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  1. speedy

    front riser traps fingers on landing

    I am no expert, but I would have thought pulling the riser down so far that it can do that is counter productive. You are distorting the wing so much it can't fly properly. Other than not pulling it so far down I don't know how stop it from happening.
  2. speedy

    Static line DZ's NRW.

    Yes, we still do static line line courses at [url https://www.fallschirmsport-marl.de/] Fallschirmsport Marl[/url]. First 10 jumps €695 (includes 2 days ground school + gear + tickets) Next 10 jumps €475.(includes gear + tickets) The first course this year starts on 31 March.
  3. speedy

    Raynox 3035 lens shade

    I bought the raynox 3035 hd lens and only used it for a few weeks because of vignetting. It wasn't always there, mostly when panning left to right. Changed over to a liquid lens from cookie and the problem was solved.
  4. speedy


    Go for it! Ich mache Video
  5. speedy

    Thunder Chicken

    The worlds only skydiving clown? Have you seen how many clowns post here on Dizzy.com?
  6. speedy

    Does anyone know this person?

    How much does she owe you? And whats my cut
  7. speedy

    wider den bierernst

    Bergungsspringer des Technischen Hilfswerks
  8. speedy

    Cypres "decision" altitude

    A rather simplified view of what's going on, but I guess it will do for most people that will read it here. The misconception I hear most is more to do with the different firing parameters for the student version.
  9. speedy

    got orange- tandem sunset shots

    Looks more like a night jump to me
  10. speedy

    DST Finals Zwartberg (Belgium)

    I think you mean prize money.
  11. speedy

    Blind Spots

    I have done a whole bunch of 270's where the airspace was not sterile. The other people in the airspace were doing 270's, 360's, 430's and more. It worked because everyone was aware of what the others were doing where they were. To add to the difficulty all the jumpers should land in the same place! Through some entry gates only a few meters apart, over a pond and land hopefully in the zone for top points. Nope, no sterile airspace there, just awareness and planning. The problem on most run of the mill loads is that you have a whole bunch of skydivers zipping around the air space with no real plan and little understanding of what others might be doing.
  12. Are we talking about "Zone accuracy" here? If not and you are talking about the parafoil accuracy chaps, then the poll makes no sense. Do you want to put the accuracy tuffet in the middle of the swoop lane or what? In most cases on a low pass I've got my Velo packed before the parafoil guy has even landed
  13. Low passes cost time and the money people pay for them just does not cover the cost. My home DZ is good about low passes. You nearly always get one if you want. But we are a club and not a commercial operation.
  14. speedy

    Turbine DZs near Berlin that speak English?

    You can try Gransee - http://www.GoJump.de or Fehrbellin - http://www.funjump.de/ There will be people at both DZ's that can speak English very well. They don't always admit to it, but they can I have only jumped at Fehrbellin, which I found very friendly. Big area for landing and if you cannot hit the huge landing area, there are loads of fields that make good off landing sites.
  15. speedy

    Glide ratio for different canopies

    Wow, 162 views and no one has any input? Ok, I'll work with 3:1 and assume they all fly the same.