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  1. There is no statute of limitations in Maryland for this.
  2. The first and last part I stated is somewhat excusable as a young scared girl did not want to go to the police, what’s stopping her now? Why was this hidden for two months? Care to comment on the parts in the middle, or the fact that Booker wrote an article himself admitting to “stealing second base”? I’m an independent so im stuck in the middle point fingers at all of them. Wanna crucify Brett? Better throw booker and any others on the cross also.
  3. I have skepticism for this lady's story, and that is coming from the father of a 12 year old daughter. First she never went to the police then, or now that has been reported. Second she wants HIM to testify at the committee first before she does which goes against all norms going back to roman law. Third she doesn't want to do it under oath. Fourth she does not want any lawyers in the room, and lastly which I completely understand she doesn't want him in the room.
  4. Ok I got the N2 for cheap, so maybe I can do what you did and find another one that has issues but a good screen. Thanks again. I have a galaxy analog alt, but wanted an electronic one to measure fall rate.
  5. I feel you, my DZ closed and I hope another one opens as the closet one is an 7 hour drive both ways. I need to stay current.
  6. Hi all new to the sport, keep hearing all the tales of the historic boogies, and meets. One that keeps coming up is World Freefall Convention. Does anyone have any info on it, or was it just a couple time event and its gone now?
  7. I wish I had that problem I fall at average 134 mph according to my instructors. I wonder what % of power 134 mph is in a tunnel?
  8. I am very afraid of putting anything in my ears so that I cant equalize the pressure. I once had a diving injury to my ear and am very sensitive to pressure changes.
  9. I have been calling for a while. I am new to the sport and bought for very cheap a neptune 2 with a broken screen. I was hoping since they all look to share the same screens that it can still be replaced. I have not gotten anyone on the phone. Thanks everyone
  10. Hi all, do you think blaming trump was a coverup for a failed suicide attempt? News outlets also said he left a $100 bill taped to the mirror as a tip for the janitor who had to clean up the mess. Real odd stuff a professor bringing a gun onto campus and shooting himself in the arm. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/406347-las-vegas-professor-claims-he-shot-himself-in-arm-to-protest Edited beacuse I learned to make a hyperlink.