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  1. Did KG wear Black and White socks..... But is that East witch, si? Found another foto. Slater McConkey es Dios
  2. +1 Of course is BM Classic base on Patrick proto. Before, 75 percent wingsuiters is die flying them. After, maybe 1 percent, even count proxy guys! Slater McConkey es Dios
  3. Put all of them in prison.... if they faked a death penalty case where someone was executed,,,, simple solution life without parole for every sheriff involved as well as every prosecutor,,, just like a criminal that is part of a robbery that involves a murder as an accomplice.. Justice +1 Slater McConkey es Dios
  4. I fix for you and if is mess you up, how you think no-head child felt? Reality mess you up sir? Slater Yes...I used to be able to handle all kinds of gore, but for some reason I've become very sensitive to it all after my conversion to christianity. OK sir, is fair enough. Sorry for my mistake. Slater Edit for answer is wrong spot McConkey es Dios
  5. Nothing wrong is with me, maybe look in mirror sir. Slater McConkey es Dios
  6. I fix for you and if is mess you up, how you think no-head child felt? Reality mess you up sir? Slater McConkey es Dios
  7. Sorry. I is forget reality not acceptible here. Slater McConkey es Dios
  8. OK if he is asshole and moron, what is name you call Muslims who is do this? Slater McConkey es Dios
  9. List the stories 2 years old 3 years 4 years 5 8 9 uh oh Slater McConkey es Dios
  10. too many face face palms is from reading the news. Slater McConkey es Dios
  11. hopefully they is get message quietly, the judge say so, skies is quiet for normal people. Slater McConkey es Dios
  12. You act like that's a bad thing... If half abortions is women, it seem she is think war on unborn women okay, and lover war on unborn black women. McConkey es Dios
  13. You should have seen Greenland. It was balmy. You should go see it.... huge lakes of water on top of the glacier as its melting.. Thousands of square miles of now rock strewn land that was covered in glaciers back in the 70's when I was there playing on the ice compliments of the Air Farce.. there is a mineral boom going on with prospectors thicker than the amount of seagulls there looking to get rich quick... is worser than that! Slater McConkey es Dios
  14. Is maybe why Kallend and Amazon live so long? Slater McConkey es Dios
  15. Once... Roy Yes, but maybe is landing many times on same jump like this guy! Slater McConkey es Dios