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  1. You only stated the age and not how many jumps the canopy has. Age and number of jumps are not the only factor. Where was the canopy packed (indoors/outdoors), beach jumps, packed in the dirt, left out in the sun. All these things can degrade the material and reduce the flare. Ask a qualified rigger to look at it and she/he should be able tell you if the canopy is OK or not. Dave Fallschirmsport Marl
  2. This of course is only looking at the risk of dying. All the other carnage (broken legs, pelvis, spine etc.) I have seen clearly shows me that Skydiving is not a safe activity. You just have to ask yourself is the risk worth the fun you get out of it? As time goes on I find myself coming ever closer to the answer of "no". Dave Fallschirmsport Marl
  3. I took an older model ( Hero 2) snorkeling and the picture quality was terrible. Nothing was in focus. Dave Fallschirmsport Marl
  4. I was looking at this helmet recently. One problem is the mounting inside. If you get a hard knock to the front, you will get a nice GoPro print on your forehead. A fellow skydiver at the DZ said he knows of one death associated with things mounted inside the helmet that transfered the impact force directly to the users head. This helmet does has some padding between the camera and the head. In my opinion though its not enough. There needs to be some sort of plate to prevent the edge of the GoPro digging into the wearers head. Dave Fallschirmsport Marl
  5. Most vidiots at our DZ use CX110 or CX115 for video and SLR Canons or similar for photos. GoPros are used for backup photos/video. I don't take the SLR on a Tandem unless the pax has ordered photos, which is rare at our DZ. I personally prefer the Sony CX for video because I don't like the fish eye look the GoPros have. The photos from my canon 350D are far superior to what the GoPros produce despite having fewer pixels. Dave Fallschirmsport Marl
  6. The dog needs to work on a stable exit But I don't suppose being thrown out helps it much. Dave Fallschirmsport Marl
  7. No it's not, it's fake just like the guy who landed on cardboard boxes. Dave Fallschirmsport Marl
  8. NYPD Searching For Parachutists Who Landed Near Goldman's New York Headquarters Dave Fallschirmsport Marl
  9. I assume that you have been to a doctor and had your neck checked out. It could have been damaged by one of those hard openings. Dave Fallschirmsport Marl
  10. Comparing time taking part in the sport or number of jumps to number of journeys in my opinion does not really work. You are then trying to break down how you fit in with the wider group that takes part in the activity. I always look at it this way ( all info based on German statistics). There are 57 million people in Germany with a driving license ( ok, not all of them drive), there are about 4000 deaths a year on the roads. So if you drive a car you have about a 1 in 14000 chance of dying in a single year if you drive.. There are 11,000 people with a skydiving license (ok, not all of them still jump), there are about 5 deaths per year skydiving. So you have about a 1 in 2000 chance of dying in a single year if you skydive. Who are the unlucky ones in either activity? Certainly in skydiving it's not just the inexperienced or the one time jumpers and the same goes for car drivers. You are correct sir, you don't lie to your mom. Dave Fallschirmsport Marl
  11. Nice mounting but it does not eliminate the need for a cutaway system on the helmet. Dave Fallschirmsport Marl
  12. Who stole his party gear? See picture are end of the page Dave Fallschirmsport Marl
  13. Maybe you could get to Fucking in Austria a bit quicker using the bus in the attached photo. Dave Fallschirmsport Marl
  14. And of course there is Fucking, Austria. Dave Fallschirmsport Marl
  15. Of course, my mistake, I forgot the rules, power 1st Dave Fallschirmsport Marl