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  1. tunnelfly

    Need Balloon Suits

    Ask the guys at Flyaway Pigeon Forge or Vegas Indoor Skydiving, where they get them from. The ones we use here in Switzerland are Rainbow Suits, which is probably the company you contacted.
  2. tunnelfly

    Windtunnel Sion

    March 2014 http://www.realfly.ch/ https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/244229829066352/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular
  3. tunnelfly

    A New Glide Ratio Feedback Device

    I clicked No because I need that space for the GoPro. On the other hand, I've also been thinking about adding wind speed measurement to my homemade (dytter sized) glide ratio feedback device. The topic is interresting.
  4. tunnelfly

    Höhensprünge in Deutschland

    Keine Ahnung über DE, aber in der Schweiz organisiert Swissboogie regelmässig solche Kurse/Events in Biel/Kappelen. http://www.swissboogie.ch/de/02_ausbildung/01_powercheck.htm Falls du in DE nichts findest, kannst du ja da mal anfragen. Ist nicht billig, aber Sprünge aus 7500-8000m u.M. macht man ja nicht jedes Wochenende...
  5. tunnelfly

    skydiving in Korea

    It's been a while since my last trip to korea, but back then, there was as much skydiving in korea as there are beer-fests in saudi arabia...
  6. tunnelfly

    shenzhen tunnel?

    Mianyang is the closest, only about 850 miles northwest. If it's still active, though...
  7. tunnelfly

    CX 150 Hand Strap Removal

    Of all those people I know who opened their sony camera to remove the handstrap (including me once), no one actually has put it back on. Unless you plan to sell the camera to a whuffo, cut the handstrap and throw it away...
  8. tunnelfly

    File format conversions

    Try SUPER. It's free and converts almost all formats. Not too fast, though...
  9. tunnelfly

    new website.

    Some really nice shots. I also like the layout, but I guess it's not really suited to "grow" much...
  10. tunnelfly

    super laser link from sony

    My old TRV7 has the LASER LINK feature, but without the "SUPER". Don't know what the difference is, but even though I bought the receiver (IFT-R10), I haven't used it for more than 2 or 3 times. About 100 $ of wasted money, back then in '97...
  11. tunnelfly

    IFly Dubai - twin chambers?

    Let's hope it won't take as long to complete as the Abu Dhabi tunnel did...
  12. tunnelfly

    looking for tunnel coach, orlando

    4-way at SVO gets very tight...
  13. tunnelfly

    [daft] On screen text question

    I guess not, but ask the guy who started this thread, he might know more about it...
  14. tunnelfly

    Kuala Lumpur

    Last time I worked in KL ('03), I went to the tunnel once to twice a week. I had lot's of fun and regret, I couldn't go more often... http://www.mypage.bluewin.ch/aschibli/img/S00401.JPG If your wingloading is accurate, you better bring a baggy suit.for freeflying. KL is a hot place, the whole casino/theme park complex is built on a mountain (thinner air) and it's almost the oldest SV ... If you've been freeflying in another SV, they most likely let you do it there too. And if not, it's probably the cheapest place to get an IBA rating (just an assumption, ring 'em up to confirm). My advice: go and try it out. But don't waste time, you might want go again.
  15. tunnelfly

    tunnel comp in Orlando?

    Pay the airline ticket and I'll be there...