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  1. So sorry to hear of Joe's passing. Hard to believe. I thought of him as an extremely safe skydiver. I bought my first wingsuit from Joe. ... Marion
  2. It has been 7+ years since that November event. We successfully formed a 68-Way wingsuit formation (according to the USPA rules at that time). I'm wondering where everyone went. I'll start with myself, see below... Record holders: Ralph Armstrong Avery Badenhop Brian Barnhart Riaan Bergh Rolf Brombach Elana Cain Paul Cain Brian Caldwell Scott Callantine Troy Church Damien Dykman Jhonathan Florez Alex Frey Kenneth Gajda David Gershfeld Giovanni Silvestri Robert Gray Steve Harrington Cate Heneghan Jimmy Hopper Sean Horton Richard Hough Shinichi Ito John Kallend Mark Krasinski Mette Christensen Martin Libelt Benjamin Lowe Ryan Maher Sergey Makeev Marko Makela Dan Mayer Randy McCoy Francis Mobley - I stepped away from skydiving a few months later in 2010 and left the country to serve in the Peace Corps in Botswana. I never really got back into skydiving. I am retired and live in Denver now. Last year I rode my bicycle coast to coast from NYC to Oregon. Michal Motykiewicz Jeff Nebelkopf Sergey Nikulin Andreea Olea Alexander Osipov Justin Pabis Tero Paukku Ed Pawlowski Philip Peggs Craig Poxon Raider Ramstad Simon Repton Joe Rodriguez David Royer Valery Rozov Cliff Ryder Dennis Sattler Patrick Schraufnagel Alexey Shatilov Justin Shorb Irina Sinitsina Benny Skovhede Brian Snarr Kristin Sosso Jochen Stier Stephen Such Michael Swanson Michael Swearingen Jonathan Tagle Andrey Volkov Alexander von Scheidt Taya Weiss Bo Wienberg Duncan Wright Videographers: Scotty Burns Mark Harris Matt Hoover Craig O’Brien ... Marion
  3. Yep that was Steve. I was on that load and left right before his group. Very sad. And we had just set the USPA National Record largest wingsuit formation. 68 in that formation. I have the certificate saying I was part of that national record jump. They "gracefully" retired the record when the criteria changed. But it happened, it was the record, we had 68 in the formation. I'm proud to have been part of that. Congrats to those on the new record but it is not the largest ever (as some news reports say) it's the largest since they changed the criteria. Not the largest ever. ... Marion
  4. FrancoR... Thanks for the advice. I drilled the rivets and got the box off with no problem. Next step will be deciding on a camera and sticking it on my head. ... Marion
  5. Getting back into the sport after three years. I have a RAWA helmet with a camera box made for a Sony HC90 camera. I want to use that helmet but no longer want to use that camera. (I plan to upgrade to a camera that does not use Mini-DV) My options seem to be: 1. Remove the box and just mount my next camera on top. How do I remove the box? 2. Keep the box and find another camera that will fit that box. Does anyone know what camera might fit in there properly? Any suggestions and advice is appreciated... ... Marion
  6. 808 jumps 1 cutaway partial malfunction ... Marion
  7. I am in the same situation. I hope to resume jumping again sometime this year after a 3 year layoff. I have logged over 800 jumps, but I want to ease back into the sport safely. Let us know how your "re-entry" into skydiving goes. I am interested. ... Marion
  8. So I guess the 68-way done in 2009 will still stand as the USPA National Record for largest wingsuit formation. ... Marion
  9. Very cool... thanks for sharing that ... Marion
  10. Can't make it I will be in Botswana ... Marion
  11. I did all my wingsuit and freefly jumps with my Dolphin. In my opinion, it is a great container for any skydiving discipline. A few years back the Dolphin may not have been freefly friendly, but any Dolphin container manufactured in the last five years have great bridle protection and tuck tabs. I did not have any special wingsuit mods for mine either, and did not have any problems. If you are going to wingsuit, it might be a good idea to have a longer bridle and larger PC on whatever container you get. Even if you get that configuration the same rig could be used for any discipline in my opinion. You shouldn't need a separate rig for wingsuits until you decide to downsize to a crazy small canopy. Have fun and let us know what you end up with. ... Marion
  12. It is done, I made my last jump. My last day of jumping at the DZ was this past Sunday. I had a great day. I made four jumps, and managed to do my four favorite things: 1) A freefly jump 2) A simple RW fun jump with some of my very best friends in the sport 3) A jump with a new jumper who needed something completed on her A card 4) And for my final jump, a wingsuit jump (my favorite discipline.) I jumped with Gary Shaffer who was one of my instructors when I went through AFF. My wife went up with us as an observer. To make the jump even sweeter there were some beautiful clouds to fly with. Then after a perfect landing, I walked in and turned over my rig to the buyer. Thanks to everyone for the kind words in your posts. I really appreciate you all. ... Marion
  13. Thanks everyone for the kind words. One thing I love about skydiving are the people. I guess sharing such a unique experience draws people closer. Chris... if it goes as planned I hope to be gone when Fitzgerald rolls around again. Don... Tish will be coming out with me on the 11th. She says she won't do a tandem, but may do an observation ride. Wally... My wife and I have applied to join the Peace Corps, and if things go as planned we hope to be in Eastern Europe (I think Albania) next year. ... Marion