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    Skydive Sussex

    Skydive Sussex is NOW OPEN FOR THE 2013 SEASON UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP! Cessnas to start, with a turbine in the works for 2014. Come see the beautiful countryside from a whole new perspective and Jump Sussex today!
  2. To those that have taken the time to give your thoughts, thank you.
  3. Para5-0

    Ending up on level with tandems?

    Very good tough question. I will say that exit order and seperation SHOULD elleviate this problem. Tandems usually deploy higher than the average jumper and have the ability to stay up a bit longer to ensure you land before them. It boils down to seperation at exit, vertical, and in the pattern. It appears you do not have a seperate landing area for tandems and you are sharing a common location. For the most part a tandem instructor should be aware of someone on the same level and should be able to HOLD IN BRAKES to allow seperation. If you see this happening it might be a good idea to clear your airspace and speed it up a bit by doing a slow controlled 360 to lose altitude (again gaining vertical sepreation) then continue with your predictible pattern. On the other hand if you see a tandem spiriling down below you then you probably are very lightly loaded and should go into a brake configuaration that allows min. descent. Thus giving the tandem some space to work his pattern. Keep in mind turbulence coming off of the tandem is a concern and you should be nowhere near him at all. If you have a question as to whether he sees you or not assume he does not. If possible you could also abort the main area and land safely away from the crowd or funnel. Sometimes a little walk back is a good thing. Regardless talk to the instructors about how they would like you to proceed. Most DZ's do have seperate landing areas so this exact problem is avoided. Also a canopy class to understand and practice all of your controls and accuracy would probably help you out.
  4. Para5-0

    AFF student horseshoe mal! ..THAt was fun!

    Wow, Nice shot. That will wake youup better than a coffee or redbull huh. Ihave been hit with it a few times and had it catch my arm once for a quick sec but man pull time is a experience all unto itself. Had a cat d throw out once and it went into some sort of bag lock streamer in front of me. After video review, the toggle release and the cover opened up prior to deployment. When the student threw out the toggle wrapped the bridle of the dbag causing a mess. Stayed with him until 2000 or so with no options to help. Thank God he intiated EP.s and it release without further incident. Took break stopped shaking, had a iced T and calmed down. THis shit is stressful.
  5. Outstanding pics. I tired to arrange a wedding Tandem there once and ran into the Berlin Wall with the Government. I dont know how you did it but nice job.
  6. Para5-0

    new rig suggestions?

    No. Without writing a book, just talk to your instructors. Student main and reserve should be .75 - 1.0 wing loading. Talk to your local rigger also he might help as well.
  7. Para5-0

    FAA third class exams

    The difference, I think if you take it as other is that the reverse side will not give you the pilot sign off. I took it as other and just received a different medical card. Then when I took flight lessons and handed it to the examiner he said I needed to go change the physical to a pilots physical, so he can sign the back, in accordance with the student FAR's.
  8. Para5-0

    New Tandem Instructor

    Welcome aboard and congrats. Let the games begin....
  9. Para5-0

    DZ etiquette?

    Every DZ is a bit different. Our DZ one case of beer after (graduating to solo status and first solo). One case at A license with of course a nice stamp on the forhead. If the older jumpers are making you buy beer for everything you do, tell them to go pound salt. search the threads about beer rules, I am sure you will find numerous conversations about this. As for tipping search again, it had been beaten to death.
  10. Para5-0

    2 blade prop or 3 blade prop?

    Save the money buy a King Air or Pac 750
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  12. I'll take a red skittle, please.
  13. Para5-0

    Tandem Rating

    Just another requirement that is open to interpretation. I am definately going to get some slack for this one but I feel that there should be a jump requirement/Freefall requirement, which is a bit more concrete....IE 1000 jumps and 10-12 Hours of freefall. My personal thought, based on the responsibility of the rating....(Someone elses life) That being said the reason for the three year requirement is to stop the guy who does 500 jumps in year 1 and becomes eligible for the tandem rating. Maybe it should be 3 continuous years with no recurrency or lapse for more than an amount of time.
  14. Para5-0

    Sigma Tandem question

    I hope this helps, when you deploy the drogue the safety pin is automatically released for drogue fall. Allowing you to be able to pull your closing pin. If you do not throw the drogue the safety pin stays in and you can not pull your main closing pin. If the closing loop should break or the closing pin gets knocked out after drogue inflation you will have a normal deployment. Am I answering this correctly for you? or go to the UPT web site and take a gander at the sigma manual.
  15. Para5-0

    ride to the dz from nyc?

    I know many jumpers from NYC jump at Skydive Long Island, Calverton and The Ranch. Try myspace groups also to post, you can easily find someone coming this way.
  16. Para5-0

    Why did my Dytter go off?

    The Dytter framed the clock, conspiracy theory. Batteries?
  17. Para5-0

    AFF Student Loses both instructors

    Oh Boy. Interesting video.
  18. Ozzy, That is the ultimate goal, to make the same standards across the board. We are all working hard on making the USPA Coach Course and The Skydive University course the same or at least similiar curiculum. Some issues that have been raised are whether or not currently rated USPA Coach's would take the time to upgrade, so to speak. Some have and hopefully others will. I am an advocate of education in the sport. In other words we never stop learning, and beleive me their is some good new information being taught that was not being taught 5,10,15 years ago. I suggest if you are going to continue along this path, that you look into the Advanced Instructor Course as well. It can only make you a better instructor/or coach. Side Note: their are some outstanding USPA Coaches out there, please do not miscontrude the above as a slight to them. Just a thought on how to standardize all future coaches. good luck
  19. Para5-0

    Question for Instructors - Creation of Video

    I know this can of worms has been opened before, but it is a great question. I am a divemaster as well as teach the FJC. The difference is that Padi puts out the training and accepts the liability of its teachings. In skydiving, USPA offers an outline, but has yet to put it to video. I do know that several reputable individuals are working on what you suggest as we type....the problem I think will be in the liability/risk category.. Good Luck, obviously you are educating yourself which means you are on the right skys
  20. Para5-0

    FJC Malfunction Video

    OK then what is being used, plastic lamenated pics? Am I the only AFFI using a video to assist me? Just looking to improve my FJC.....
  21. Para5-0

    AFF Student Gear Question

  22. Para5-0

    Contact for EG-Sky_Technologies

    This is abnormal for me to negatively post but, here we go. I know EG and have trusted him several times. To say unreliable is an understatement. I gave him a brand new pair of cargo pants to let out in early july, not only haven't I seen him, I went to his house and spoke with his wife. She advised he was out of state. Needless to say I have not yet received the pants back valued at 240.00. I also have spoken to some venders who are still awaiting merchandise. I believe him to be AWOL, and he has lost all of my respect as well as the respect of many venders and skydivers who have grown to know him. Caveot Emptor....