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  1. I understand that ZP has a calenderizing coating impregnated that breaks down, causing more air to pass through, reducing its advantages. However, how significantly is F111 deteriorated by jumping into fresh, clean water? How is dacron's shrinkage in water? The canopy will be dried in the shade immediately, and not jumped wet. Gravity Research Institute
  2. Just curious where I can get the paperwork to submit to the FAA, to exit an aircraft in violation of FARs regarding parachute equipment? Can I get a much simpler exemption, now that precident has been set, to jump a non-TSO container with a single parachute system? Gravity Research Institute
  3. I would think that your local Scuba diving shop would have some solutions Gravity Research Institute
  4. I'm in the final stages of building a ~1100sqft (~24'x48') USA flag, and have put the most difficult until the end. The blue field will be roughly 2.5 bolts tall, 12' or so, 18' long. The diameter of the stars will be 17" (4/5 stripe height), but looking for advice on how to best sew the white stars so that they will be visible from both sides. Sew the stars on with edges seamed, then cut the blue out with 1/2"ish allowance, then fold that back over? x50 Meticulous, repetitive, frustrating, etc. Gravity Research Institute
  5. I've had Gatorz for 12+ years, and the pair that I had for the last 5 years cracked on the back of a tandems head. I've tried calling, left messages, and tried calling some more. No call backs from voicemails, and simply no answer at any of the extensions, to the point it's become a game that can't be won. I don't need customer service from my sunglass company, but when my expensive eye protection breaks from light knocks, it sure would be nice to simply have the company answer their phone. Who can recommend a solid pair of skydiving sunglasses? Gravity Research Institute
  6. I know its not a WS, and I've never been into RW. But, would adding RW-style booties help, and get even more with the PF PowerTrack suit? Gravity Research Institute
  7. reg-u-lar [reg-yuh-ler] –adjective 1. usual; normal; customary: to put something in its regular place. 2. evenly or uniformly arranged; symmetrical: regular teeth. 3. characterized by fixed principle, uniform procedure, etc.: regular income. 4. recurring at fixed times; periodic: regular bus departures; regular meals. 5. rhythmical: regular breathing. 6. occurring with normal frequency, as menses or bowel movements. Definition #6 works pretty well to clarify, and reduce the chances of a misunderstanding. I just jumped our 2,200 sqft flag for the third straight day. I consider that regularly jumped. I want to see some pics of the 7,800 sqft flag flying, and learn a little more on some of the seemingly insurmountable challenges that are presented. Gravity Research Institute
  8. Just curious what the square footages of the largest flags regularly jumped is? Gravity Research Institute
  9. Yes, and precisely why the Red Bull stunt from the last year or two has nothing on the jump from 1982. Gravity Research Institute
  10. Heck yea, imsparticus! Wayne Allwood is my new hero, but if he is still in Oz, he might have to wait for me to buy him a beer. THANKS AGAIN!!! Gravity Research Institute
  11. I've been looking and looking, but can't find any details. I downloaded a video years back from, in which a jumper, perhaps in the 80's, jumped out of a helicopter, with smoke, and landed on a SpaceNeedle/CN Tower style structure, perhaps in Canada. Then, cutaway, hopped off and deployed his reserve. Landed in a park with people walking their dogs. Simply smirking. Got to find the clip, it was the most incredible video I've seen. And potentially buy that jumper a beer. Thanks guys, 935 Gravity Research Institute
  12. Yea, all those $7,500 skydive rigs are really going to attract a new generation of skydivers with $35-40 jump tickets. Enjoy! Gravity Research Institute
  13. Yes, and again you fail. That CFR says nothing prohibiting a single harness/single container parachute. Thanks though... Gravity Research Institute
  14. Ah, the ignorance from those who don't know what is outside skydiving/Parachutist magazine. I don't need a reserve, thanks anyways. I just don't need a main. Guess we should ask the highly-experienced FAA Inspectors with thousands of jumps about their lawyerese opinions or interpretations of existing laws from the 1940s. Haha, how long, and how much energy did it take to get the reserve date moved to 180 days, and they still didn't write it correctly... BTW, I can't imagine skydiving is going to exist for the common man in 5 years... Think ahead... Gravity Research Institute
  15. Even if you have no interest in gaining the experience that I have gathered by jumping fixed objects hundreds of times, with a single harness/single container system, built in my basement- that's cool. However, other than the apparent legality of jumping these systems out of an aircraft- what is the objection if a group of highly experienced jumpers, designing and testing this equipment in a remote area of private property, with the proper ATC radio calls, and paramedics at the ready, just in case? It is, after all, my life, and even if you don't understand the pushing of the envelope of parachute technology, there are others that do. And you should be grateful that there are jumpers that are willing to take (percieved) additional risks, to make the gear that you choose to jump, safer. Gravity Research Institute