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  1. Oh it seems much longer
  2. You've been in PNG for a long time Longer than a normal rotation?
  3. I have over 1000 jumps logged on "Skydiving Logbook" It has ALL requirements that a paper log does, with the addition of adding pics if wanted
  4. Hi Fish, how's your lovely wife and offspring :)
  5. that's the GREATEST SCENE. The movie itself was pretty crap
  6. As Wendy stated this is an expensive way to freak your self out. Question for you Why do you want to be brave enough? You are literally risking your life for fun. Skydiving is not for everyone, no life threatening sport is. I have 20 years jumping and that;'s not where my fear lies. There are many sports out there that scare me too much to undertake. I'm brave enough to skydive by not near brave enough to do other things. Brave enough is not the way I would gauge what I risk my life on.. If skydiving is that scary to you, you don't have to do it. You certainly dont have anything to prove to anyone. You jumped already that's more than most people on the planet will ever do.
  7. Yup and I have a PD canopy and UPT rig on order
  8. From you post there's nothing to work out. The University doesn't require it. Equador does. I've had a Vaccine passport for over 25 years, they're not new or novel.
  9. I'm probably going to be the voice of decent. But skydiving is not for everyone, when you leave the plane you put your life at risk. You can do everything right and still die doing this. Many many people struggle through their AFF courses. most have a strong desire to keep pushing and get it right and done, because their passions for the sport drives them. If you don't have that passion, that desire. Then your spending a shit ton of money and risking your life for what? Figure out how bad you want it. Go forward from there. Skydiving is NOT for everyone, and that's ok. There's a shitload of other high risk sports and activities that are not for me :)
  10. Ask Disco or the Focus boys if they know of anyone that might help.