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  1. Note that these kind of jumps near terrain are 'a skydive' but when combined with impulsive decisions can quite quickly turn into proximity flights that do demand other gear choice and a more seasoned/trained background for making those (close to terrain) flights. Especially on the Eiger jumps, some people tend to fly towards vs away from the mountain, and end up flying a lot lower than their choice of gear and experience should allow for. Its an incredible visual, but always respect the safety and training standards from skydiving and don't put yourself lower or closer to terrain than you should be...
  2. Here you see a V306 and V314-1 next to eachother, both with +- same size in main/reserve inside. The 314-1 is flatter and longer. Not sure if anyone wants to jumps this (esp. reserve size) if you're really into big suits, but it shows a good size comparison of two rigs and what the vector -1 series is.
  3. For judges, grips are much less visible when using suits with grippers. Especially with figures where on flyer is on the back, and the other on the belly, the actual dock tends to be occluded by the gripper. In our experience, the added 5 to 10 seconds freefall a bigger suit gets in comparison to Havok-sized suits, is not worth the almost 50% working speed in docks/maneuvers you when compared to small/mid sized suits. Tight fit, and clean lines are important on acro suits. Loose fit around hips/arms tends to result in more sloppy flying, especially when it comes to lateral motion. Regardless of brand, make sure you get a suit with a good tailor-made fit. Havok/Magister is the combo our team flies (weight related difference, dress for succes)
  4. mccordia


    On any suit with the dual zipper/innie-outie setup you can also just fix/close the bottom zipper permanent with a few stitches. This means only the top zipper is able to move. This severely deminishes the chance of the zipper (even with connected string or elastic) opening up and swallowing handles. As that is quite easy when both zippers are able to move, but happens a lot less with only one moving freefly. I've got my PF Strix setup with a 'classic' single zipper (ordered as such), as its much less fuss in skydiving use with gearup and general use, as well as a bit more comfortable in fit.
  5. There's also monthly (indoor) skills camps in the wingsuit tunnel, next the the aforementioned March of the Penguins (July) and 'mini March of the Penguins' (April). Both those events work with small groups / skilled/knowledgable organizers with jumps set up to repeat/same group size. Not doing 'random boogie jumping' but really trying to push skills.
  6. Note that on any canopy, you'll find people with anecdotal examples of them being shit or absolutely amazing. I also have a friend who keeps swearing a vengeance 89 is the best WS canopy ever due to not having had chops. Ive jumped a Stiletto with wingsuit without any issue as well. There I think there is a few vocal people hating the canopy, but in the same way many people jump sponsored gear performing sub-par, while staying quiet about the results. I know the few individuals unhappy, but think on a whole, Ive met a double dozen happy people per negative one with nothing buy glowing reviews on a Storm. As said before, I am sponsored by Atair, jump a WinX. But think I could wholeheartedly recommend a storm based on my own experiences and what Ive seen around the globe
  7. I did a good 2000+ jumps on a Storm (150/135/120) without a single cutaway or twist. Including many big suit jumps. And always jumped with a big crew in NL/BE on similar sizes Storms, and in my travels around the globe saw many wingsuit pilots fly the same, All with similar (happy) results. Ive switched to the WinX as I liked the openings on that one better (softer, less aggressive) but would not say a single bad about the storm in what Ive seen everywhere. Surely when talking about Stiletto, Merit etc you are in the 'many cutaways' target group, but talking about the Storm like its a black death for WS does not ring well with what I've seen. Ive seen more bruised ankles on some WS specific canopies due to poor flare, than Ive seen cutaways on Storms But also have to say, Im mostly jumping a 170 (WinX) now, and loving that size. I think for many people, a bit of an upsize would not hurt...regardless of canopy choice..
  8. The rafale is quite a step up in comparison. Several people Ive seen fly the suit reporting the same: having power/glide left in comparison with noticeable ease also flying flatter glide and/or slower speeds on the back, while still able to throw the suit around a lot, and not instantly getting punished for less than perfect transitions. It may take a few jumps adjusting, coming of something else, but the power is there..
