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  1. Bigger than a funk and smaller than a collugo two.... It will have less performance in terms of forward speed than the collugo 2 About the same range in float although some pilots can probably float more on a foghead. Acrobatics the foghead will be better.
  2. Was thinking back today on what wing suit model do you think impacted the wing suit community the most? Im sure some of the veterans can weight in a little better but what suit in your opinion was the one that redefined wing suiting or changed it significantly in terms of accessibility, easy of use, performance.
  3. If you don't like the rules your more than welcome to skydive at another drop zone. Or open your own dz and make your own dumb rules. The rules took a lot of work to get back to where they are now. You should appreciate the work the manager and jumpers put in order to get these rules back down to something reasonable and fair. And 600 jumps nobody would have told you anything in the first place.
  4. The Ban is currently in place because there is nobody to oversee the safety and take responsibility of the wingsuiters at the moment at skydive sebastian. While alot of what everyone has mention in this thread probably helped the management push toward a d liscense hold, none of it was the last straw. The incident that caused the hold was three winguiters totally ignored landing back on the dz and any sort of flight pattern therefore heading straight to the next town chasing clouds. That is when the ban was actually started. The reason from my understanding that they decided to go with d license at the moment is because they really dont have someone who take take responsibility for the wingsuits and keep everyone in check. Little by little things will get worked out and regular jumping will be back to normal. I have been trying since day one to get something resolved and i think we are close to some changes in the upcoming months. Im sure this year zephyrhills will attract much more wingsuiters over new years but there will be plenty here in sebastian if anyone wants to join us
  5. In my opinion thats incorrect, although it may not be as easy to reach your risers with thumb loops its absolutely possible. if you bring up your knees you will gain a lot of range to reach up with your arms and you can easily grab the riser to correct your heading in an instance where you may not have time to unzip.
  6. http://vimeo.com/83703295 Heres a Link to the Boogie Video By Keith Creedy
  7. What part of Fl are you from? theres several balloon pilots that will take you if you ask in a professional manner. Just make it sound like you know what your doing and eventually you will find one. are you willing to drive down to Miami Area ?
  8. Mr moderator isnt this a bit off topic. im sure glad that we are on the other side of america so much drama over there. if you dont like that wingsuits are banned take your business somewhere else.
  9. Just got the same email for my wingsuit i asked him if he was cool that i modified it with rocket packs and he didnt seem to mind
  10. Thank you sweet baby jesus
  11. My head is not in the right place? possibly but at least i am here trying to get more info. Let me apologize for not wording my initial question properly. i am not trying to eliminate them entirely i want to still have the option on using them in the event of a zipper breaking and i had to remove it. basically i am thinking of replacing the larger cutaway loop with a smaller tab the can be stowed on the inside of the sleeve to avoid it being grab able by a newbie trying to dock. I have not broken a zipper but i have reached my toggles and landed without unzipping before. Are you saying that in the event of you being under canopy and you broke a zipper, your life in now in danger! you can't break through or find a way to steer? what do you do if your wearing any other brand that does not offer a secondary zipper/cutaway ?
  12. i tent to back fly a lot with this suit and over the weekend there where several instances where some flyers coming in to dock where sort of grabbing whatever they could so it got me thinking that someone could very easily cut my arm away for me accidentally. In the event of a stuck zipper i would do the same you would do on any of the other brands that do not have. I have had this happen before and usually i can still get to my toggle and land. I can reach My risers in the event of a possible collision without unzipping,
  13. Has anyone thought of or successfully eliminated the arm wing cutaway on a phoenix fly suit. They now offer them without them as an option but i would like to remove mine. I image the easiest solution is to just cut the yellow cable at the ends of the suit but i was wondering if there is a better option. Flipping the tab inward so it Velcro's onto the inside of the arm wing seems like it might be uncomfortable.
  14. why don't you just buy one of these http://us.ruroc.com