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  1. there's several devices that will allow you to graph the canopy flight Dekunu One and Fly-sight are just 2
  2. Haven't seen it mentioned here, but maybe do Tandem jump and reacquaint yourself with the sky
  3. we already have Vaccination cards here in OZ, this would just be one more added to the list of vaccines required for particular destinations. In this case EVERYWHERE
  4. have a chat to Craig A and Mogo, lets see if we can do a HU day at the Bay or Farm
  5. it also effects your repack numbers, you get a "/" for a standard repack and a "X" for a chop. "X" is 2 "/"
  6. Yep, but likely looking to at least semi retire, at the end of 2021, Getting old, and want to do much more travel.
  7. Yes sir, My life still rocks, even if Im locked down for a while.
  8. Still holding strong mate?
  9. didin't watch it live and fast forwarded through the whole thing. The melodramatics were so obviously wuffo directed. I thought the whole thing was Meh. Luke didn't seem overly impressed and I hope he earned good coin for the assist. Nothing about the stunt seemed overly dangerous or risky,
  10. Learning by experience is a far better teaching method. Grab your rig at home sit down in the lounge and muck about with closing the main tray different ways.
  11. is it still dangerous AF there. Buddies of mine who had worked there have need 24/7 armed security escorts
  12. Many people dont last 5 years, Very few last 10 years. On this site you'll find people who have been doing it a long time (18th year for me) but we are not the majority.