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  1. SuperGirl

    wingsuit icing

    you guys are brave. brrrr
  2. SuperGirl

    horizontal ad banner containing vertical ads

    and here's a FF7 screenshot. broken in different ways.. fwiw, putting a height or a max-height css rule on the "#leaderboard iframe" element appears to keep it under control (or at least chrome seems to respond nicely when I add that on the fly in the page inspector). probably not the best fix, but a good quickie :) Edit: same in IE8/IE7 on XP... since I just 'happened' to have a vbox lying around ready for testing :)
  3. SuperGirl

    Russian 36-way attempts

    lookin nice, guys!
  4. SuperGirl

    Wingsuit Quiz

    funny shit. "Immediately after jumping, the wingsuit flyer spreads arms and legs wide." yea, and hits the tail, too...
  5. SuperGirl

    Wingsuit Blog

    reinventing the wheel? all of that already... and more... with an already proven track record of constant, timely updates
  6. SuperGirl

    Flock Lodi April 1-3, 2011

    oh man, I really really wanna come... been meaning to come fly with you guys in forever!! though it's gonna be super tight with everything else happening around that time. fingers crossed... hope I make it!
  7. SuperGirl

    Puerto Rico Feb 9-13 2011.. Who is coming ?

    thought I was gonna skip this one... but I gave in to peer pressure and it looks like I'll be there... sat & sun only woohoo!
  8. SuperGirl

    Wingsuit Instruction in Texas?

    Purple Mike and his whole crew of wingsuiters is in the Houston area, you're lucky, you'll have quite a nice flock to play with. I believe they all jump at Spaceland nowadays. PM Purple Mike on here, he goes as Birdman_Mike
  9. SuperGirl

    Christmas/New Year boogies?

    Zhills always gets a good group of people around New Year's.
  10. SuperGirl

    Keys boogie?

    Hell yea. been wanting to come way too many times. I believe Purple Mike is also coming with a lil flock from his dz. Scotty should be there to take pictures... who else, who else... man, looks like November is gonna be filled with FL events...
  11. SuperGirl


    nice!! wish I could've made it... keep having fun! and post pictures........ and a warm hug and welcome to the flock to all the new birdies
  12. SuperGirl

    A new style of bigway flying!

    so far it's just the second attempt at the 16 way diamond, but [url]check it out[/url] and [url]from the ground[/url] and stay tuned for more updates, or check Flock U's website, twitter feeds, and facebook
  13. SuperGirl

    First Flight Lesson

    Come to Cross Keys this weekend (Aug 7-8) We are bringing all of Flock University there. A bunch of people from the DC area are coming. If you want any more info, shoot me a PM.
  14. SuperGirl

    Intro vs phantom 2

    The phantom2z would be awesome for your size. You're fairly light so you don't need the extra help from a whole bunch of fabric and hardcore can-barely-close-my-legwing style inflation... floaty suits could hinder your forward speed... so I definitely recommend checking out the Phantom2. You'll get great range out of it and have a lot of fun doing anything from flocking to aerobatics to whatever else you wish to explore Or if you want to go on the Tony side, probably a T-bird would be a better choice than the Intro. At 16 ws jumps, unless you're doing scary stuff and having wacky deployments, you're probably ready to step out of the Intro anyway... Any chance you can demo some suits before you make your decision? not quite sure which tailwing is larger in size, they're similar One thing I can say, though, is that the Phantom2 has lots and lots of range for its seemingly smaller size. It's been a while since I've played with an Intro, but I did fly a Raptor for a loong time, and my new Phantom2, while having a visibly smaller legwing than my Raptor, can still get me the same range I was used to... if you love aerobatics, then P2z will definitely make you very happy. it's a total aerobatic machine. It flies soo smooth through all the transitions... the ease and stability it has in all kinds of aerobatic maneuvers is one of the primary reasons why I love mine so much. It feels like it was made to backfly... it's amazingly stable on the back. Rolls? ohh yea... It performs smooth and fast and is very responsive to every subtle little input so you can have a lot of fun rolling it around the sky. Try one! You might just love it...
  15. SuperGirl

    Phönix Fly Shadow

    yes, it is, and you can order it with the same order form as for the Phantom2, and just request the Shadow option. PM mccordia and he'll help you out... if he doesn't beat me to it by posting here before I finish typing :) it is not THAT much smaller than the phantom... it is basically a phantom with a wing mod so the wing is cut straight, with no grippers for you to hang on to. plenty of range for that suit, just like the Phantom2.