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  1. +1 "Can't we just get some type of vacuum thingy to get us up to altitude? And pilot's are over rated!
  2. I'm sure Purple Mike has had something just out of the 8th grade on his mind for a rodeo. May be you can claim "first in the world" for this?
  3. He can look at CASR Part 105 then.
  4. Perhaps you should study FAR Part 105 Section 43
  5. WestCoast Wingsuits, Lodi 20-20 April 13th-15th 2012 Organized 20way Formation Wingsuit Flocks Ranch Demo & Bonfire Friday night for those qualified. Warm up for the Perris 100way at this event! Jump tickets $15 $25 registration fee. Pre registration due by March 17th 2012 Contact [email protected] This is an open event to all levels. WS pilots that are not comfortable or able to fly safely in larger groups, are free to fly in smaller self organized groups. The goal is to build a complete 40way on Sunday.
  6. +1
  7. +1 I have seen recent video if someone silly enough to reach back and pull the pin with a collapsed pilot chute in tow. Reaching back, he rolled onto his back which rolled him over and there wasn't enough drag to extract the canopy from the Dbag which left quite a mess of lines for the reserve to go through as it danced around on his back. The reserve cleared though. Here is video @ 2:10mins There is no excuse for jumping with an uncocked pilot chute.
  8. Your profile picture is so 2005. Is that an S1?
  9. Good thing you fuckers posted before your bed time! You couldn't even strike up an argument! Maybe you'll get more then lumps of coal for Christmas! XX
  10. PeteS
  11. Haven't you figured out yet that this is a comedy forum? And you better tan those skinny white legs before you wear those silly little swoop shorts Give the baby a hug
  12. I will take her free of charge, with video. (and maybe a sweet 10way built around us
  13. I can help you with both.
  14. Haha.... After I called Hammo to come and pick me up from landing off, he still asked me to drink some wine at his new house. So, I figured I'd throw in an apology for good measure. But still..... no promises Fun weekend
  15. This may be what you are looking for.