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  1. He's wearing a parachute after all. I wonder how long he knew this. He said he found out 24 hours ago but you'd think the decision would have been made before a day in advance. Edit: maybe that was to add some drama cause now he doesn't have to wear it
  2. Just revealed that he will be wearing a parachute after all...
  3. http://www.engadget.com/2015/05/28/gopro-360-degree-camera-array-for-vr/ Who is going to test jump the 360 degree gopro?
  4. I'm heading there tonight to help cheer him on. Should be fun
  5. Skydive Indianapolis is my home DZ so I don't know how much or how little they promoted the event outside the area but I've been hearing about it since safety day.
  6. A comment to the video said the lower solo jumper might be an AFF on radio.
  7. If only we could get aliens to make crop circles in the LZ...
  8. Did it freak you out when your chute opened unexpectedly, since your instructor pulled for you? Don't forget to be altitude aware.
  9. I bought an alti trak as my first altimeter. I really wanted the analog face as well as the digital jump log. This is nice for filling out you log book afterwards or you can load into pc software. It is also nice because the altitude marks are at different intervals for different altitudes. So when you are at 13k, it is only marked every 2k feet, but below 6k it is marked every 1k. I've been really happy with it so far. It has a back light for night jumps and the battery lasts awhile. I'm a new jumper but wanted to tell you my experience with the alti trak.
  10. This won't help much but skydive Indianapolis out of Frankfort IN is planning to organize water training in the spring or summer next year. Nothing is final but that is what I was told 2 weeks ago. I might be interested if you find something sooner.
  11. Hey vcarter. I did my aff last fall at Chambersburg. I really like the DZ. I moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis early this year for a new job. Wish I were still jumping at Chambersburg though. Hope you got to jump with Grant. He is a great instructor and did all but 1 of my AFF jumps.