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  1. robinheid

    1999 Larry Yohn Killed

    Ditto. One of the most amazing things was that at his wake/memorial at Perris, several of the attendees were people who had made one or only a few jumps, and Larry had been their instructor. None of them were active skydivers and some of them lived far away, and they came only to pay their respects to someone they universally considred to be the best and most memorable teacher any of them had had for any reason. Never before or since have I seen such a thing for a skydiving instructor. 44
  2. robinheid

    Lodi: Parachute Center Fined....Again

    Passionate prose, fact- and reading comprehension-challenged though it may be... Let's start with "major fataltiies." Unless I'm missing something here, Lodi's accident rate compares favorably with other drop zones of similar size and, if I recall correctly, imposed a 90-degree-landing-turn rule years before most other big centers. And then there's this, on which you base your claim that the Parachute Center "has yet again been handed a hefty fine." August 29, 2011 FAA Press Release LOS ANGELES – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proposing a $269,000 civil penalty against The Parachute Center...] Oops. And for what, BTW? A crash? A fatality? A "major" injury? No, it missed a routine inspection by 13 days. You also assert that "(l)ast year Lodi was handed what had to be the largest fine ever to a skydiving center ($664,000)." Passionate prose again, inaccurate though it may be; last year the Federal Aviation Administration proposed a $664,000 civil penalty against The Parachute Center. I don't know its current status, but I do know that one poster with knowledge of FAA practices in this area said that in most cases the difference between the proposed fine and actual fine paid is significant. Finally, you denounce as improper the fact that USPA's president and another national director jump there when, in fact, you should it take it as a hint because there's a lot more where those two came from; some of the most accomplished and experienced parachutists in the world jump there, come from all over the country and the world to jump there. And then there's you. Hmmm...
  3. robinheid

    thining of the old days....long past

    Nice post, Bill, now quick -- before you assume room temperature, please please please recount some of those memories, whether they are from jumping or running wild with firearms, as those times were indeed great and deserve to be shared.