind the efforts to keep the Q fantasy alive despite all of those missed predictions and zero evidence for it after years and years and years... Maybe it's not really about a stopping a secret cabal of satanic pedo-cannibals - maybe it's just creating a reason for followers to vote Trump even if it doesn't exist. Who can stop us from the imaginary cabal but the man that we imagine has a plan? Better vote for him to be safe, amiright? So, maybe that's the lesson - maybe the real Q movement was the friendships they made along the way...
  3. Skwrl


    My absolute favorite part of this whole Q thread is that Ron oh so hard tries, every so often, to keep "Q" on the front page of the SC forum page, but every time he brings it up, it... just doesn't stick. It least not on the topic of Q. It goes everywhere else, but Q gets ignored. I mean, none of us end up going, "Holy cow! well, that's confirmation of a global Satanist pedo cabal of elites that eat children for adrenochrome that should be overthrown by a non-democratically elected body led by Trump! Hot diggity, there's the proofs!" I will be so sad if Ron ever gives up here, because I dig the whole Q fantasy so much. It's like a weird Mexican telenovela that I just can't put down. I mean, you know it's stupid and absurd, and it makes no sense but you just keep wanting to watch to see where the writers take it! Where will they go next? Body doubles? Clones? Mole children? (I mean, that's all been done, but...) Every time you think it gets to peak crazy, they peak again like some weird experiment in conspiracy edging. Even at its best though, lately, it seems to be underperforming. "Obamagate" is a far cry from "Obama and Hillary are already in prison in Gitmo and the people you see are body doubles", as claimed 2+ years ago... I'd say it's a pretty sad state of affairs and Q needs new writers. Maybe add some characters with sex appeal and a comedic sidekick - that works for a lot of shows that are slumping... Good luck with the LARP, Ron. Thoughts and prayers for it to become more interesting.
  4. Skwrl


    Wow, how insightful this Q fella must be. He quotes a comment from a reporter (her Tweet was about 30 minutes before that Q drop). One would have thought if he was plugged into the "white hats", he would have known about it before Maria Bartolomo. I mean seriously, do you think the information flow is Trump -> Maria Bartolomo -> Q? But alas, he seems to have no special insight. So, even if this comes true - and we'll see today, won't we - it's not proof of Q, right Ron?
  5. The video Ryoder posted has a way more complete explanation. Your confusion is valid, but there's a reason why we want to do that with the ARDS-like stuff that happens with COVID19.
  6. So, in theory it's not entirely crazy. Exactly how it works against malaria isn't fully understood, but is known to inhibit lysosome and some of the signaling pathways that can trigger the autoimmune cytokine storm that actually kills (most) patients in the ARDS-like state at the end-stage of COVID19 infection. So it theoretically could have been a one-two punch. The plural of "anecdote" isn't "data", though, so it's only now that we're seeing a lot more well-controlled studies are we seeing that it may not be as effective as hoped. But time will tell, we don't have all the information yet.
  7. I would absolutely avoid hydroxychloroquine. Absolutely. Prolonged QT interval (heart arrhythmias), blindness, heart attack and stroke are known side effects at the theoretically necessary dose needed for efficacy. There was a theoretical reason to try it (inhibition of lysosomal activity and transcriptase) but the data so far aren't promising at all. Also, the window by which it has to be dosed is quite early (by time you have ARDS-like symptoms, it's too basically too late). So you're making a bet not knowing if you might have a mild case anyway and made other matters worse. If the data were promising, I would consider it if I was in dire straits, but anecdotes and Trump touting it aren't evidence. Disclaimer - I work for a pharmaceutical research company that has an affiliate that manufactures hydroxychloroquine, so this isn't my employer's position or using any information of my employer's or that affiliate's.
  8. Skwrl


    The whole Q fantasy is premised on the idea that there will be "military tribunals" in which all of the people that they don't like (which - wow, amazingly coincides with well-known people who criticize Trump, funny, that...) will be tried and executed, without judicial review (because that takes too long). So, basically, they are advocating that we throw out the Constitution and due process. People who believe in this nonsense are not just delusional, they stand against what our country actually stands for - democracy, rule of law, and due process. They're openly supporting dictatorship. That's why I make a point of mocking them every chance I get. I know many of you all pet Ron on the head and say "oh, you have such kooky beliefs, but we'll tolerate it because you used to be a skydiver", but man, if someone went around supporting the idea that people ought to be extra-judicially tried and we should defer all power to the President, most of you would call that fucker out. I'm glad, at least, to see there's been literally no support for his insane nonsense in this forum. The Q fantasy is not just delusional - it's anti-American. The idea that they try to wrap themselves in the flag is such utter fucking bullshit. What makes me smile lately is that all of their bullshit predictions have consistently failed, and even the gullible ones are starting to realize it's just a masturbatory fantasy.
  9. Skwrl


