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  1. Using a drag mat or a rubbermaid lid averts any crisis. You sure as hell wouldn't catch me dragging my container, but I digress.
  2. I chuckled a little, too when I read this. You sure as hell wouldn't catch me dragging my container, but I digress.
  3. when stowing lines on the d-bag of a main canopy, I see some people set one stow, then place the d-bag down by the container, and stow the remaining lines while sitting in one place. Any disadvantage? Maybe some of the line tension is being distributed towards the container, which may leave a spaghetti mess in between the risers and the last stow? The alternative being the more traditional method of walking the d-bag closer towards the container with each individual line stow being completed.
  4. My god...your're an idiot ;-) Rule #1 to OP, don't ask questions like this on the internet because some moron, like the one above, will come up with some crazy theory as to why you have headache. Thank god that guy is not a doctor or else medicare rates would be through the roof for America!! Lol, Take an advil, drink water/eat, rest...sit and spin...sit...and...spin.
  5. Thank you. Everyone I know that has a G4 says their rig does this. Seems to happen less on rigs with no chest ring and laterals sewed onto the MLW; G4 hip rings only and Vector. I actually have a G4 and I'm happy with it.
  6. Clearly a random advice giver right there. You're probably that dumb shit that walks around and asks people what they're loading their canopy at. According to this douche, all people are idiots and he has to protect them. Hahahaha.
  7. great observation. what's the results of the different combos?
  8. It's not the fit, it's the geometry of the unisyn harness. Other articulated harnesses don't have a chest ring. In a sit position with the other rigs, the MLW may kink a little when the rig catches air and pulls on it, but the container will remain snug on the back. With the unisyn, that ring on the chest allows the harness to rotate backwards; the container lifts off the back. Example in pic... Jumper on left with Jav you can see MLW kink a little, but container stays snug. Jumper on right (with his new custom rig) you can see MLW doesn't kink, but container pulls harness with it.
  9. Not to sound like a spoiled brat, but my parents are kinda filthy rich and are helping me pay for my first rig...HELPING, not totally paying for it... Ive had a job since I was 14 and I pay for my own schooling and paid for everything to get my A License and now they're rewarding me and helping me buy for first rig, which is why Im choosing to get a new container TMI man...TMI. No one gives a shit why you can afford a new rig.
  10. Another clear example of why the unisyn harness sucks; HUGE amounts of lift off the back in a sit.
  11. 1.Freeflyers and video cameras on the DZ are worse than a middle aged Dad at his daughters 13th birthday. Just because you have one, doesn't mean you should film a whole bunch of stupid shit. 2.Apparently TRON has made its way into sports fashion; Liquidsky. 3.Not sure when it became cool to wear metal framed glasses with colored lenses; Gatorz. I remember the first, and last time I took ecstacy...
  12. Random advice giver attitude right there! keep away from me. Looking back, there were times I sought advice and times I received random advice from random strangers. 100% of the random advice, looking back, was not great advice and just some asshole on his high horse getting off on giving what he thought was the best way...his way of course. So shut it.
  13. No they're not. Jav's are UNANIMOUSLY known to be longer and wider! Vector and mirage are shorter and fatter! Lol.
  14. you are going to take some heat on that one! UPT did not invent them. ...................................................................... While Atari may hold a vague patent on the use of magnets on parachutes, UPT was the first company to install magnets in PRODUCTION parachutes. Doesn't mean they invented them. No more back peddling. ha. Yes, you are correct in that they didn't "invent" them, but stop splitting hairs on subjects. You know what he's saying. Meaningless post. meaningless post