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  1. bodypilot1

    Phantom 2 Alteration

  2. bodypilot1

    Seth Blake

    The years pass, but the memories will never fade....
  3. bodypilot1

    Norway 2009 Mountain Flying

    Wow, awesome visuals! Your work is excellent. Ed
  4. bodypilot1

    Year End Video - Birds from the Midwest

    While I dont usually comment on "the same ol' wingsuit videos", (insert boring face here) I'd have to say the footage from 3:12 to 3:46 was worth watching twice. You guys are lucky to have clouds like that, but the rest of your weather sucks......... Nice job.
  5. bodypilot1


    Here ya go.....
  6. bodypilot1

    Tony's success @ S'WoM -INFO/REPORT

    Are those Birdman acid wash jeans Tony is wearing?
  7. bodypilot1

    Tandem Flybys:

    It really doesn't matter what "we think", but instead what the "tandem master thinks". I have done a few, but with only the permission of the TI, and they know me well. With the thousands of tandems I have done, I would not feel safe with "just any wingsuiter" doing a flyby, even on me. If that were to happen, I would have a few choice words or more for them after landing.
  8. bodypilot1

    Euro BASE June 2009

    If the shirt saved your life and will bring you continued peace, love and happiness, then the shirt served it's purpose. There is another one waiting for you when we see you again. Team Ill Vision
  9. bodypilot1

    30 seconds with no loss in altitude.

    Yur new here, aintcha.......
  10. Do a search for yuri_base. H'e the best wingsuiter on the planet. He can give you all his numbers and such.......
  11. bodypilot1

    What makes a wingsuit rig a wingsuit rig

    A longer bridle and (optional) having the corners on your packing tray open, so that the d-bag is freely lifted from the container. Talking in freefall is a myth, or some people might say it to make it seem like they are unlike someone that is falling straight down maybe? 100mph forward is the same as 100mph straight down. Most think they are hearing what the other is saying, but instead, mostly hearing some tone of voice and reading the others lips. However, if they are hearing the other speak in flight clearly, they are flying badly, in a stall, or in the dead air space of someones crotch.......
  12. bodypilot1

    Jason's new nylon

    Yep, thats a wingsuit alright!.......
  13. bodypilot1

    Tandem question??

    Go get a tandem rating, and find out what works best for you and your student. You'll then be the PIC and be able to make that decision.
  14. bodypilot1

    2-piece suit

    click on this;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
  15. It's probably best to finish your training at one DZ, or even better, with the same instructors. After your signed off to jump unsupervised, feel free to go to any DZ you wish, but be prepared to show a log book with a signature signing you off. Traveling to different dz's to get your A can be done, but make sure you know that particular dz's gear, rules and policies before you make a jump.