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  1. mccordia

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    I did a good 2000+ jumps on a Storm (150/135/120) without a single cutaway or twist. Including many big suit jumps. And always jumped with a big crew in NL/BE on similar sizes Storms, and in my travels around the globe saw many wingsuit pilots fly the same, All with similar (happy) results. Ive switched to the WinX as I liked the openings on that one better (softer, less aggressive) but would not say a single bad about the storm in what Ive seen everywhere. Surely when talking about Stiletto, Merit etc you are in the 'many cutaways' target group, but talking about the Storm like its a black death for WS does not ring well with what I've seen. Ive seen more bruised ankles on some WS specific canopies due to poor flare, than Ive seen cutaways on Storms But also have to say, Im mostly jumping a 170 (WinX) now, and loving that size. I think for many people, a bit of an upsize would not hurt...regardless of canopy choice..
  2. mccordia

    Strix vs Freak 2 vs ATC

    The rafale is quite a step up in comparison. Several people Ive seen fly the suit reporting the same: having power/glide left in comparison with noticeable ease also flying flatter glide and/or slower speeds on the back, while still able to throw the suit around a lot, and not instantly getting punished for less than perfect transitions. It may take a few jumps adjusting, coming of something else, but the power is there..
  3. mccordia

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    Performance wise, the biggest leaps in design have been made years ago. But in terms of 'same old same old' the problem is probably more your own flying. If you just fly a straight line, more or less, there isnt much different. But looking at handling/agility, even in two generations of the same suit there are huge differences. Straight line performance is to most almost the least interesting aspect of wingsuit flying, and the actual maneuverability and handling (which differs night and day between the various brand 'style' cut, wingsuit models and more) is why most people these day fly. Even straight line performance in competition for those that are into that, is these days more about dive/flare and how the suits handle at those steeper and/or shallower angles, than it is about 'the suits all do the same glide'. I think practically experiencing bit more modern wingsuit design, to compare handling of the suits in turns, transitions, dives, and see the (sometimes huge) differences, will expand your horizon, and make you realize the numbers in your excel sheets are to most not the biggest interest. And often people will go for smaller suits, not looking for the max glide, but loving the other 99% of what makes wingsuit flying fun. Give it a 'same old, same old' mainly reads as 'im old'
  4. mccordia

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    The rafale is a big step up in comparison. Closer to an acrobatic Alpine in range. Forward speed / flare are massive. I did 42 jumps in the freak2 for a movie shoot, and these suits are worlds apart. Agility/Precission on the rafale is to me unique for a suit that size. Not the usual ‘sloppy’ handling. Video - Video shows first 5 jumps in the suit only. Attached a picture of a freak2 overlayed on a rafale made for identical size person. Shows the different trim quite well. Rafale is a missile. Cant wait to do XRW in it, and carve/flip over the canopy. The range is stellar.. Best thing to me was being able to pull any way i like. Normal, flare, collapsed wing. Unhindered. Without effort. My last 3000 out of 5000 ws jumps no reserve, then 2 due to pull issues on the F2. I prefer seeing design boost agility and glide while not hindering basic safety..Rafale for dayz...
  5. I put 2000 jumps on my previous Winx, and (after a reline) that one is still going with a new owner at 2200 jumps. Its built to last!
  6. mccordia

    Have you ever had an arm trapped?

    Think Ive used them 3 times in 4500 ws jumps. Twice clothing caught. Once (JiWings) broken zipper, during spinning mal (that I then did clear after I freed my second arm). With the low/agressive arm sweep, some suits now have difficulty reaching risers when not lifting knees. Which in a spinning mal doesnt work. I dont mind jumping suits without, but have cutaway on my personal suits usually.
  7. mccordia

    Full Face / Impact Rated Helmets

    depending on how the matts are layered, plastic or carbon doesnt make that much of a difference. Its more about the protective layers inside, and there 2 mm of padding isnt doing the trick. But heard through the grapevine good things are coming..
  8. mccordia

    Pilot7 canopy

    The Winx120 is a loose/comfortable fit in my V306, compared to the tighter storm. Its not a full size down, but close.
  9. mccordia


    What did you order and through which dealer? I've got about 12 suits on order for various friends, and all suits ordered second week of Feb are already delivered? You might want to give a check, or see with the dealer you ordered through. Lead time at the moment is around 7 weeks only on the normal production line (Phantom, Strix, Havok, Onesie etc), only the Vampire (Alpine / SU) queue is longer. If you're waiting since mid Dec, there's probably some issue and worth checking direct with the company.
  10. mccordia

    Full Face / Impact Rated Helmets

    CE is still the lowest rating possible. A Pedestrian/bicycle helmet standard at best. At the speed and dangers of impact in tunnelflying/skydiving, more heavy hit (transport) standards such as DOT, ECE 22.05 or Snell seem more meaningfull.. Might resort to some of the (bit bigger) BMX/offroad helmets for some testing on use ability..
  11. mccordia

    Full Face / Impact Rated Helmets

    Anyone have any good suggestions for a good impact rated full face for (wingsuit) tunnel flying? Especially in a wingsuit, your hands can't brace for an impact of the head, should there be any. At the moment most sky helmets available are either impact rated open face (similar to most snowboard helmets), or the few fullface helmets around that pretend to be impact rated, are only CE rated (which essentially means its recognized as being a helmet, with no real heavy impact protection. Or "Intermediate category personal protective equipment" as the official statement reads). But it essentially is the same thin foam and a thin plastic or carbon shell, and not the same thickness and quality in padding you see in 'real' helmets. Mostly of course to keep the size down. There are some good options around for motorcycling/paragliding, but often quite big/heavy. Most suitable so far seems BMX helmets that combine lighter size, breathing/air channels (as skydiving full face helmets get quite sweaty during a full day in the tunnel) and also the much needed chin/face protection. But very few have a visor/face shield. Curious to hear if anyone has found/used anything 'outside of our sport'
  12. mccordia

    Sony RX0 - Holy Grail?

    I'v shot a bit more with the RX0 in the last weeks. Most of it in the indoor wingsuit tunnel in Sweden, but also outdoors, during various skysives, often using it together with a DSLR (Sony NEX5) and GoPro4 for comparison. Comparing the footage, all the shots the RX0 get seem to have more look and feel of a DSLR. Especially in terms of highlights/exposure, it always seems to very nicely handle whats in front of the lens. Never having blown out highlights (also as I shoot 1 stop under exposed, one of the many, many things you can do in the menu's, handling exposure automatic, but just always a bit down). Shooting in the complete dark (sadly most stuff for projects where I can't show the footage yet) at 120 FPS esp. the low light capability of the (much bigger) sensor shines. The RX0 shoot beatyfull 120 fps footage, where the GoPro also shot 120 fps, but couldnt handle the low light, so instead if exposed longer, and only wrote every 4th frame (so the 120 fps was actually saved as 30 fps with duped frames, with a bigger file as the difference). Colorwise and focus on the RX0 was also a lot better. I'll have more stuff to show soon. But so far quite impressed, and hope at some point a 4K (internal) version is coming.. I think for 90% of the jumpers, a GoPro will do fine, as (video wise) this is more a small dslr (at a steep price) but for me personally, a much nicer choice to do more cinematic style shooting with.
  13. mccordia

    Another one tunnel... But for birdmen!
  14. mccordia

    World's first inclined wingsuit tunnel

    Somewhere 2007 or so..