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  1. surfbum5412

    recovery arc sabre 2 vs pilot

    Pilot has a shorter recovery arc
  2. surfbum5412

    Swoop loops making my riser covers stick out.

    A tip that Mirage gives to pack risers cleanly: lay the risers side-by-sde instead of one-behind-the- other. Laying the risers-one-behind-the-other will cause a bulge on the side of the container. **don't get rid of'll want them sooner than you think :-)
  3. surfbum5412


    Great openings. Fun to fly. Great flare. ZPX material is awesome, and doesn't take away any performance or change the flight characteristics.
  4. surfbum5412

    Mirage G4

    It's a freakin G4, what else you can you say? In my mind, top rigs on the market are the G4; Odyssey; Micron; but who feels like waiting 4 months for a new container? NOT ME. No worries about anything when wearing this rig. It's super comfy. Who else can deliver a new custom rig to your doorstep in 4 weeks? Definitely not Javelin or Vector.
  5. surfbum5412

    Skydive Taft

    Kick ass Dropzone that I call my home DZ now. Otter loads turn till sunset on weekends, and cesna loads during the week. Freefly Dropzone for the most part. Altitude to 13,500 every load, but its not uncommon to get 14,000. Really friendly vibe where everyone is looking to do jumps with newbies, etc... Not a "skygod" kind of place, and there are tons of talented freeflyers and belly-flyers with high jump numbers.
  6. surfbum5412

    Skydive Spaceland San Marcos

    Upon arriving, I was suspicious of the place after reading reviews on To my surprise, front office staff was really cool and a female tandem instructor inspected my gear -- she was really down to earth. Then I started to hear the jaws theme as a young instructor with an accent creeped up on me and began 20 questions, then giving me random advice that wasn't welcomed...skygod. The next weekend I brought a load of tandems for the school. Great thing was that they did give me $10 for each one. Bad thing was that every time I even tried to talk to a friend doing a tandem, a couple of the instructors would look at me like he I thought was a complete a-hole. Nice facilities that are clean and they have an indoor packing area. They have one twin otter. They do two passes; one at 10,500 for tandems and then about 13,000-14,000 for fun jumpers. that was cool getting extra altitude. And they're a little more lenient than my home DZ towards jumping with cloud coverage which was cool. Not sure if it was because the time of season I was jumping there, but there weather in Texas is totally unpredictable.
  7. surfbum5412

    Altimaster Neptune

    love my neptune. the thing that I like the most versus my previous altimeter (alti-2 galaxy) is that it's a lot smaller so it easily can be mounted on the wrist, rather than attching at the fingers as well; the log book is awesome because I always forget to manually log my jumps in my book; and the MPH thing that shows different speeds throughout the jump; also the altitude displayed is much more easily readable than the VISO. The only thing I have noticed since purchasing this thing is that the battery life is half way gone!! WTF!!
  8. surfbum5412


    Openings: a little brisk, but overall decent. One thing that is bad about this canopy on opening is that unless you unstow the toggles eigth away, usually the canoppy will begin a slow turn which eventually gets faster and faster. Landings: Canopy has absolutely no flare power; feels more like an F111 canopy than a high performance wing. My thoughts are: if the landings are absolute garbage...everything else really doesn't matter.
  9. surfbum5412


    Recently I was able to demo one of these. I had never heard of a Vortex and immediately I was blown away. It was really comfy and I felt safe wearing it. No complaints other than, and I'm not sure if they offer the option, but the one I demoed didn't have cut-in laterals. That was a little bit of a let down.
  10. surfbum5412

    Icon Sport

    I was looking forward to trying out the ICON because I own an Aerodyne canopy (Pilot). I can only say one these products they make are worth buying...and I'm not talking about the canopies they make. I was completely let down. First, when I was packing my canopy and placing the D-bag into the container, I immediately noticed how floppy and cheap the materials were. On my javelin, when I spead out the container at the bottom so I can place the D-bag in, the side walls down flop down. On the ICON, they do. That just says cheap to me. Second, while I was under canopy, I looked down and noticed that the leg straps had loosened about an 1 1/2 inches or more! I didn't feel safe at all after knowing that the legs straps loosened! Third, the reserve flap came open on me under free fall. When I got in the plane, that flap was completely stowed. I don't feel safe free flying knowing my reserve flap is open. After my experience, I would definitely not buy an ICON. From what I here, these things start unraveling after about 100 jumps. I now have first hand experience. I would not buy one.
  11. surfbum5412

    Javelin Odyssey

    If you freefly, DO NOT consider a Javelin Odyssey. These are good durable rigs, but in my opinion, they are more suited for RW flyers (freefly transitios allow air to get under main flap and flip it open). On every jump, the main flap comes open, exposing my bridle and because of that, I don't feel safe jumping a Javelin Odyssey. My next rig will be a Mirage, Micron, or ICON; simply because they are more freefly riendly due to their main flap design.
  12. surfbum5412

    Skydive Mesquite

    Really enjoyed the Blue Skies Boogie. The registration fee was only $20 and that covered food and beer both nights, plus $17 jumps all weekend! Everyone was really nice. Brad the owner is really good about making out-of-town jumpers feel welcome. One thing I didn't like is that there were no LO's during the boogie. And a couple of times I was left stranded and started asking around if anyone wanted to do a jump. I found out how clique Mesquite was really quick. Also, I didn't really enjoy the way they manifested. People were told repeatedly not to manifest until they were packed...??? Were they serious? Just give us a call, and let us worry about that. haha. And if the person doesn't make the call, oh well, they still pay for their slot. Problem solved.
  13. surfbum5412

    Freefly Imagem

    Love the helmet. Better than any other ugly contraption I have seen. I bought the Rawa because it just looks like the camera box and helmet go together perfectly. Other helmets just look awkward and look like some homemade contraption (i.e. cookie camera box). Another great thing is that I have never had a bad riser strike, unlike others I know who have with the cookie box. CON: The camera box is great and definitely low profile, but if you are using a wide angle lens (i.e .3x diamond lens) on the corners of the view, you can see the camera box. I have seen others modify the box by cutting part of the camera box view finder portion to expose more lens and thus take care of the vignette problem. It can definitely be done, but it's just something RAWA should address.