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  1. Mark the date: June 27,28,29 SKYDIVE SUSSEX, NJ is having the Casa join its own caravan for the weekend. Live bands each night at our bar plus a ton of events planned all weekend. Really looking forward to seeing you all. Any suggestions give us a call.
  2. Diablo, It is virtually impossible to vote by name on every vote or motion based on the fact it would slow things down, but with that said, myself and a good majority of directors voted by name on any important issue. I would be happy to share my vote on any topic and my rationale for the vote. You may not agree with me on some of them but I can honestly say I try my best. As I believe most if not all do the same.
  3. As you know I am all for this and will support it in anyway I can. Rich Winstock
  4. Hello All, Skydive Sussex will have Safety Day on March 22nd. We will have a caravan for the entire season and will open up March 8th weather pending. Keep in mind we are still buried with snow and ice so it may be delayed a bit. We have scheduled so much this season to include just a few: 1. Canopy courses 2. AFF Courses 3. Coach Courses 4. Tandem Courses 5. Freefly and RW organizing 6. Wingsuit weekend and record attempts 7. Scrambles 8. Hop and Pop Fridays Plus much more. Call for information 973 702-7000
  5. We have secured a caravan for the entire season. Starting March 8th. Excited, stop by.
  6. Season went beyond wildest dreams. Really forming a tight family and great vibe. Some good news for 2014 is a grand caravan 900hp for whole season.
  7. Thanks Jerry, We are revamping everything. It should be fixed. We are also up and running on Twitter, FB, Yelp, and a few other networks. We are making a go at it. I will let you know if I survive summer number 1. Thanks, Rich
  8. Para5-0

    Skydive Sussex

    Skydive Sussex is NOW OPEN FOR THE 2013 SEASON UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP! Cessnas to start, with a turbine in the works for 2014. Come see the beautiful countryside from a whole new perspective and Jump Sussex today!
  9. Okay sorry. Two cessnas with two on stand by if we need them. Our turbine is going to be here for opening April 1 2014. We allow hook turns Safe ones preferred. Skydive Sussex is at the Sussex airport 53 County Rd. 639 Sussex, New Jersey. Great skydiver friendly bar about 300 yards away rv's welcome. Huge landing area. We do have packers. Hope that helps a bit. Rich Winstock
  10. Skydive Sussex is open and plans on starting operations on Friday June 28th, 2013. It is under new management and ready to hit the road running. Please call for information 973 702-7000.
  11. We had a concern about lime as well and found white chaulk in 50 lb bags. put in a line spreader, like the one used for high school football fields it works great. Although if it rains you are right back to square one.
  12. Just a clarification: it was not a parlimentary manuerver at all. Many discussions were held about this topic because of its divided nature. Several directors voiced an opinnion that they were okay with it worded differently so it was meant to be a friendly ammendment. Unfortunately, someone called it to question without giving the option for the ammendment. After the second motion and the request for secret ballot it failed. So the system worked. Both sides were passionate and fought for what they believed and more importantly what they believed the membership wanted. That is there job to represent membership. With that said, a BSR was referred back to Safety and Training for the next meeting making it mandatory for the first flight jump to be conducted by a instructor or coach who has at least 200 wingsuit jumps. These numbers are not set at all but it was made in a motion by Mr. Mike Mullins. It seems that both sides were in favor of this idea but it needs to be discussed in full at committee. It allows for a compromise that both sides can have input on. Rich Winstock USPA National Director
  13. Gary, I have not heard this at all either. Rich
  14. Hey Paul, I was at Z-Hills Sat and Sunday as well. I spoke with Simon who was there most of the day and I saw him flying on several loads with students and flocks. Did you contact him? He was set up by Bram and Ellys school. There seemed to be around 6 or so that I noticed. Rich