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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pXxD2yGh6rM
  2. 1. He is right. Go to a few dropzones, ask for info. See where you like the athmosphere most. If you live in Antwerpen or Vlaams-Brabant, then Schaffen will not disappoint you. 2. Your age is fine. 3. Unless you have rich parents or a great student job, money will be a problem. Skydiving is expensive. In Belgium it's actually quite cheap because PCV is a non-profit organisation (ongeveer heh): Aff: 1100 Post Aff course: 350 Jumps with gear rental: 25 Jumps without gear rental: 16 Gear: 2500 - 5000 Yearly costs: 400 I think for a student with limited funds the money will become an issue as soon as you get your AFF. You will have to rent gear for about 30 - 50 jumps, so if you take about 2 jumps a weekend, that will set you back 200 a month. That's plenty of money even if you have a steady income. Then you will be faced with the costs of buying gear, maintaining it, repacks, etc. My honest suggestion? Save up as much money as you can, and then take your aff March 2015. If you have a few thousand euro on the bank, you will be able to handle the costs and ultimately you will enjoy it a lot more. Lack of funds can be a real killjoy because it will get in the way of progress. It's rather late in the year anyway. Aff will be fully booked for weeks and by the time you get current it will be winter. 3. The best part about being 16 is that you have a lot of dreams. It's also the worst part about being 16, because some of these dreams are just not realistic. I know you won't listen to what I'm about to say, but here goes anyway: * FORGET ABOUT BASE * FORGET ABOUT MAKING SKYDIVING YOUR JOB * FORGET ALL THAT BULLSHIT ABOUT LIVING IN A TENT ON THE DROPZONE. First worry about getting the 5000 euro to get you through your first two years of skydiving. If you stick with the sport, then you can still worry about being a BASE-hobo when you are 21. That's the beauty of starting young: there's no rush.
  3. Hmmmmm...that would indeed have been very ugly.
  4. So could this have turned into a disaster? Seems to me like he comfortably cleared that.
  5. Here's some uninformed and possibly stupid advice. If you're afraid of causing an accident by deploying immediately...just backfly for a coule of seconds. Or don't if it's a bad idea
  6. Shaved cats are funny...so are cats that are being washed. (don't go there...it's old)
  7. Tenshi

    Sudoku anyone?

    Wait...what was the next step after the 8 in the middle square? And exlanation cause I don't see how to solve the left row. I also see different possibilities.
  8. Tenshi

    Sudoku anyone?

    Yes there is. Actually trial and error is not the way to go. First just fill in the numbers that are straightforward. Then you can follow Remster's technique. However some numbers need some logic and you need to keep other squares in relation to rows in mind. Just take a look at http://www.sudokudragon.com/sudokustrategy.htm
  9. Tenshi

    Sudoku anyone?

    Wtf...I always do that. Hmmm...like I said...must have missed something Edit. Like I said...I missed the 8 in the diagonal. Thx guys! have fun solving it :)
  10. Tenshi

    Sudoku anyone?

    I'm reasonably good at sudoku but I've come across a Sudoku X (the diagonals also have to have the numbers 1-9) I can't seem to solve. I think I'm missing something. Can anybody please tell me to the next step? Only if you're bored at work of course. So it's like a regular sudoku (every square needs numbers 1-9, every vertical and horizontal row needs 1-9) only the two diagonals also need the numbers 1-9 Thx!
  11. When I was about 5 or 6 years old...I heard about this movie called Jaws. It ws about sharks and shit and I really digged sharks so I really wanted to see it. Anyway...my mom knew I shouldn't be watching a movie like that, but I kept whining and whining and in the end she gave in and rented the movie for me. (I live in Europe and back then people weren't overly concerned about the mental welfare of their children) So I saw the movie on my aunts VCR ( back in the days when only some people had a VCR) and I was insta-scarred for life. I got such a bad phobia for water and swimming that I even panicked in swimming pools. The worst moment was when I entered the swimming contest in school. I was by far the best swimmer of all the schools competing so I swam like 15 feet in front of all the other competitors. But just when I was about to reach the finish, I thought I saw a great white beneath me ( 25m indoor swimming pool) and I panicked so bad that I clinged to the ropes and let all the other kids pass me (it took them 10 seconds). 20 years later I still look over my shoulders in seas, oceans, lakes and murky 2inch puddles.
  12. The impact doesn't look like a jet. At all...
  13. Good for you. I'm anxiously anticipating zero hour. There's no fireworks like 50 kilotons worth of fireworks. All hail.
  14. I don't really understand anything about all this...but if you ask me the most convenient answer hasn't been given yet. Balloons on a string. String that breaks shitfast of course. So no fishing line or bridle type thingies. Just a very fragile kind of woolly thready kind of string. If you fly into the lines they'd just break.