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  1. I made two static line jumps with a MK I Para-Commander at the Tar Heel Sport Parachute Center, Trinity, NC. July 4, 1971 and July 11, 1971. The late William H. "Bill" Womble II who was killed on a tandum jump in 1986 in CT was my JM. R. H. Capps was the other JM. These were my 7th & 8th jumps. The 6th jump with a T-10 had been a tree landing way past the target. The first jump on the PC I almost touched the disc in the sawdust pile! Guess we done things a bit different back then.
  2. Tar Heel Sport Parachute Center, Trinity, NC. Charles Spillman owned and ran the DZ. Active fom the late 1960's and closed in the early to mid 1970's. The Thomasville Sky Knights, Thomasville, NC. just a few miles as the crow, or the "Cessna 172-182" flies." They operated about the same time as the before mentioned. The Astroid Parachute Center, Hwy. 64, out of Asheboro, NC operated in the mid 1980's. Most of the same jumpers were involved at these DZ's. Mike Bland headed it uo.
  3. I knew a Jay Judice from many years ago when he was stationed at Shaw AFB in Sumter. He jumped a lot at Barnwell,SC in the early 1970's, excellent jumper. Just wondered if this person might have been kin to him? Anyone know? My sympathy to this man,his family and friends.
  4. I had rotator cuff and biceps surgery, two screws now in the shoulder. Wondered how it wold be affected by free falling? Anyone with this type of injury might be able to give me some insight. Dr, said if I hurt it again, might not be able to repair it. I had two tears in the rotator cuff, one quiet large, and a large tear in the right biceps muscle. Any info wolld be most helpful.
  5. Jim, Although I had been told of this I still did not know for sure, until you verified it. I had not seen Bill since the early 70's when I was in service. I had heard of his job with a parachute company and knew he moved from NC. Can't say enough about Bill and what a great guy and safe jumper he was. I do thank you for the information as it has now brought some closure to this story. I will pass this to the one who told me of his death and let him see this site. My best to you and all the other jumpers out there. Stay safe. Blue Skies Richard C. Harper NC
  6. Two companies manufactored the Parawing that I located, they are. Pioneer Aerospace Irvin Industries
  7. Wow, what I've forgotten through the years. I remember several parachute companies that were around then, here they are. Midwest, or Para-gear, something like that, The Chute Shop McElfish-(sp) similar. I have a few USPA magazines from the early 70's somewhere, remember several companies that advertised in them. Will see if I can locate them and see if anything "jumps" to my mind.
  8. I just found this great site and have to ask how to find information about a person I jumped with many years ago. One of my friends I had jumped with back in the late 1960's, early 70's told me about the death of another man who jumped at the DZ in NC. This man later got a job at one of the parachute companies ( Chicago area I think? ) and was testing equipment when he was killed on a jump. I really don'y know if this is true or not, but would like to know for sure. I checked with USPA some time back and they don't have any lists to go back and check. The man I am speaking of is a William H. ( Bill ) Womble II - his license in 1971 was D-2864. Bill was known for his work with the Delta Parawing, which he jumped all the time. Any information as to how I can get any information on this would be most helpful. Thanks, T10PCM1 NC