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  1. Good girl, now go buy a bunch of ear plugs then sit down and shaddup!
  2. Parachutist will list anybody earning their numbers prior to publication but only during that month between publications... however, those numbers are rarely given. Just not many do it. I have the day time awards but never got a chance to do them at night. However, that said, just call or email someone at USPA headquarters and ask for a list.
  3. I know of a 6 year old girl who made her tandem jump with her dad. That was over a decade ago.
  4. Just depends. A Static Line jump is simpler. You don't learn free fall skills right off the bat, it's all about being stable during deployment and flying your canopy to a safe landing. However, it is a dying discipline. Most of the busy DZs don't teach that method. Not all of the C182 DZs teach it either. AFF will throw a lot at you, there's more to learn and master, and for some people it can be a little overwhelming. But the learning curve is higher too. To each their own. But as to your last question, yes, the instructor can jump out after you if he/she doesn't have other students to jumpmaster. Mine jumped after me and got on the ground first ahead of time and guided me in on my first few jumps.
  5. I think you're seeing the arm rest of the seat He's talking about this one....
  6. Says the newbie wannabe demo jumper to an old hand with thousands of jumps and years in the sport? Yeah, good luck getting help with that attitude. I'll put your name on the bounce bingo board.
  7. Good start. Maybe we will be able to hear Cary Quattrocchi's high pitched voice screaming off in the distance. Couldn't happen to a nicer cunt.
  8. That is absolutely worthy of a cover shot even. However, to better your chances of getting a photo published, it's best not to put it online anywhere else first, even on here. They prefer it that way, from what I remember.
  9. There was an avid skysurfer named Pete, but then he gravitated more to base jumping and eventually died on a jump at the Idaho bridge.
  10. And if that's too raucous, then try Kenny G.
  11. 2Cellos version of Thunderstruck FTW!