  9. Insta OneX More pixels, less money Direct review/copy without stitching needed. Nice app / software Well worth the money, and a lot less than the Fusion. JC FlyLikeBrick I'm an Athlete?
  10. I almost never use mounts, and mostly just put it straight on the helmet. JC FlyLikeBrick I'm an Athlete?
  11. Most serious online reviews there dont agree with you there. Also resolution wise, OneX is a step up. Fusion - 5228 x 2624 One X - 5760 x 2880 Size wise you can fit 2x OneX in a fusion. JC FlyLikeBrick I'm an Athlete?
  12. Its half the price, and shoots higher resolution, and HDR, and much nicer format/size for wingsuit flying. I know the brandname makes a lot of people pick the Fusion, but on the Insta OneX you can actually watch a file without needing to stitch first, and upload videos/photos in 3 minutes vs 1 hr stitching. Insta OneX is well worth the money... JC FlyLikeBrick I'm an Athlete?
  13. Winx ZP Compared to a Storm, about 1/2 to 1/4 size smaller in pack volume WinX Hybrid Compared to a Storm, about a full size to 1,5 size smaller WinX UltrLight Compared to a Storm, a good 3 sizes smaller My container used to have a Storm 120 in full fit (tight) and a WinX ZP 120 fits in that same container with a bit of space left. The same container normally having a 120 as biggest size it can fit, also fits a 190 UL WinX (tight) and 170 UL Winx (normal, almost loose fit) JC FlyLikeBrick I'm an Athlete?
  14. Aside from 'dorky' being a nice term 'reserve snagging' also applies to most of those aerodynamic helmets... JC FlyLikeBrick I'm an Athlete?
  15. When jumping a bigger canopy you dont need to use the audio device either. Ive never had it not signal deployment correctly. Though on smaller canopies, it would be recommendable to use, as you could potentially fire it (like a student AAD), should the mode switch not have detected the opening. I actually have 2 of the dytters (in camera and non camera helmet), which helps with that as well. Its not that pricey to have a second audio unit. Incorrect as well. Its just a normal AAD, that on deployment switches to normal AAD function. Only during freefall, it uses a different value for activation. So in freefall you technically have a student cypres, but on opening it reverts to normal mode. There is zero difference in how it functions on a WS or normal freefall jump. With more and more people jumping bigger wingsuits, chances of 'freefall' descend rates under those of AAD activation speeds are a lot bigger. In my view its worth the extra added safety for anyone who sees wingsuit as their main discipline. Seeing how many people, ws and non ws, are always in search of AADs, I dont think resell vallue is ever an issue. JC FlyLikeBrick I'm an Athlete?
  16. That's incorrect. Transitions without any loss of altitude require good technique. Using the bad technique open wing 'throwing' transitions some people do, indeed you need the full speed to fix/remedy that. But flying transitions with correct technique, you can do them at any speed, slow or fast, near stall or ballistic forward. Having the ability to fly slow or fast while maintaining the same glide angle is also of value. For base you do want to always fly at max speed, but that's more about having margin. In skydiving its not at all a thing you need, and flying in a comfortable range with margin on both ends, works quite well. Though for sure flying too slow is not good, and for many people 'comfortable' is actually way too slow, max speed is not at all what you need for precise control. And it actually punishes mistakes and instability worse when (lesser experienced) people try new things at high speeds. That said, legs should always be straight, flying slow or fast, the range in speed should come from the angle of attack, and that is all in chest/head/shoulders/arms, and not in bending legs. Bent legs distort the full body 'wing' and will lead to instability and control issues esp. when overdone. Bent legs are a technique we should leave behind in 2005. JC FlyLikeBrick I'm an Athlete?
  17. For someone claiming to be expert on research you’re quite far behind on developments...we’re not wanking on someone flying 60 seconds of Kjerag anymore...most people live in 2018
  18. Ive flown a world record ws flight (in a smaller suit) Time Flown: 6:30:18:00 Distance Flown: 924.42 km or 0 km (depending on interpretation of movement through air) With Distance Fallen: 553.54 km and GR/LD of 1.67 And varified correctly (without need of a GPS) JC FlyLikeBrick I'm an Athlete?
