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  1. He is trying to get me too. I'm going to spam his email address
  2. SD 640x480 MP4 should be my final product for posting to YouTube etc given the tools i have, correct?
  3. Thanks. Can i create in imovie (way easier for me right now) in SD, export to FCE to add the cool effects/transitions that imovie lacks, and finish as MP4?
  4. Well put guys. Thanks for all your help. I will soon have the necessary "tractor", but until then its SD for me. I saw that you could post movies in HD on youtube and facebook, but only 1G max. Which in 1920x1080 was like 1.75 min! Unless your watching it on an HD monitor it really doesn't matter anyway. You can use a regular DVD burner and it will code in HD and will be read that way on a Blue Ray correct?
  5. I was shooting in HD b/c i wanted a HD end product, but i didn't know how much power i needed to edit it. You're saying i can edit in SD then convert it back to HD for the end product? You'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge in the area. I appreciate all feedback sans mocking and sarcasm :)
  6. I just started using FCE. The tools i have are a Mac Mini with 1G memory, 80G harddrive, 2Ghz processor, and a 500G external HD 7500rpm. Once i get a fair amount of HD video put together and start adding layers etc, the computer starts slowing way down and sometimes just quits the program. How can i improve the performance of my setup? I originally just got the mini for music and web surfing. Then i started skydiving:)
  7. Exactly right. I assumed a linear change. Well put. I like it. Its a sweet rig. It was just different than i thought it would be.
  8. i didn't think it would be the same size, i thought the new container would be a little shorter, as it holds smaller canopies. Its longer than my old TJNK which is much bigger overall. Obviously it is a little thinner in depth and width to compensate for the added length as the total volume is less than the bigger one.
  9. Don't you think its a little odd to change your product's shape and not mention that on the website? "Oh, by the way, that rig that took us an eternity to get to you, is a different shape than all the other one's you've seen/owned. We didn't think it was a big deal. Its just a couple thousand bucks. Don't be so picky."
  10. my point was, the SMALLER container is LONGER than my old one.
  11. Why is my brand new Odyssey DNKY longer than my old Odyssey TJNK? It is longer but skinnier, so the total displacement is obviously correct in relation to the sizing chart. Clearly they changed the shape of the containers, as i've compared it to other Javys a couple years old. What the hell? I was expecting one thing and got another. Functionally it is great, but when you're shelling out cash like that, you better be pleased with aesthetics too!!
  12. That was a good IMAX film. They used it in that National Geographic show "Risk Takers"
  13. i hear that the top mount has a rudder effect when flying head down and it is difficult to get people in the frame when you are really close i.e. freefly docks
  14. I hear you guys. This is the kind of info i was looking for. Thanks for the heads up!
  15. I saw the ad for the Cookie box with the threads on it so you can screw on the lens b/c the camera has no threads to attach a lens. The cameras look really slick and record HD and take 4 mp pics. Records to flash though