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  1. dogboybirdy

    Canopy Control or Just Bad Luck

    The jumper at the 4:20 mark really made big time errors turning down wind and flaring the entire time haha, he's lucky but was on course for a safish on heading landing in huge field and then boom! Down winder into gallons of trees
  2. Thank you for linking this again haha, but holy crap I bet everybody went silent when he cut away
  3. I have a friend who works at the signature flight support station there. That's what's there now. Ill have him ask the owners about it.
  4. dogboybirdy

    new clothing line

    Great man! Id def buy some when its on market. also, there are a couple altitude apparel companies on insta
  5. dogboybirdy

    Riding my s1000rr