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  1. Hi everybody. Does anyone have pictures of a Piper Navajo jump plane? I am looking for some ideas for handles, benches, seatbelt. etc thank you Didi
  2. didi_br

    Brasil Skydive

    You are welcome to visit us and jump over the Praia do Futuro (Future`s Beach) in Fortaleza.
  3. Hi ALL. I'm a brazilian instructor and i'm here looking for some help. This is the deal. A friend of mine wants to skydive he is LRL Amputee. I'll do a tandem with him at this point no problem but he is asking: If i wanna still jump by my self. I never had a student in this situation. so, could you tell me how I can teach him to get the balance and get stable? thanks
  4. Hi Folks, I received a Flexon to repack the reserve, but it was the first time that i packed one Flexon. After the reserve pack job and packed the main i got confused. How is the way to do the main canopy`s risers? are they pass all the way out from the reserve`s container to the 3 ring? Don`t they have a cover? if you have a pic that show how is the way to do, please send me it. i will apreciate. thanks
  5. I'm looking for a 2way dive pool. can you help me about this?? thank you Didi
  6. didi_br

    3F Fortaleza Free Fall

    Jump with a parachute. Parachuting. Courses and information on the incredible world of Skydiving.
  7. Hi. I would like know, how to instal a 12000 fxc at a student Javelin. if you have pics about this, it's better. thankyou
  8. Do you know when and where I can do it???? i'm need to get a strong tandem instructor. thankyou
  9. Hi all. i'am a racer tandem instructor and i would like konw. wath i have to do to be a Strong tandem instructor what is the pre requisite thank you Didi_br
  10. Hey BPO, where do you jump? what is the wind's velocity in your dz? can you tell me more about the sabres? sizes, containers and reserves.
  11. Hi guys, i´m from Fortaleza in NorthEast of Brazil. here we have a problem with the winds, our annual average is 18 Kts. and i would like kwow, what is better? I use a Sabre or a Manta in my studebnts rigs? thanx Didi