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  1. Really nice flying btw, I'm guessing the guy in the LS grey JS in the one with prior experience
  2. Hey thanks for the reply. I'll check out your page. Yeah I guess its like belly in that, at the beginning put the stronger most experienced in the centre slots, later they can be changed if needed. Also you're spot on about weak positions, I was thinking about that also. For example my daffy is not great and another flyers HU is quite weak. So we need to think about avoiding these or maybe assigning them to make sure we approve.
  3. Hi, Myself are 3 others are starting a rookie VFS tunnel (for now) team. We're putting it together for fun and to improve and we'd also like to do a comp next year. We can't go to a tunnel with a dedicated VFS coach for a couple of months so for now we're feeling it out for ourselves. Flying together, working on levels and starting to work on randoms, etc. I was on a rookie FS team before and the coach assigned our positions based on experience and other small things. How are the VFS positions generally assigned? I'm working off the 4VFS divepool from AXIS (with 4 colors) and also their youtube vids (both really good, thanks AXIS). Two of the members are considerably stronger flyers. Nobody is particularly weak HU or HD. Any advise (apart from find a coach as we are in the process of doing that)?
  4. Hey Sean, I think I'm in a good position to answer your questions as I did my AFF in Spain and returned to Ireland where I started jumping at the IPC. I'm back living in Spain now where I jump at Skydive Madrid and know some of the FFU guys. I also lived in Athlone (not sure if that makes a difference haha). 1. It's not a bad thing to learn in a week but the USPA and PAI A license is 25 jumps minimum so it's an ambitious goal as you'll need the weather to play ball amongst other things. 2. I didn't learn at the FFU but I've meet a lot of FFU students since I started jumping here and they all have seemed very happy. They sell a complete package including accommodation and you will meet a lot of other students if you do the course here. There is a good social side of jumping with the FFU too. 3. Nobody there will care that you went abroad to learn. I did my AFF in Spain and my coach jumps at the IPC. They welcome all types of jumpers from students to experienced fun jumpers. PM me if you have any questions.
  5. You should sign up for the AFF or S/L program at the IPC. You're only 40 mins drive away
  6. jimmurt

    2way VFS comps

    Thanks for the replies.
  7. jimmurt

    2way VFS comps

    Apart from the 2way mixed FS category at the US nats, does anyone know of any country that has a 2way VFS competition category? Is there any plans to introduce this category into world meets?
  8. There are loads of great options in Europe as well as the desert campus in Dubai - all of them way, way better than Thailand. I wouldn't sacrifice the option of top class instruction and facilities in Europe or Dubai just because you want a nice holiday destination in Pattaya (which is a bit of a shithole anyway).
  9. The world challenge in Bedford starts tomorrow. Live link below: http://www.skydivemag.com/stream/world-challenge-2014 You'll get plenty of ideas from watching the top teams there. There are new rules this year on how 4way FS teams can enter. Same rules as Paraclete's comp last month.
  10. I'm moving close to SG in June and was thinking of signing up for their premium members package which is valid for 12 months. I want to share as much time as possible to get the best value so was wondering are there many other people signed up to this? Is there a big tunnel flying community in SG? At the moment I'm fairly comfortable sharing HU time and working towards getting more stable and taking docks HD. You can only share the time with other members (although they don't have to be premium members). I also do some 4way belly but want to concentrate on FF. I'd like to do VFS at some stage so would be working towards that.
  11. I'm moving to Johor Bahru in June. Looking forward to joining the skydiving community and tunnel groups Anyone here fly at iFly on a regular basis? I'm working on HD at the moment.
  12. In the article there's a link to Start Skydiving which is in Middletown, Ohio.
  13. Thanks for the replies. Yeah I heard about the Genting tunnel. Is it good enough for sit even?