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  1. Don't think twice about it. Happens all the time! I failed a jump as well. Just be sure to relax and have FUN on your next jump!
  2. Alright, thanks for all the responses, even the scary ones from RiggerLee (jokes ) Basically what I'm taking from this is that gear failure happens, but in terms of leg straps, it's really not all that common? As for the photo in my original post, it was just a stock photo that I found on Google to show what I was referring to; I'm not sure it's even from a skydiving rig. My main question was whether or not these adapters fail, particularly when under pressure (ie after deployment under canopy, or during high G load turns when I feel my ass and legs pressing hard into the leg straps).
  3. I'm not sure if I just have a wild imagination, am paranoid, or am just a downright nervous skydiver when under canopy, but are there any safety issues with leg straps with friction adapters? Sometimes I look down at my legs under canopy and wonder if they could ever fail and let go, allowing me to fall out of the harness? Maybe I just don't understand the physics behind them, but as a relatively new skydiver, I get nervous when I think about the possibilities. It's actually at the point where it affects my ability to concentrate when under canopy. Any comments? (Other than "quit skydiving") :P (Pic attached in case it's not clear what I'm talking about)
  4. Glad I posted! Thank you.
  5. Thanks, Dilligas - I saw the reviews on here earlier, but was hoping to find some more info. Also, I still can't find anything on the Parachutes de France website about the Classic harness. All I see is the Legend and Axis.
  6. Thinking of buying a used Atom Classic OO as my first rig. I'm having a lot of difficulty finding any information about this harness on Google, here, and even on the manufacturer's website (in fact, on the PDF website, it's as though this container never existed). Is anyone able to give me more information? Would this be a good first rig? I get the feeling this is a bit of a "unique" rig, but I'm not sure why. Any ideas? Thanks!
  7. tfg30

    First rig

    Thanks again for all of the great suggestions. Another question... Where is the best place to buy gear in person? Is there a large skydiving gear store anywhere in the country? I'd like to try helmets on in person. Where's the best place to go for the most selection? Same thing for a jumpsuit...would be nice to do this in person as well. Ideas? Thanks
  8. tfg30

    First rig

    Seems like some great advice so far. I will definitely speak with a rigger and instructors before I purchase anything; I just wanted to get an idea of where to start looking. Thanks again.
  9. tfg30

    First rig

    Thanks for the link and suggestions. I have jumped Nav and Pilot mains, from 280-210. I'm thinking something in the 170-190 range, but would work my way down to that point on the rental gear first.
  10. tfg30

    First rig

    I am fresh off my A, and looking to purchase my first rig. I've been spending a lot of time reading posts on the forums and browsing the classifieds, but to be honest, I feel totally overwhelmed with the number of options. Admittedly, I know very little about skydiving equipment and have no idea what I should really be buying as my first rig. Anyone have any suggestions on required reading, articles, posts, anything, which could walk me through the process? My home DZ has pretty much shut down for the season, so that is not really an option for gathering information. I'm looking to buy something used, preferably as a complete system. I am approximately 5'10, and 155lbs without gear. Thanks for the help everyone!
  11. This is great. Thanks. Lots of things to consider.
  12. Thanks a lot for the great replies. I get the feeling that I should probably wait until I have a bit more experience. I will reconsider when I have my B. Just wanted to get everyone's opinion!
  13. Is there anywhere in the US (or perhaps abroad) that will allow an 'A' License holder make a balloon jump? Second, is this advisable? I'm fresh off my A, and a balloon jump is at the top of my to-do list. Thanks!
  14. Question from a newbie: What sort of experience is required to be the camera guy/girl? Thanks
  15. Bump. Thanks again for all of the great replies. I'm looking to do my jumping in November and have narrowed it down to one of the following DZs (based on everyone's great responses to my original post): In no particular order: 1) Skydive Arizona (Eloy) 2) z-hills Florida 3) Skydive Spaceland (Houston or Florida) I'm guessing the atmosphere and level of enjoyment at these place will all be relatively equal, so: 1) Where will I have the best jumping-friendly weather in November and likely take the least number of weather-days? 2) Where will I have the best chance of getting my A-licence finished in the shortest amount of time (I already have about 10 jumps in). 3) Where are the best facilities in terms of accommodations? Either a bunkhouse or nearby hotels. 4) Anything else I should know? I know these are all subjective questions, but now that I have narrowed down my search for the "perfect" DZ, I thought I would post again and get some more insight since there are so many jumpers on here who have jumped at these locations. Also, it's difficult to get unbiased information by speaking to staff. Thanks a million!