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  1. Is the FAA and USPA on board with this guy jumping without a parachute today?
  2. hopnhook

    Cypres 2

  3. I feel the loss of family members, yet I knew no one on board. I'm sure the feelings would have been mutual in an opposite scenario...this is what makes our sport so unique and exceptional. My condolences to everyone, especially those closest to this tragedy. BSBD
  4. Why do people do these things? Because they work for the glass companies?
  5. I bought a CYRES back in 1995…5 years and ~1000 jumps into the sport. I have jumped without it since during service periods, and will do it again. Quick Story: I have never been one to intentionally pull low, but there was one time, in my pre CYRES days, when I did find myself at around 1200ft (unintentionally) and threw out my main (cuz I’m a good packer (sarcasm))…landed uneventfully. I realize I did not follow the BSRs or recommended emergency altitudes (chop by 1800, pull reserve by 1600) and should have gone straight to the reserve at that altitude. That jump scared the sh*t out of me, and even more after I got an AAD and thought more about how that same reaction could have killed me if I had the AAD on that jump…two canopies out (I don’t want this one, especially that low). The point here is that I had to reevaluate some of my emergency situations (low pull, bail out, etc), and become AAD aware…even though you are supposed to set it and forget it! TC.
  6. I guess this is a perfect example of my point. You are a relatively new jumper, you will not jump without an AAD, and I respect your decision. Though, I wonder if you had the opportunity to jump 25-30 years ago, without an AAD, if your decision may have been different, and perhaps your policy today less strict. I am not saying that, “…all new jumpers depend on devices to save their asses…,” what I am saying is that newer jumpers who never made a jump without an AAD, may take more stock in the security of that device, than someone who made their first 1000 jumps without one. I’m sure there are different reasons for one’s decision to not jump without an AAD, and technically, that decision does make them device dependent, since the jump depends on having the device. Again, I respect anyone’s assessment of their own ORM, just as I would not consider someone reckless if they choose to jump without an AAD. I’ve had my CYPRES 10 years now…never needed it! Think of all the jumps I could have made with all that money!! TC.
  7. I never meant to imply that anyone is immune to loosing altitude awareness. The point here is, 35 years ago Skydivers never relied on a mechanical device to get a good canopy over their head in the event of a mental screw-up. Because of this, I believe there was a higher respect for the ground engrained in every jumper, knowing it was his or her responsibility to pull the ripcord before impact…no backup plan. It would be an interesting statistic to compare (per capita) CYPRES saves today verses no pulls 20 to 35 years ago.
  8. AADs just screw-up the Skydiving gene pool. People who survive no pulls, have children that survive no pulls, and so on, and so on.