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  1. I am posting about a place to jump - not an event. Miami Skydiving Center has a PAC-750 until March 25th. Normally they cannot accommodate fun jumpers very well but until March 25th they are offering $15 jumps during the weekday and $18 jumps on the weekend. They have loads going every day. Imre is the manager and you can email him for jump times at [email protected]
  2. Miami Skydiving Center is getting a PAC - 750 for the winter. It will arrive Thursday, December 13th. We have room for fun jumpers on every flight. We only have a 15 passenger van so we are limited to 14 people total but we usually have 6-8 slots of the 14 available for fun jumpers. The cost will only be $18 if you agree to the following dropzone rules. - AAD required - No hook turns - C license qualified - general amicability at the DZ. We have WiFi, indoor packing, restaurant, and an on-site rigger. Please contact imre at [email protected] if you are interested in jumping with us. We hope you will enjoy our facility. Thanks.
  3. Thats not it. I think its www.miamiskydivingcenter.com
  4. Open six days a week to jump over beautiful Lake Michigan.
  5. Pacific Coast Skydiving is San Diego's only skydiving center with scenic flights over the water before every tandem jump. We take you from Brownfield Airport, fly you over Imperial Beach, show you Downtown San Diego, Coronado Bridge and Coronado Island. Then we turn the plane around and see a little bit of Mexico before you jump.