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  1. KrisFlyZ


    Having just watched the exit video of the strike, I have to say come on guys if you think thats a safe exit you need to stop flying wingsuits. Lets get a bit of basic safety back into the jump. None of us want to damage the aircraft or risk the lives of our fellow jumpers or ourselves so lets just have a chat when we see lousy exits and get out sh*t together. We all love this sport and want it to grow so lets get the basics right. Exits are not difficult, we used to jump a no flaps king air 90 with a GS1 and Pax750XL there is no excuse pilot or otherwise. We are responsible for ourselves and each other so lets just put this to bed and make some nice clean closed safe exits. There is a night and day difference between the miami exit and the exit in the video I posted. If you can't see that maybe you should get some grey cells!
  2. Whats the story behind the cat?
  3. Looks like they have apps as of early this year. Would be cool to have a wingsuit movie on the really big screen like adrenaline rush with wingsuits on IMAX.
  4. Do it and let us know. Only other really light person I know is Rob H from Z hills. AFAIK he got his Xbird recently. Unless you plan on doing solos ONLY or plan on gaining a 100lbs , don't sell your small suit.
  5. Nice! I just wish vimeo would allow their videos to be played on smartphones.
  6. I heard that all recently ordered Phantoms would be P3s. Just talk around the dz...not from any PF people. Jarno did mention in Elsinore that a p3 was in the works.
  7. KrisFlyZ


    We went up hoping for 7.5ish like we got on the earlier load. He has a 1000 wingsuit jumps, BTW. It was his first jump of that day. We didn't expect to see him that weekend, guess his new suit dragged him to the dz.
  8. KrisFlyZ


    Well, I didn't see he gainered it. It was his first jump in his X2, it was the caravan, we were at 5.1k. The pilot said on the ground 'if you guys hit the tail and I live you guys are dead!' GUI usually exits in a poop and flips over so I assumed that had happened here too. Will edit this post and link a video of GUI in his V3, his normal exit is a 'poop'. I see more double poop and triple poop exits than any other exit at Spaceland. Anyway, this was relevant to the tailstrike thread and I saw someone other than Mike and Brian say poop just as I finished editing the video...
  9. Nice video! I did 16 jumps at my home DZ this year....Mike and Brian did a few more. Got some video connection is slow from here....will upload in a couple of days and it will be a very basic edit.
  10. KrisFlyZ


    Or just do a tail-first (poop) exit and stay knees in and bent forwars until the tail goes past. like this? Your video is still uploading Mike.
  11. KrisFlyZ


    Was there another one recently?
  12. Why? Even if someone did manage to genuinely soar a wingsuit she'd still be an ignorant non jumper with a crap idea. The flights look awesome! Congrats! On to piisfish's comment. No, I am laughing at you . The soaring element has been a part of all L/D numbers reported by Yuri at Smellveggan and Brento. If anything, that video is a good advert for why a wingsuit is a piss poor vehicle to soar in. In the right conditions the paraglider, hang gider etc. can stay aloft for an eternity (compared to wingsuit) .
  13. That was in response to a comment DSE posted. Anyway. The PC was found knotted without using the bridle. It wasn't like Jenn's Malfunction from 2005 FlocknDock where the monkeyfist handle went into the opening at the base of the PC. When found the Bridle window was blue and Scotty untangled the PC and did the common test everyone does after cocking the PC, it was good. Rigger's assessment is that the PC was fully cocked and there is no kill line shrinkage. PC was purchased in 2008 (is a 30" Cazer with the long bridle and a PVC handle) but has less than 150 jumps on it. It is like new when compared to many PCs in use at the DZ. It was packed using the standard Mushroom technique.
  14. What a fun time. Thanks to everyone that made it a memorable boogie.
  15. Glad you are back and nice flying with you. Looking forward to the next time.