    No, the point is the media covers it because it should - but not for the reason you think. Imagine tomorrow there was an Internet hoax that spread throughout America that said that your neighbors might secretly be space aliens. At first, only very gullible people would believe it. Then, the grift might start. Then more gullible people would be drawn in because, "hey, did you hear about the space aliens?" would spread over Facebook. Sooner or later, if many people bought into it, the media might - and should - follow it because it's so darn looney. I mean, I'd want to know if people were so insane that they thought that lots of people were secretly space aliens. That doesn't mean that there *are* actually secret space aliens. It means we're observing a ton of abnormal psychology. Change "space alien" to "satanist pedo" and you've got Q. (Although some of the QAnon crew also believe there are secret space alien lizards, but that's beside the point...) >The more negativity published by the MSM, the stronger we become Hahahaha... Oh wait, you're serious - let me laugh harder. No, not really. Lately, your "movement" just perpetually misses its forecasts. How did your 10 days of darkness go, Ron? Are all the Mole Children rescued? Oh, wait, a bunch of... nothings. Nothing happened. Lots of people starting to realize it's just a silly LARP.
  10. Skwrl


    And I want to be super clear about my comment. Don't delude yourself into thinking that I believe that your crazy Q fantasy is real. It's not. But I want to point out how utterly fucking fascist and anti-American the whole Q fantasy is.
  11. Skwrl


    Ding ding ding. "Get rid of all the Satanists and people will think just like I do" is Ron's thesis. But even if there were Satanists (or whatever the heck you want to call them) and even if you got rid of them, reasonable people are going to disagree on a whole lot of stuff. I've never used the word crypto-fascist before, but dang, it seems like it fits... So let me ask you this, Ron. I'm not a Satanist or Luciferian. I'm a guy whos has a faith in God but I have a *huge* fucking difference of doctrine with you (on maybe a hundred things). I've never been a pedophile or anything to do with any of that sort of horrible stuff. So, am I going to get sent to a military tribunal and executed (or sent to a re-education camp), Ron? If not, at the end of your proposed Great Awakening, will I still be able to advocate for minorities, those disproportionately injured, religious freedom, and things like health care for all, or would that be against the White Hat regime? I'm really curious to hear Ron's answer. Because either he's going to tell me I'm going to be in an internment camp (or worse) in his fantasy regime, or he's going to say I'm not, in which case what fucking difference does this Great Awakening really mean? (I mean, don't like Obama or Clinton, sure, whatever, but even if you get rid of them, people are still going to support some of the same public welfare things that they did). I'd still support the well-being of disadvantaged folks, which seems anathema to Ron's whole Trump-fetish. If you won't answer to me, what's going to happen in your fantasy world to Kallend or BillVon? I'm really curious. So what's it going to be, Ron - don't dodge with a Q drop. Tell me what you think will happen to those of us who disagree with you and/or Trump in your fantasy?
  12. Skwrl


    Literally built into the Q fantasy is this idea that “military tribunals”, accountable to no one but the “white hats” (the amorphous group of “good guys”) will put all the bad people (which just so happens to be exactly the same set as those who criticize Trump) on trial and then execute them. Once you say, “OK, what then?” they usually don’t have an answer. The seem to not want democracy, that’s for sure.
  13. Skwrl


    I mean, if anything Trump had like a ton of opportunities to show up, be a leader, and really do a great job, didn't he? I mean, if it is a Deep State plot, he could have engaged a lot earlier, taken it seriously, helped make sure states were getting beds, respirators, supplies, etc., and actually engaged on the matter. He could have come out a hero. But that's not what he chose to do. If it is a Deep State plot, I'd say he's doing a pretty shitty job combatting it. But, unfortunately for Ron's nutty narrative, it's not.
  14. Skwrl


