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  1. Thanks for all the replies, guys. Seville looks like a decent place and quite easy to get to - that sounds like it could be the right DZ for a week trip here and there. Do you think I should avoid talking about base there or would it be OK? When I got my A-licence (ten years ago) it wasn't something you could speak about at the DZ, one of the fun jumpers went and did a bridge jump somewhere or other and "got in trouble" over it. Maybe a large DZ like Seville is more open to it these days, though, right? You see - as you guys mention - I would need to tailor my jumping towards base-relevant stuff so I'd rather be honest with them. I am also interested in doing FS1 as well while I'm there, probably, just to tick that, but otherwise quite happy to do dozens of hop 'n pops and get great at landings. Tracking, too ^ as just mentioned. I would happily pay for a coach for all of these things, and it sounds like they have coaches available. WRT to canopies - I will probably hire whilst there, initially. I guess for the first trip (they are open 5 days per week) I might get in a few dozen jumps so maybe any large "student" canopy would suffice and I can work out which base-like canopy to move into in due course. Should I avoid jumping my BJ for a while yet, i.e. save it for a few dozen plane jumps maybe much later on? Don't want to wear it out, right? Cheers, guys
  2. Hello, everyone. 11 years ago I decided I wanted to base jump (we don't have to use capitals all the time, do we?) and started skydiving as step 1. I got up to about 50 jumps and B licence before lapsing due to a variety of factors but basically it was very hard for me to get to the DZ, and I didn't have very much money, and I didn't really enjoy the whole affair enough to justify the time/money/faff expenditures. After an initial 5-year gap I went back and did a handful of jumps with a friend and I still had it all in my memory, was pretty comfortable with everything. Then I didn't go back, again. Years pass, life moves on, and in the back of my mind I keep thinking about that base jumping ambition I had when I was younger. Now I find myself in very different financial circumstances, but DZ access is not great where I am now (central London). If money were no object whatsoever, what would be your strategy in my situation to rack up a few hundred jumps? Weather in the UK doesn't need explaining - are there other places where one could jet off to and smash 50 jumps in a week? My original DZ was pretty relaxed about cloud and wind but even then there'd be many a day with no jumps, or just one, and then you have to try again in a couple of weeks... it's too slow of a process. At some point, I'd want to jump my base canopy (BJ 260) - I presume that's possible somehow or other, possibly in a rented student rig if I pay a DZ/rigger enough to do the swap? I have some FJC courses in mind and have established contact with a few people. Some time in the next couple of years would be fine, but for now I want to think of a way to get some jumps done, ideally in a fairly concentrated fashion as that's how I (and most people!) learn and progress the best. What would you do? Living in central London, lots of free time, and unlimited funds.