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  1. KrisFlyZ

    135lbs + X2 = FUN!

    Do it and let us know. Only other really light person I know is Rob H from Z hills. AFAIK he got his Xbird recently. Unless you plan on doing solos ONLY or plan on gaining a 100lbs , don't sell your small suit.
  2. KrisFlyZ

    2012 - Here we come!

    Nice video! I did 16 jumps at my home DZ this year....Mike and Brian did a few more. Got some video connection is slow from here....will upload in a couple of days and it will be a very basic edit.
  3. KrisFlyZ


    Was there another one recently?
  4. KrisFlyZ

    Thank you all at Z hills

    Glad you are back and nice flying with you. Looking forward to the next time.
  5. KrisFlyZ

    wingsuit FA!L

    I already posted it in the V4 thread. I would consider changing the thread title. This is an isolated incident and does not affect skydivers much. Just saying coz it might be considered flame bait...
  6. KrisFlyZ


    V4 lead time note from another thread P.S: Hope you are doing well, Paul.
  7. There have been nice puffy white(don't like the grey ones) clouds quite often. Even though we cannot make any promises about those , this is a fun place to jump with excellent facilities . Here is the sunset jump from yesterday. Forward to the very end. I edited out the sound. closing speed
  8. KrisFlyZ

    Summer video!

    Very nice!!
  9. KrisFlyZ

    Scotch Guard a wingsuit?

    Yup, first you post a pic at work then you scotch guard and then you jump it . yes, Scott Bland used to swear by it. Scotch Guarding that is. I have done it. Just forgot about it....will do it for the new ones when they get here.
  10. KrisFlyZ


    [Url][/url] Clicky! Edited to Add: It looks like they are customizing the legwing size. That is soooooooo Awesome!!!
  11. KrisFlyZ

    Apache gps overlay

    Nice flight with good views.
  12. KrisFlyZ


  13. KrisFlyZ

    German/World Cup Gransee

    Congrats to the winners!! Any theory as to why Benedikt Klees performance gets better in the second round when everyone's performance drops horribly? Kris
  14. I think most people that have followed this news item have read most of it, but the article is still interesting to read. Funny, I don't see this item in my news. Maybe its because you stay in the same area? I am in the U.K.
  15. KrisFlyZ

    D-Bag Mod for WS

    Sounds like a good idea. My Mirage G4, long bridle PC and open corners has worked just fine for me. Definitely interested in hearing what the wingsuit community has to say.