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  1. fmmobley

    Flock n' Dock 6.0- Montana Edition Video

    Very nice video.... makes me wish I could have been there !
  2. fmmobley

    $18 Jumps @ Skydive Atlanta!

    ... and night jumps on July 11 !
  3. fmmobley

    Bill Booth Documentary

    Just viewed it... that was awesome. What an interesting guy. I had no idea he had done all those things.
  4. What kind of aircraft will they have?
  5. fmmobley

    First wingsuit jump....(Year)

    My first one was at the last Dublin St Patricks Day boogie in March 2007. Chuck Blue got me started. I remember I walked up in a freefly jumpsuit and proceeded to put the demo wingsuit on OVER the jumpsuit. I remember Chuck had a funny look on his face but he refrained from calling me an idiot. Thanks Chuck.
  6. fmmobley

    Classifieds posts

    If you are a "premier" member you can get "Classified Keyword Notifications". They will email you if anyone posts an ad with keywords of your choosing.
  7. fmmobley

    Difficult is worth doing

    Awesome... Be sure to post more info on how we can see it when you have it.
  8. fmmobley

    WS Youtube Animation

    Finally... someone lands a wingsuit
  9. fmmobley

    SDA 9th Halloween Boogie

    I'll be there for sure flying my GTI... Airwhore Bolas fmmobley *maybe* LoudDan(if he can find a loaner suit) monkycndo RkyMtnHigh
  10. fmmobley

    meaning of a missing serial number?

    I am selling my canopy which is only two years and 246 jumps old, and I noticed the same thing. My serial number is so faded that I cannot read it. All the numbers are faded equally (I can barely read anything). I am now wondering where I can get the serial number in case a buyer wants to know it.
  11. fmmobley

    Need camo-rig pics!

    With a camo design it will be a lot harder to find the canopy if you ever have to cut it away.
  12. fmmobley

    Rawa delivery time..?

    Mine took about four weeks to get. I ordered mine from Larry at Aerostore. Aerostore was very easy to work with. Their number is 610-327-8555. Give Larry a call.
  13. fmmobley

    Jump After 19 Month Lay Off

    I'll be coming back from a shorter layoff due to an injury in a few weeks and am curious -- why the long layoff? Second question, since it had been so long was there a little fear/anxiety?
  14. fmmobley


    I bought my first rig 3 months ago. I now have about 60 jumps on my Dolphin and am very happy with it. It is very affordable and extremely comfortable. The only problem I ever had was when I started freeflying. The reserve flap on needed to be made more freefly friendly. I called the manufacturer (Altico) and found myself speaking to Mike Fury himself. He couldn't have been more helpful. There was an upgrade available that he provided for free that totally solved my problem.
  15. fmmobley

    canopy resources

    Excellent post ! Thanks for the info.
  16. fmmobley

    Skydive Elsinore

    I live in Georgia and visited Skydive Elsinore recently. I am a newbie with a Class "A" license and it was the first time to a different drop zone. The folks at Elsinore were EXTREMELY friendly. Once they determined that I knew what I was doing, they let me jump. I can't say enough about the helpful attitude of everyone I spoke with. I had a blast jumping from their Twin Otters. The landing area was HUGE. I highly recommend visiting the dz.