    I'm going to specifically ask someone a question here. I'm really curious which one of these Ron believes (both these two options are leading contenders on the Q discussion boards...): COVID19 is a secret plot by the white hats [controlled by Trump] to stop everything going on worldwide so mass arrests of the Satanists can (finally) happen. COVID19 is a plot by the Deep State to stop the white hats who were closing in on them... But fear not! They will ultimately lose because the 'Patriots are in control', of course. Some third theory... Or, you know, is it just a pandemic that this Administration has handled horribly? What do YOU think is going on with COVID19? If you're one of the Q people, you know you role is to prepare us for the Great Awakening. So what's going on, Ron? I just got to know.
  15. Skwrl


    It's an old trick used by charlatans who want to pretend that they're able to predict something. It's in a similar vein to Nostradamus - a bunch of mostly nonsense phrases that you can cobble together that can be interpreted in a bunch of ways; later on, you can look back and ascribe meaning to them in light of what actually happened and pretend you predicted. For example, imagine that one month ago, "Q" (on in this case, "S" - my super secret top clearance that nobody knows existed and totally not just a random letter I picked to make myself seem cool) wrote: Red beats Blue 1+1 = disaster Empty fish They're all non-sense, right? (They are because I just asked my daughter to come up with three non-sense phrases without any idea what I was writing about and she came up with those three.) Except later on, you apply your "future proves past" (one of their dumb catch phrases) decoder ring. Then you go back and use all sorts of crazy "logic" to try to ascribe meaning to them. Maybe 1+1 = disaster is "Kobe Bryant (1) and his daughter (1) died in a helicopter crash". (Ignoring, you know, the other folks on the crash.) Or maybe they'd say that Bernie won 1 primary and Buttigieg (I can never remember how to spell his name without looking it up) won 1 caucus. (Even though Pete didn't - the Qultists are notorious for getting actual facts wrong, too.) Maybe "empty fish" means (I just Googled "fish"), yesterday they just found the world's largest fish in an (empty) cave in India! Or maybe it means the fish markets in China are empty due to coronavirus. Maybe they'd say "red beats blue" means that the 49ers (from a blue state) lose to the Chiefs (from a Red state). Or whatever other meaning you want to ascribe to it. It's a classic psychological trick called "confirmation bias" - you see what you want to see. The trick is that you make it vague enough that it could mean anything. Then you can try to ascribe meaning to it. Sometimes, they'll ascribe actual history to one part, and then use that "actual history" to "prove" the rest. (It's not real proof, though, at least not in the English language sense.) So, in my example, you might say, "red beats blue means the Chiefs win, and they did, so therefore the 1+1 means that the Deep State killed Kobe Bryant. Of course! Even when you get it wrong, you can use one of their other arguments: "disinformation is necessary" (in other words, there *have* to be errors in the Q drops because... well, nobody can explain why). If it was a military mission, you wouldn't publish any details (they hang you for that!). If Ron can read the Q drops, so can Hillary. You wouldn't announce your actions. When Q *does* make predictions, they are either stuff from the headlines that any reasonable person would probably know (which for some gives the prediction more credibility, even though any idiot could say it) or they're hilariously wrong. Because Q's posts involve things that are either currently in the news or frequently in the news, there is a high probability that something will happen involving those things in the very near future. For example, there is a scandal within the Catholic Church every other month; if somebody predicts that there will be a scandal in the Catholic Church within the next month or two, there is an extremely high probability that this prediction will come true. That's not predictive, that's just obvious. But Q almost always gets it wrong. Hillary is in prison, arrested by the "white hats", her passport revoked, etc. was one of their earliest. I just Googled her and she seems to be floating around the country and the world just fine. (On that one, they sometimes say the person out there now is a paid actor or - my personal favorite because it shows how little they understand science - a clone.) Leaving one to wonder why they'd want the actor running around doing the exact same things that Hillary does... Martial law imposed with a long since past deadline is another. The predictions on the Nunes memo completely wrong. The list of their blown predictions spans multiple pages, which is why Q tries to be a little more cryptic these days, so they can mean anything. Here, I'll make my own Q drop. We can come back next month and talk about how I must be privy to some secret information: Rockets [red] glare The Old man falls down Follow the money Brave and boisterous Rocket man at the bank Come back in one month and you'll see how I predicted everything of importance in the next month. Maybe I'll get Ron posting about my posts when I get some of these write. Maybe *I* am the one, true Q.