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  1. I had a W8 Ext for several years now. When I bought it I had a Xfire 2 124 and a PD143. It was a snug very nice fit. Now I have a Leia 89h that also fits nicely in it. I know these canopies have a bit more material but anything over a 150 could be an issue.
  2. T10 - 1 TU - 3 PC - 2 PD260 - 24 PD210 - 3 Nimbus 180 - 57 Sabre 170 - 65 Monarch 155 - 64 Stilleto 120 - 255 Vengeance 120 - 75 Chrossfire 2 124 - 179 VE 103 - 136 VE 90 - 93 Leia 89 - 10 Quite a few demos, a few hundred Tandems and crew (lighting 143 - currently owned)
  3. I had the same issue last year. I end up buying a new alti.
  4. I jumped there several years ago and they had a Islander and a Cessna 182.
  5. Isn't Barra Jumping around anymore?
  6. Would you have any updates? I have been looking at for a while and I have been wondering if it would work for swoop footage. Thank you
  7. At Skydive Big Sky we had a Navajo and now there is a Chieftain Navajo. Vancouver Skydive runs a Navajo. Depending on what kind of pictures you are looking for I might be able to help you. PM me if interested.
  8. I have been using it for years on my android phones. Like Ian said it, they haven't had an update in quite sometime but it works well as is. I do link it to my Dropbox and and backup after every weekend I use it in case it decides to quit. The procedure is very simple.
  9. Saw a special on TV when I was 14 with the Freefly Clowns. In Brazil the minimum was 15. On my birthday I started asking my parents to sign for it and after 2 months they gave up and I got consent. The FJC was a week long course, on Saturday we packed the parachutes and on Sunday we jumped. That was late August 1993. My first 6 jumps were on rounds (T10s, TUs and PCs). I still remember most of it in detail.
  10. Early this season I replace one of my GoPro Hero with a Hero 2 on my handcam setup. A couple weeks ago I was bored one evening and decided to update the GoPro Hero 2.... (let's not get how unnecessary that was). Now it's frozen.... I followed every step. Now when I start it shows the video camera image -> changes to the home screen (The one with info and video quantities) but nothing works. I have to remove the battery to re restart it. I have been reading online but nothing suggested worked. I even tried installing a previous firmware but I couldn't get to work. I would appreciate any help.... even pointing me to a website that might have an answer. Thanks
  11. I did a few CRW jumps in the past on borrowed gear but I am now a set together for myself but I am missing some parts. Where would be a good place to start? I tried the classifieds but what I looking for is not there. I need a set of risers (That I might just get a rigger to put blocks on an old set) and I also need toggles. Thanks
  12. What do you do for Stills?
  13. Is anyone using AS cameras for shooting handcam? I recently broke my GoPros and I have been looking for replacement for my tandem setup. I currently have a AS15 that would do video just fine and thought that the new AS100 could be used for stills (Am I correct to think that they do 2 secs intervals?). Cookie makes a handmount for a single Sony AS only. Maybe modifiable to fit two cameras. My other thought is if is there any handcams that does video and pics on 2 seconds intervals?