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  1. :( I just noticed this...terribly heartbroken. We've had so much fun over the years. He truly was an awesome friend. I'll cherish the memories in my heart forever. _________________________________________
  2. Wishing you all comfort. Hang in there. _________________________________________
  3. That's what I thought. Not much has changed _________________________________________
  4. 111k threads and double that in posts just in Bonfire alone since I was here last...Can anyone give the Cliff Notes version of what I missed? ;) Are the same "characters" on here? Are there new ones? _________________________________________
  5. very sad news. Jack was so positive and encouraging when I jumped at SDA. _________________________________________
  6. Katee!!! We thought you had gone extinct! We hadn't seen or heard anything of you for ages! Welcome back! Im not "back"...just window shopping _________________________________________
  7. REALLY??!! _________________________________________
  8. Nice video _________________________________________
  9. This news breaks my heart :( Eternal blue skies Chris.......*sigh* :( _________________________________________
  10. I met Barb during the 2007 CRW 100 way qualification camps ....she was on the 100 way Record in November 2007. This is a tremendous loss for the CRW family _________________________________________
  11. Some of these bug me too. I made a page to point people to when they make errors, but so many people make so many errors that if I did that, I would soon be known as the grammar Nazi or something. Now see, you've made me invoke Godwin's Law. Thread's over! http://www.skydivestlouisarea.com/misused.htm Peak, I mean Peek... That is a good compilation of words that are often misused. _________________________________________
  12. Bugs me that so many STILL dont get this. grrr. _________________________________________