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  1. Squeak

    Freefly Handle????

    WOW 15 year old thread resurection I now use a freefly friendly monkeyfist throw-out. It has a tuck tab sewn to it, so the handle sits very snuggly in place and yet I still have a very positive grip on lit at deployment time.
  2. Squeak

    Tunnel Coaching In Southern California

    Perris and Ontario are closer than SD, at your level ANY of the tunnel coaches would be fine for your belly work. give a call and ask. If you chose Perris you can try and organise some tunnel sky coaching
  3. LOL Im doing the reverse, Eloy boogie then over to SoCal there's a few DZs not far from Snore. (which is my 2nd home) Perris is 30mins away, and Oceanside is coastal and south, Skydive San Diego is further south again. at your level all places would have something fun for you to do
  4. Squeak

    iFLY Coming to Scottsdale, AZ

    is that Jason and Andy's site?
  5. Squeak

    Elsinore / Perris?

    the answer is YES go to Elsinore and Perris. they are 30min apart
  6. Email Cookie and ask them directly. Jason and Jeremy are very approachable and willing to help
  7. Squeak

    Joe Jennings is this you?

    Joe, Trunks, Curtis, Jeffro, the usual Eloy crew for lobbing shit outa Skyvans
  8. Squeak

    Cookie 3G visor

    There is a plastic film covering the front of the lens peel it off.
  9. it will change daily depending on barometric pressure, turn the rough side until it's on Zero... But to it at your DZ, then ask your instructors to explain how your gear works before they let you enter an operational jump plane. If you've already done your 1st jump course, repeat it 'cause you seem to have missed some very basic information.
  10. Squeak

    Package or piece together

    timing is everything, if buying everything brand new, then the package deals are good. if you can stomach 2nd hand then there are some very good bargains around
  11. Squeak

    Australia East Coast Fun Jumping

    pick your location based on other criteria. All 3 of those places are only a few hours away from each other. So you can visit any of the DZs from Byron to the sunshine coast.
  12. Squeak

    funny vw parachute ad (UK)

    Saw it in FB taking the piss out of Javs
  13. 15 per week, backed up by jumps.
  14. Squeak

    I Know Packing Is No Fun...

    Do a few seaches for Greg Gasson, Jack Jeffries, and the Eloy crew from "Good Stuff"