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  1. greyburn

    Vector v310

    I have a Pilot 168 ZPX temporarily in a 310. It's a tight fit but its possible. Will depend on the reserve size you also have though. Being a neat packer also helps.
  2. greyburn

    Check out Freefall Suits

    I'm still without a pants or my $200 and its been 7 months I was promised pants, then I was promised a refund. I got neither. Potential customers : this is what you should expect.
  3. greyburn

    I need a rigger in Seattle for a repack

    All sorted. Thanks!
  4. greyburn

    Check out Freefall Suits

    I would still tell people they are best avoid Freefall suits for now. Although they have a few happy customers, many including myself have given up our hard earned money and got nothing in return.
  5. greyburn

    I need a rigger in Seattle for a repack

    Hello, I'm passing through Seattle for a few days this week and I need a repack before jumping at Perris. If you can help or know of any local riggers, please let me know. Rush's
  6. greyburn

    Check out Freefall Suits

    Just remember if you get fed up with the 'bumps' or the excessive wait, then you have no out. Im still waiting for a refund. I actually had to ask my credit card company to do a charge back.
  7. greyburn

    Check out Freefall Suits

    You forgot the bit where I had to continually chase you down and ask for a refund over and over. Also your story misaligns a little with what you told me (you said you send a cheque, but that didn't attive) I get that your a newish company, and you have lower profit margins. But your 'issues' that come up are of your own making. If you cant handle the load stop taking peoples money, or put up prices to slow demand. Either way its easy, just stop screwing people around. I gave you my money in good faith you would send my pants. 8 months later I still have nothing to show for it or my money back. Please explain to me how this is fair?
  8. greyburn

    Check out Freefall Suits

    I too am in the same boat. Paid in full almost 6 months ago and nothing has shown up since :( I did eventually get hold of Chris and eventually he agreed to a refund but that was over 4 weeks ago and I am still waiting. I hope he's at the next boogie I attend.
  9. greyburn

    Anyone jump San Diego

    Hey guys, Staying in the US and looking for a DZ with a decent amount of loads mid week and a good atmosphere. San Diego is reasonable distance, anyone know what its like on weekdays? Thanks
  10. greyburn


    Packed by precision rigging
  11. greyburn

    Main Canopy Spectre 190

    Pink slider, original lines
  12. greyburn


    Good condition, has RSL, new BOC
  13. greyburn