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  1. What happened at the IPC 2014 was a bit surprising, and not entirely favorable for us as wingsuiters. It cleaned up the sub 40 or 50 sized formations, but screwed up anything larger. It just leaves it open for some to promote a "world record" (this time it can be accurate) and make some $. I agree that tolerance and %'s are crazy. I'm not sure why a formation tha is 100% bigger allows for an increased tolerance of 500%. I cannot tell you how much wrong information has been spread and damage that has been caused. Some people just like to get their information from one source.. Like FOX news Kallend, As you know, we {Judges} signed off the 2009 25 as the current US OPEN national record a few weeks ago. Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?
  2. The bottom person's head at waist or mid chest is idea for a stable stack. With that said, angle, forward speed and suits (both yours and the flier below) all factor into your positioning over a person. Burble position and angle are roughly the same across suits, but some burbles contain better, more stable air flow on some suits than others. Remember you eye picture is generally higher than what you think you are flying at. Remember back to AFF when you were taught how to flare. Instead of the waiting a second or two, you want to drop a ft or two to get something tight and flyable. Always give yourself an out off to the sides or above when learning. With that said, I've stacked almost directly over & flew only 1 ft or so on some, but again it all comes down to feeling of the air and the there factors I've mentioned. Here's one picture of a dual stacked formation from last year: http://www.wingsuitmedia.com/p54318707/h312E3458#h312e3458 Here's a video I just realize I uploaded a while back of flying a stable stack from PR 08. https://vimeo.com/36331189 Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?
  3. If you want I can show you them at FnD Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?
  4. The rules Scott posted were the trial IPC rules from last year. These are not the rules going forward. There's quite a few differences in the new rules and goes back to a single line grid. I'd assume USPA will post them once they are truly eligible for records (added to SCM in Aug/Sept). Email [email protected] if you want to try to get a set, or I can talk to you about them some other time. Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?
  5. Registration details are now up. Sorry for the delay. http://www.wingsuitsequentials.com/chicagoland2013.html#registration Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?
  6. This poll isn't valid. It allows non-uspa members to vote. It's better to contact your RD (regional director) on the topic. Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?
  7. The Comp Committee has not yet acted on this issue in the last 6 mths and has chosen to handle the issue during the BOD committee agenda. I'm not quite sure why... The judge providing the signature for the record even retracted his signature based on his own findings. Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?
  8. There is a tiny bit of footage around but my computer hasn't liked editing raw video for quite a few months now. We'll post some after the comp. Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?
  9. The 1st International Wingsuit Sequentials Competition is kicking off this year in June at Chicagoland Skydiving Center. This event is a 4 way event comprising of rotations and is based of an awesome test event run last year. More event details and dive plans can be found at the website below. http://wingsuitsequentials.com/index.html If you are from a smaller dropzone or unable to locate a partner and want to participate in the event, let us know and we'll match some people up. Pickup teams are welcomed and encouraged! If you don't have a cameraman, we'll provide one! Just try to let us know ahead of time so we have an understanding of how many teams may we'll need to help out. Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?
  10. nice post lurch. Funny to say at at least the same person was involved in some two of the items you listed. Also launching a rodeo at 3500 is not a good idea, especially when in reality it was under 2800. They took a long time in the door (over 30 sec) and the pilot got frustrated trying to get them out and then started to descend. What you decide to do in a Ws on an average jumping day at any dz around the country affects us all. Be smart. Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?
  11. not bad. They did a good job keeping that raft stable too. Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?
  12. Yeah, that is true. HUD looks like what I have in my car (attached) or the google glasses. Recon just a computer with a small screen near your eye. albeit, still useful, but has it's limitations and safety considerations for both solo and group jumps. What do you expect? People like their toys. Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?
  13. it's great that 616 people paid full price to be part of the R&D team. I wouldn't even consider this to be a first generation consumer electronic. They should just have an option to purchase the screen ex goggles. Probably would reduce the cost by 100$ or more. Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?
  14. I assure everyone that the my actions with the Competition Committee have nothing to with so called "personal vendettas". The actions would have been taken no matter who submitted, or organized the event. For records to be true, meaningful, and fair, an equal playing field is required for all formations no matter what size. This equal playing field is set by the rules. The formation in question doesn't meet these rules. If you don't like the current rules, discuss them civilly as a community and change/adjust them. A community will supersede any loud voices in the room. Go out and fly with your friends, your enemies, newbies, old-bies, and even Chuck Blue (). They are all family that share the same passion. Keep pushing the discipline forwards and enjoy... Continue to show each other some cool stuff. Set your own path. Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?
  15. The USPA Competition Committee recently ruled that the recent IL 27 way wingsuit record shall remain a record after numerous facts were demonstrated, proving the submitted formation photo did not meet USPA SCM (Skydiver’s Competition Manual) criteria for wingsuit records. This issue now extends outside of the wingsuit community as the integrity of USPA records, the USPA Competition Committee, and USPA Competitions in general is now in question. The committee has disregarded and has generated new interpretations of SCM rules; therefore this becomes an issue for all of the USPA membership. SCM rule states "The height of the base flyer,measured from head to feet, must equal or exceed 27 percent of the height of the designated flying space (as indicated on the standard grid)." Reviewing the "SubmittedFormation" picture attached, it is apparent that the formation does not meet this guideline. The scaling of the grid (to the base flyer) does not meet the 27% criteria as set forth in the SCM. It is common knowledge that the base's purpose in wingsuiting is to set the forward/downward speed, flyer levels and is a "go-to point" for all other flyers in the formation to build upon. The tallest flyer in the formation has been used to scale the grid to meet the 27% scaling requirement, but the tallest flyer does not conform to the definition of wingsuit base. Multiple participants in this formation have indicated that they believed the base to be the front flyer (as commonly accepted). No announcement was made and no or documentation was provided to the USPA or USPA Judge to specify a different base from what is commonly accepted and there is nothing to suggest otherwise. All dirt dives point the front flyer as base. It is likely that tallest flyer was declared the base for the purposes of the grid scaling after the picture was judged. Still yet, if one were to consider this taller flyer as "the base", the formation still yet falls short of the 27% requirement. Scaling the tallest flyer from head to foot (TickmartCompare1.jpg) does not match the 27% requirement unless the GoPro camera is included in the measurement. The rules were specifically amended in February of 2010 to exclude wingsuit size and camera equipment by stating precise “head to foot” scaling when the 27% rule was adopted. The only way to replicate the submitted formation is to 1) Declare a flyer other than the true "base" as the base after the jump took place. 2) Include the GoPro in the head to foot scaling. The Competition Committee and specifically Scott Smith asked several experienced wingsuiters at the February 2010 board meeting, to meet as a team and generate rules. We did so with everyone present, including Taya Weiss, the organizer of this incomplete formation. All wingsuit flyers at the table and around the world shared a common understanding of the rules and the definition of a "base flyer". Now Competition Committee has now opted to not only ignore those same very experienced wingsuiters and flyers on this formation, but have elected to misinterpret the rules. Please review the attached photos. This is an issue of integrity, honor, and an issue of holding trust in the people we elect to represent us and our achievements in skydiving. The USPA judge(s) of this formation was not trained and had no prior experience with wingsuit flying. The USPA does not offer a standard guideline to which judges are trained for this fairly new record category. I encourage the USPA membership to review the facts and weigh in. If you do not want to post your opinions here in public, please let them be known by emailing [email protected] Thank You. Where is my fizzy-lifting drink?