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  1. Hi all, can any of the folks from down under recommend any decent affordable accommodation (apart from the bunkhouse) near Skydive York, 3453 Spencers Brook Rd, York WA 6302, Australia. Driving isnt an issue as my group will rent a car Thank you!
  2. Angela from ri told me 168zpx will not fit into the vc2.
  3. Im leaning towards a curv atm. But ill get my instructors opinions first.
  4. hi everyone im rig shopping and wanted to ask those who have recently ordered a upt vector. is the wait time reall that long? or if anyone can share thier experience in the actual realstic wait time? thanks!
  5. Wel, the closest dz's available to the Singapore based skydivers are in Thailand: 1) Thai Sky Adventures, Pattaya 2) Bird's Paradise, Udon Thani (currently out of service)
  6. Thanks guys! Info is invaluable! Much appreciated! Will check with ri when they reopen And i completely agree abt not jamming canopies into a rig
  7. Thanks both! what reserves are you guys using? and i jump in the same region given i live in Singapore so will prob have the same level of humidity as you guys. Npower: the pic you attached thats the VC3 Dbag with the 168 ZPX? Oh and on the reserve, am asking if the optimum or nano 160s could fit given these also use low vol fabric. im researching on this given that from what ive read, containers usually accept 3 sizes. you can pack the standard size it was designed for or go 1 size up or 1 size down. therefore, i would like to find out if the VC2 config with 168zpx is at the tighter end of this range. and yes, im actually tabulating all options available including other rigs/canopies...etc and i plan to discuss them with my instructors before making any decisions. Thanks again!
  8. Hi all, can anyone please advise on this: RI's website states that the VC2 can pack a main up to 400 cu in Aerodyne's website states a Pilot 168 at 416 cu in. therefore in ZPX fabric, that volume should be around 17% smaller at approx 345 cu in any VC2 owners out there, please share your experience
  9. Hello! I am looking to get my B License and I require an instructor to take me for a canopy course and water training. I have approached SD, unfortunately the canopy course instructor is going to be away during that period. Was wondering if any instructors will be at SD2 over the 17-20 April and willing to do a canopy course and water training? (Although I will try and do water training at SD given the logistics involved) Blue skies! Cheers I am a current A License holder with 29 Jumps
  10. cool dude, most of the skydivers based in singapore go to the 2dzs in Thailand. Birds paradise (Udon Thani) or Thai Sky Adventures (Pattaya) or down to australia like ianyapxy mentioned. although they dont follow uspa there. instead they follow apf. blue skies!
  11. anyone heading to SD2 over the easter weekend? Im thinking of making a trip from 16-22 April.
  12. thanks! i guess i will try contacting the dropzones to see if anyone has anything available.