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  1. Out of GoPro Black 8/9/10, which of would be preferred for handcam? Reason for question is that my GoPro 5's are due for replacement, and I would think that GoPro 10 with Hypersmooth 4.0 would be preferred, but I don't know about the wide factor for the cameras though..
  2. Unfortunately the part I needed wasn't listed, but a trip to the local snowboard shop took care of business.
  3. As a nasty birthday surprise, my Bonehead Flat Top Pro strap (the one that goes on the back of my head, see attachment) broke. Any ideas on where I can get a replacement?
  4. Looks nice! Could not tell by the pictures if it may revolve around the camera screw or if it has another fix point as well (like the thing SOny shipped with the camera)?
  5. Well how bad is that tradeoff in FOV? I'm thinking that my GoPro4 Black is pretty much useless for handcam (nigh impossible to hold that thing steady) and a GoPro5 uses electronig stablization, which also means sacrificing FOV? Would a GoPro5 be better suited than the Sony X3000?
  6. Answering myself (only way to get a decent answer..): Changed the Video Renderer from WIndows Video 11 to Sony AVCMVC and Video Render Template to AVCHD 1920x1080-50i... Got the rendering time down to 24 minutes, I guess I need a better cpu to get it down further...
  7. I'm using a Sony HDR X3000, settings 1920x1080 50 fps. I'm trying to get Tandemvids to output the same settings, so I have created a Windows Media 11 template with the same resoulution and fps, but still looking at at least 40 minutes of rendering time on an Intel i7-40650U 1.7 GHz. Any ideas on how to speed this up?
  8. Is there a solution for using Sony X3000 as a handcam? I'm aware of the wrist mount, but would like to have the extra 10-15 cm when placing it on the back of my palm instead.
  9. That sucks, because you have to play the video at normal speed and "record" the bit you want to keep. Not exactly quick nor simple... /P
  10. Thanks! It was a bit slower than StremClip but not too bad and has a lot of other interesting features. Will go with this one for trimming! /P
  11. GoPro Studio does a conversion of the media files and doesn't let you edit the original, which I'm after. /Patrik
  12. Looking for PC software to trim GoPro footage. The smaller and simpler the better. I used to use Mpeg Streamclip for doing quick and simple trimming of GoPro footage (trimming away stuff at the beginning and at the ned), but am looking for an alternative since Streamclip requires that bug ridden Quicktime. Suggestions anyone?
  13. Really keen on getting the above, mostly for its BOSS stabilizer. Thing is I want to have the equivalent of a CX-105 with a Hypeye. As I understand it there is no Hypeye for the PJ620, but is there any other solution (short of messing about with soldering and the likes)? /P
  14. 1. The question was not regarding which main to use. 2. I've made my choice regarding which canopy I prefer 3. I'm still looking for some input to my original question...
  15. For 1000:s of packs, I've always done the same thing, pulling the stow thru the cats eye on the main brake line and pulling the resulting excess BELOW the guide ring. The other day one guy at my DZ pulled the excess out ABOVE the guide ring, stating that it would eliminate some sort of potential malfunction scenario. None of us could explain the scenario or why this would be better. Anyone out there feeling smart enough to explain it to me? (I've checked the UPT dockumentation and nowhere can I find pictures showing the excess above the guide ring)