  19. Its not investing, just actual limits of physics.. The same best pilots often put down lower scores, showing wind seems to be the main factor pushing glide over 3. With PPC dives as only reference, most of the higher glide numbers show energy management and pilot skill, but not sustained glide. Yuri maybe writing above most of our pay-grade does not make him the great nej-sayer. Just a realist, be it maybe sometimes partially incorrect, saying things most people don’t like hearing.. We’re still glorified bricks...not airplanes.. JC FlyLikeBrick I'm an Athlete?
  20. Looking at most performance runs, the glide levels of around 3, even for the top pilots. 3:1 is current sustained glide. 3.5:1 is mostly wishfull thinking. Looking at canopy design, its progressed with huge steps, but a 25 year old canopy has the same glide as the latest one. Its only dive/swoop/response etc thats been updated. But glide, close to zero. Glide is limited by physics, and not influenced by marketing JC FlyLikeBrick I'm an Athlete?
  21. Wingsuit research also (thankfully) spans a much wider field than just max glide. Agility, Safety/Usability, behavior and stability at other angles than max glide are in most suits of almost bigger importance. All the theorizing is really nice, but looking at wingsuit design (similar to sports parachutes) the glide is not making major leaps anymore. Most of the big steps come from more understanding of dive/flare and retaining energy, and having products that in inflation, maneuverability and fit translate the users intended actions best onto the wing. These are factors that manufacturers try and test through years of research. Not research done with a calculator. But actual flying. And looking at what people are doing in wingsuits, its there that big steps have been taken (next to just general knowledge, skills and improved teaching). And to anyone actively flying wingsuits, these changes in suits (or even same model, but newer version) are very much noticeable. Looking at the current wingsuit lineup across all manufacturers, it's the actual aforementioned research that has the biggest effect in the product evolution from version 1,2,3 and onward... JC FlyLikeBrick I'm an Athlete?
  22. Performance wise, the biggest leaps in design have been made years ago. But in terms of 'same old same old' the problem is probably more your own flying. If you just fly a straight line, more or less, there isnt much different. But looking at handling/agility, even in two generations of the same suit there are huge differences. Straight line performance is to most almost the least interesting aspect of wingsuit flying, and the actual maneuverability and handling (which differs night and day between the various brand 'style' cut, wingsuit models and more) is why most people these day fly. Even straight line performance in competition for those that are into that, is these days more about dive/flare and how the suits handle at those steeper and/or shallower angles, than it is about 'the suits all do the same glide'. I think practically experiencing bit more modern wingsuit design, to compare handling of the suits in turns, transitions, dives, and see the (sometimes huge) differences, will expand your horizon, and make you realize the numbers in your excel sheets are to most not the biggest interest. And often people will go for smaller suits, not looking for the max glide, but loving the other 99% of what makes wingsuit flying fun. Give it a 'same old, same old' mainly reads as 'im old' JC FlyLikeBrick I'm an Athlete?
  23. The rafale is a big step up in comparison. Closer to an acrobatic Alpine in range. Forward speed / flare are massive. I did 42 jumps in the freak2 for a movie shoot, and these suits are worlds apart. Agility/Precission on the rafale is to me unique for a suit that size. Not the usual ‘sloppy’ handling. Video - Video shows first 5 jumps in the suit only. Attached a picture of a freak2 overlayed on a rafale made for identical size person. Shows the different trim quite well. Rafale is a missile. Cant wait to do XRW in it, and carve/flip over the canopy. The range is stellar.. Best thing to me was being able to pull any way i like. Normal, flare, collapsed wing. Unhindered. Without effort. My last 3000 out of 5000 ws jumps no reserve, then 2 due to pull issues on the F2. I prefer seeing design boost agility and glide while not hindering basic safety..Rafale for dayz... JC FlyLikeBrick I'm an Athlete?
  24. I put 2000 jumps on my previous Winx, and (after a reline) that one is still going with a new owner at 2200 jumps. Its built to last! JC FlyLikeBrick I'm an Athlete?