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    Wing Suit Flying
  1. I just got a few of them in. Going to test them out and I'll get back to you with results. Right now my favorite 2 lens 360 cam is the Samsung Gear 360. Only problem is that you need a PC or their phone to stitch the footage. Kodak is releasing a new version of their PixPro Sp360 4k @ CES.
  2. We've been playing around with 360 cameras. So far we've shot with the Kodak PixPro & the Giroptic. Now we are testing out 2 BLK GoPro's w/ izugar lens. We'll stitch it together using Kolor. Check out some of the videos [/url]
  3. I started jumping in NorCal and now jump in SoCal. I would fly into LAX. From LAX Perris, Elsinore, Tsunami (Oceanside) are all about 1.5 hours away from LAX. Skydive San Diego is about 2 hours. It all depends on traffic down here. After hitting the SoCal DZ's, I'd head up north. On the way north you have Taft. Once you hit the Bay Area there is SkyDance, Lodi, and Bay Area skydiving all with in an hour from one and other. Then fly home out of San Francisco or Sacramento.
  4. Balloon jumps are super fun but expensive. I've done a few jumps @ Perris, $100 per jump to around 7k. I'd would rather use $100 on 3 jumps and a few pack jobs.
  5. In the latest issue (Jan) of Parachutist, one of the jumpers in the center fold is wear moto race pants and the sky surfer on the 2nd to last page is also wearing moto race pants.
  6. I have decided to take the tracking suit to wing suit path. I've talked to DSE about my sitrep and he is a very wise man when it comes to ws flying. He's helped me with my body tracking position and gave me great advise to future WS flying. I'm a few jumps away from the wingsuiting. I've been flying my Intrudair tracking suit since I bought it and love it. Where I think it's helped me out the most is in forward flight. When flying solo, I'll practice a wingsuit style exit. Once in flight I'll get on my flight path. My flight path is what I focus on since I leave the plane first and have the potential of flying in the wrong direction or landing off. When it comes to pulling, it's roughly the same motion as with WS but a shorter reach (I think). Another element that I think that translates to WS flying with pressurization of the tracking suit, not as nearly as much as a WS but you get the feeling. I'm no where near of flying a tracking suit correctly and have a lot to learn. I'm looking forward to flying a WS. I'd really like to try the GEN 3 tracking suits from SFLY & Tony. Some of my jumps @ Good luck in your forward flight.
  7. Took my son out for this 3 flight session. The staff is awesome there. []
  8. FYIU, an AAD is required @ SD if you have 1000 jumps or less.
  9. I have the first Gen Intrudair Tracking Suite which has booties. I don't like wearing them since it's feels like my pants are coming off in flight. Intrudiar's new Ultimate Tracking Suite doe Not have the booties from what I can tell.
  10. just found this [] I want one
  11. My friend jumps at Skydive Tsunami in Oceanside. I haven't jump there since it's required to have a B license. There's also Skydive San Diego but they require an AAD. You also have Elsinore & Perris close by. No prob jumping either one of those DZ's.
  12. quick vid