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  1. Practice sequential scary rolls with an experienced wingsuiter in your P3 -Purple Mike
  2. We are going to have amazing Wingsuit Rodeos formations at Flock at Dock in Zhills April 4 - 7. I need to get a head count for those who want to be part of the fun. Triple docked rodeos, four way flat and vertical rodeo diamond, rodeo foot docks, backfly rodeos, etc. If we get the skyvan, then we will try a six way rodeo wedge! -Purple Mike
  3. Is she hot? When is her birthday? More importantly, did you get your 90s number?
  4. Let's get a nice sample size to see the fair odds of these outcomes, if we were to wager bets -Purple Mike
  5. Has anyone flown an Alien suit on his/her back? Is there a corresponding Alien suit to the phantom 2 or 3? If so, then how does this suit compare to the phantom 2 or 3? If not, then get to work Fidel -Purple Mike
  6. Or just do a tail-first (poop) exit and stay knees in and bent forwars until the tail goes past. We poop regularly at Skydive Spaceland. We just did another double poop today
  7. I specialize in Level F training. I'll also add surfing massive puffies to this category -Purple Mike
  8. Who's going to Zhills between Christmas and New Year's? -Purple Mike
  9. Great jumps this weekend! Nice video flying Kris. Awesome double poop and rodeos Robyn -Purple Mike
  10. We have eight wingsuiters plus video right now. We need one more slot to complete the diamond. Let me know if you are interested asap. The event is this weekend.
  11. I'm organizing a nice wingsuit flock over NASA Oct 22 and 23. Contact me if you would like to join us! The RE/MAX Ballunar Liftoff Festival Here is the list of people I have so far: 1. Purple Mike 2. Brian Voils 3. Kris Kalapala (Indian Kris) 4. Alex Frey (Potter) Video 5. Cody Carpenter 6. Adrian Binnion 7. Maybe you?
  12. What? There have been three tail strikes this year? Where? Was anyone injured? -Purple Mike
  13. We have a great local flock that enjoys backflying, acrobatics, puffy surfing, rodeo flocks, vertical flocks, etc. The types of jumps will be based on the experience and of the wingsuiters. It's a great, well-organized dropzone with air-conditioned / heated indoor packing ten seconds from the boarding area :) Fly into HOU or IAH. Contact me if you are interested. -Purple Mike
  14. Great jumps! Thanks for posting the video -Purple Mike