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  1. RkyMtnHigh

    Mile HI this week!

    Move the dates of your trip to the last week of this month http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pcjnERqOJrZBf_h96h7LTNQ
  2. RkyMtnHigh

    Vegas Tunnel?

    JTVal would be a better insight on the Vegas tunnel but I went there about 4 years ago and thought it was a joke and waste of money.
  3. RkyMtnHigh

    Back after 8 years

    Have you had your first jump back yet? or are you still preparing for that?
  4. RkyMtnHigh

    Should Gay Purple Mike be in charge of 3.5?

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyy be nice. He's just full of energy and loves to flock. Sometimes you just need to give him the *relax* hand signal. He's the Energizer Bunny! BTW..he's NOT GAY! Purple doesn't = Tinky Winky or Barnie, m'kay.
  5. RkyMtnHigh

    Happy Birthday, faulknerwn!!

  6. RkyMtnHigh

    Skydive Monroe...

    I've heard rumors of a reopening but nothing official. I know Monroe had a big following of jumpers who would love to return. I haven't been there but if they reopen I would check it out for sure.
  7. RkyMtnHigh

    need county music

    I get requests for Country from time to time..these have worked: Tim McGraw's "Live like you were dying" Clay Walker "Countrified" Dixie Chicks "Sin Wagon" George Strait "Blue Clear Sky" The Great Divide "Pour me a Vacation"
  8. RkyMtnHigh

    Rip Dale McLemore

    Dale was one cool cat who was game for any kind of jump with pretty much anyone. When I was pre-100 jumps, he and Clayton (as well as Mel and JJ) were great to learn to freefly with. For my 100th jump at Gold Coast in Moss Point, Dale, Clayton, Eduardo(his 300th), Shaun, and I did a sit train exit and had a great freefly jump. Dale and Clayton both had camera helmets. Dale was like a monkey in the sky! He was so comfortable there and always had a huge grin of enthusiasm. I have the video and will try to upload it if I can just to show the love for skydiving Dale had. Mel and JJ have some fun pics of Dale dressed up for the Freefly Festival costume party which are hilarious. If I recall, Dale might have been the one behind my "dirty" 100th pie full of condiments, eggs, and whatever was left in the frig. Dale had a way about him..just always made me laugh. I remember asking him to help me pack my brand new canopy and he told me to just shove it in the bag that it's designed to open.."relax, you'll be fine".. Heartfelt condolences to Dale's family, friends, and Gold Coast Skydivers. Damn Dale...Fly Free...Cya soon. Love ya..miss ya... Katee
  9. Sad news. Rocky was a happy guy..always smiling.
  10. RkyMtnHigh


    I don't get it...you have Zhills listed as your home dz but you want to do AFF..why don't you just go there? I doubt anyone will privately give you a deal since the jumps are scheduled thru manifest and money is exchanged there and they choose which AFFI is next on the rotation. The AFFIs don't get the full amount of what you pay for each level, they get a set portion...they are also using the dz's gear and aircraft. If you're looking for bandit AFF program, I doubt you'll find one. Good Luck anyway.
  11. RkyMtnHigh

    Speaking of Lightnings

    If it was the crispy new one..that would be Paul Cozic. He did get a great deal!
  12. RkyMtnHigh

    Skydive Southwest Florida

    LaBelle? If so...googlesnteeth (cory) can answer that for ya
  13. RkyMtnHigh

    Chicken Head

    Now that's a party !! Are you sure? Perhaps this is a better one... You have to have video or it didn't happen