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  1. Thanks for the update. Although scammers have been around for a while it is easy to pick them out. Remember the fake Post Office money orders a few years back. Currently I am trying to sell a Stiletto 107 and I am pretty sure I just picked up a scammer. So I will do what I did before. Lead them on. Get as much useful information as I can so that their scam can be exposed and the skydiving community can stay informed. Then scare the hell out of them in an attempt to discourage them. Which may or may not work. It worked for the money order scam.
  2. O.K. you got me there. I should choose my words more carefully. But even if there is not a "canopy instructor rating" so to speak it really isn't the topic of the conversation that I'm trying to stimulate here.
  3. Spotting has nothing to do with it. It's competency in canopy control that lacks.
  4. Over the last few years I have noticed some AFF instructors and even some AFF evaluators who could not land on the drop zone consistently or at all. Should these instructors be teaching canopy control to AFF students if they themselves cannot fly their own canopies proficiently? Should There be a canopy proficiency portion to the AFF Instructors Evaluation?
  5. Bill's O.K. as long as you don't mind watering the lawn or doing some other crazy chores. And don't be packing no gravy when there are tandems on the floor. But one of the nice percs is you can get paid in cash at any time you want.
  6. I've seen the owner of Skydive Hawaii call the cops on his own instructors just because they wanted a past due pay check.
  7. You know all that shit about women and children first? Well I can be pretty childish in situations like that. But seriously folks. I've had to do it twice. Both times were an engine out but at altitudes above 3,500. Once in a Cessna 182 over Jenkinsburg GA and once in a Cessna 402 over Wialua HI. In both cases it was really no big deal. We just got out and hitched back to the DZ.
  8. I've owned two Sabre-1's and put about 1,500 jumps on them. I used a pocket slider on both and had nice long sniveling openings. Mark Hewitt built my sliders.
  9. I've owned two Talons and have never had a problem. In fact on my Talon FS I undue the riser covers for hop and pops because they're that good.
  10. Hey Arch. Nice to hear from you and yeah it's good to be back even if I do have a bionic leg now. It's hard to put skydiving on a shelf. Oh and thanks for backing me on this one. And by the way the Boy Scout Motto is "Be prepared." I should know I'm an Eagle Scout except in my troop our motto was "Seem prepared."
  11. Yes, but the question is can your tandem student detach them if they are hooked to you. Play student one time and see if you can reach them but act like you don't know where they are or how they work.
  12. Recently I have seen a lot of TI's hook up the lowers then tell their students " I'm hooked to the plane and you're hooked to me." I even overheard a course director instruct his new TI's to hook up the lowers after boarding so that the student "couldn't get away from them". I find this practice very dangerous, complacent, and down right wrong for two reasons. First, it does not meet FAR part 91 seat belt requirements. Second (and this is the part I find most complacent) if the plane crashes on take off and you as the TI are killed or knock unconscious and your tandem student survives how the hell are they going to get out of that plane if they are connected to a TI. You just killed that student. This is if the plane starts to burn or worse. Well I know this will stir up a lot of discussion. And don't mind me I've only been at it for 32 years and have over 2000 tandems. My views are set on this one. Inform your student on how their seat belt works. Where it is located. Where all of the exits are. And where to go after exiting the damaged craft. SOP. O.K. guys have at it.
  13. I just had a pilot chute in tow last weekend and I can tell you right now proper procedure is to always cutaway then pull your reserve. Pull your handles in order. After the reserve deploys there is less pressure on the main pack tray and it will likely come open. if you don't cutaway you can end up with two canopies out or worse batman a main reserve entangelment. Out of seqence deployments kill so always always always pull your handles in the proper order. There is no reson not too. Quote
  14. my dad asked me if I wanted to build fence on the farm this weekend or go skydiving? well the choice was pretty simple. dad and I went through the first jump course together and made our jumps later that day. that was 31 years and over 5000 jumps ago.
  15. Has anyone heard anything about BODY SPORT USA? I have been trying to contact them with no response for several weeks now.