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  1. Is that what I think it is? I didn't know if or when that story was going to run for sure. Mags come late on west coast, I haven't seen mine yet.
  2. The111

    Project Blue Sky

    Ridiculous flying and footage. Jealous of all involved.
  3. The111

    Wingsuit Flare/Deployment

    What exactly is your goal? A flare is a dynamic slowdown nearing a stall, where stability is harder to control. "Bleeding off forward speed" can be done in many ways other than flaring. If you want to just bleed off forward speed for a more vertical pull sequence, then you can slow down progressively rather than throwing an aggressive dynamic flare. In either case, "speeding up a little" will always be counterproductive if your end goal is to slow down. That speedup may help you decrease your fallrate but overall you will still be going faster. So again, what is the goal? Slow overall speed on deployment? Or simply slow vertical speed on deployment? Or (my favorite) high vertical speed, slow forward speed, i.e. the classic sinkout. Great for soft openings, 1 out of 1 heavily loaded necks agree.
  4. The111

    Wingsuit Deployment!!

    Nice photo Juan!
  5. The111

    Squirrel vs PF

    Put at least 5 jumps on each and see what you think. Never buy a suit you haven't jumped.
  6. The111

    Anyone recognise these suits?

    They remind me of very old Tony prototypes, but I'm not sure that's what they are.
  7. The111

    New to flocking, post exit tumble risk

    This can be a big problem on tailgates even for people who know how to fly but don't understand physics. I can't count the number of times I'm doing a 5-10 way with very experienced pilots, and they want to do a group exit where some of us exit head high (i.e. a vanilla tailgate exit) and others do a gainer. Even after I explain why this is such a bad idea, there usually remains at least one very skilled flyer who doesn't understand. This is not RW. Even on the hill, everyone must be pointed in the same direction. If the guy in front of you is flying "up" the hill, and you are flying "down" the hill, you're only asking for bad shit to happen.
  8. The111

    Wingsuit Burble

  9. The111

    WS Backloop Video

    You probably mean backflips while belly flying (gainer style)... I don't have that but I do have this: [url]go to 2:49[/url] Which is an old video of me doing backflip while backflying. Unfortunately the video is a bit misleading as I was not really ever able to stop the rotation, it always turned into multiple flips and I had to get out some other way. I have not tried that in years, I wonder if it is easier in today's suits with better back inflation pressure.
  10. The111

    Everyone wants to fly a wingsuit: Oceanwings

    Nice. Some funny comments on the video from people who don't understand freediving or simple physics. Now they need to incorporate one of these suits into "subsurfing," although I think the drag may be too much. [inline subsurf.jpg]
  11. There is no equation, but people who have been in a lot of flocks can guess, so you can ask them. :-) Since you mentioned the PF website, you basically have 4 real choices as I see it if you go with them. Phantom/Shadow, Ghost/Havok, Vampire, Venom. At your height/weight, the Venom is probably out of the question for flocking, assuming that is your goal. The Phantom series would probably serve you very well, but on extremely slow flocks you'll be challenged. The Ghost or Vampire would also serve you well in many flocks, but in faster flocks you might be challenged. The Vampire will have more forward speed, the Ghost will have better backflying. My advice: get a Phantom, fly the hell out of it, and if and when you want a bigger suit, you'll love the Phantom so much you'll keep it, and still use it often, in addition to whatever bigger suit you get. Remember, there is no single suit that will serve you on every jump. A good quiver of suits is no smaller than 2. :-) The only people who need to take that advice you quoted really seriously are people who are way under or oversized, i.e. a giant guy in a Phantom will have a hard time flocking (but this does not mean he should buy a Venom for his first suit). You are pretty average, which is a good place to be. And of course, try the other brands of wingsuits too! The models above are just the ones I know best. :-)
  12. I remember the video, and I don't know how I remember this, but I think the username of the guy who made the video was "perflare." Maybe that will help in a search. EDIT: [url]Here[/url] is a post by the guy in the BASE forum. EDIT #2: [url]You're welcome[/url].
  13. The111

    2009-2012 video edit

    Nice video Marko! You really get around.
  14. The111

    World Base Race - congrats Tony and Apache!

    Cool video. Tony is indeed a legend. And hilarious to watch his dance to receive his trophy. Is the BASE race just based on forward speed? First to cross a certain point on the ground wins?
  15. The111

    Vertical Challenge Pics

    Nice shots Jeff. Wish I could have been there.