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  1. in reply to "We are looking for people with good flocking skills, approach, maneuverability, range and a good disposition to learn. We need responsible, conservative individuals. (No cowboys wanted in here) If you know anyone who's got some of these characteristics please let us know. " .................................... Medusa Get Killed or Die Trying! " .......................................... I know some that are a bit scared off by your sig line..................
  2. Trae

    When did you start swooping?

    Learn to skydive first.
  3. Trae

    Recurrency and buying a rig.

    Half a dozen solo recurrency jumps under the guidance of an instructor would usually do it. I think you'll know after your first jump back when to part with readies. real ones
  4. Trae

    Backflying the Ghost?

    in reply to "Is this a design issue with the inlets or just by bad body position. " ......................................... You look to be flying in a reverse aerofoil position and are basically in a stalled flying position. ie too butt down,head up . To max out on your back you will need to adopt a more heavily arched position butt-up,head down, ie opposite to the de-arched (butt-up ) possy if you were flying face-to-earth.
  5. Trae

    Bede Wing

    Nice aircraft. I wonder what stopped the helium parasail idea from taking off ? Maybe the price/availability of heliuim /need for recovery tank held it back or kept it out of general use .?? Now if Mr Bede was designing helium filled wingsuits perhaps there'd be a quantum leap .
  6. in reply to "Is is truth? " ................ Something very close to it. Even though you've passed your AFF you will still need a bit of a refresher after a few months break. No need to worry though..... you'll still have heaps of fun and get let loose soon enough after re-proving yourself. There's no rush when you do things properly.
  7. Trae

    oh yeah

  8. Trae

    jumpers with epilepsy--

    After a bump on the head it took years before the docs let me stop taking dilantin. They'd diagnosed me as probable and were covering their bets. Fear of a life on medication got me up and going again... that and a pet dog that i had to exercise every day. After countless tests and heaps of different docs I was set loose . I had only suffered seizures shortly after my injuries due to extra dural haematoma. Since then I've hardly even had a head ache bar some minor exceptions. I feel so lucky and humbled by the circs of people that post here. You guys are fantastic ....and deserve to have your dreams come true. All power to you .. may the gods of healing shine on you all.
  9. Trae

    The CATAPULT....

    You could design it so's you could aim it a bit giving different angles of throw. I like the idea of adjustable boost. Making it compact enough to set up at a BASE site would be challenging. Some form of combination throw may work to keep G's down like in a catapult that swings and throws as opposed to a simple slingshot. This could help keep it more compact as well. Hope you get it done.
  10. Trae

    Jet Man Discussion

    in reply to "The last news I had was he had to think about the future of the whole project as he had to cutaway the wing and the webbing holding the wings parachute broke and the wing was totalled. " .......................................................... The man deserves a medal or better yet a grant.... pity about the harness/recovery chute issue. I wonder if some form of modified wing based on his jet wing design would be more suitable for a base take off if it can fly horizontally after picking up speed. I would imagine a Base launch would have it's own set of problems that have no doubt been considered. Cheers for the update
  11. Trae

    Flying at Night

    Thanks for putting me right back there .
  12. Trae

    He owes a LOT of beer

    Ito might be able to get in touch with Hideo . Hideo is expert tracker and wingsuit flyer....and Japanese. This guy can out track a lot of guys wearing Classics. Watching him bobbin' along on his bubble is a fine thing indeed. Cheers divin' for those pearls.