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  1. Pretty sure most of skydiving and base jumping could be described that way (especially by outsiders), minus the "marketing" part.
  2. Maybe some people do, but in general that is not what a minimum jump requirement is intended for. And discrediting it as such relies on a not entirely honest accusation. A minimum jump requirement is just that: a minimum. It does not, alone, determine "suitability." It's a necessary, but not sufficient, condition.
  3. Maybe analogy doesn't mean identical in every sense.
  4. You have a burble no matter what orientation you're flying in, and the PC is always going to go in the direction of that burble, because physics.
  5. Hey Francis, good to hear from you! Nice job on the cross country bike ride, that's pretty cool. I think a lot of us post less on these days because we've been assimilated by Facebook. I don't jump enough lately, but I haven't given it up either. In addition to the other names posted... Sean Horton aka Monkey still jumps in NorCal which is also home to me now. Taya runs a wingsuit school in SoCal and has organized bigways in 2012 and 2015, you can find my photos from them at these links: 2012 (100-way) 2015 (61-way) Mark, Craig, and Norman all shot these events too, just like 2009. :-)
  6. Which fact specifically is wrong? What you post is correct, but it is not in conflict with the OP. Facts: The crowd booed Pence (probably many times). The cast publicly addressed Pence politely, and called for the booing to stop. Trump publicly rebuked the cast for being rude. Which fact did OP get wrong? Had Trump accused the crowd of being rude, he'd have a point. His accusation was toward the cast though. Seems he is the one mixing up his facts.
  7. This guy agrees with OP. I mean, if we're talking about today. If we're talking about 2 weeks ago, he was getting ready to protest with his musket. Trump himself does not agree. Well, actually worse IMO, comparing the idea of a revolution to a protest. Admittedly they're both just full of hot air and wouldn't have followed through, if I had to guess. But their words still do cause real damage. There would be protests today no matter who won, and yes: they'd be equally ineffective in either case. And if things had been reversed, I think it likely the protesting would have included Trump himself (based on his past behavior in this election and comments like the one I linked above). I'm glad Hillary at least conceded gracefully (though I'll admit a small part of me wondered if it would go that way).
  8. I think Trump's comments were more about not respecting the actual vote count, i.e. "the election is rigged." The protesters today do respect the count (they acknowledge he won), just not the man who the count was in favor of (they "refuse" him as a leader, which of course is not going to amount to anything). But, I agree that the protests aren't really helping anybody. However, more amusing by far is that just 4 years ago, Trump asked for a revolution (which, taken literally, is immensely worse than a protest) over the same exact conditions that led to his win this year.
  9. Semantic nitpick: if your vote isn't counted, is it actually a vote? Maybe more accurate to say "I get to make it known who I want to vote for." I do agree with your thoughts on Musk though.
  10. Great minds think alike. Everything is rigged. IMO: I was also amused by HRC when DT brought up the evidence from Wikileaks her response was to accuse the Russians of trying to influence the election. She can't deny what her campaign staff and the Democratic Party has done. The emails and the videos, Project Veritas, are out there. Agreed, I also enjoy peanut butter.
  11. Great minds think alike. Everything is rigged.
  12. Ok, and what about in 1000 years? How about 5000? Do we just say "fuck those future people, they don't exist yet?" (and at this rate, they might not ever)
  13. Both words have existed for a century.
  14. Fundamental understanding of thermodynamics is not new, despite the fact that many people today still lack it.
  15. When blaming the victim is such a common response (see the ridiculous logic above), the result is that victims are often hesitant to take action immediately. By participating in victim blame, you contribute to this cycle, so you've got that going for you.