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  1. It really reminds me of those people who claim the rapture will be on Jan 17, 2020 Jan 18, 2020 - Nothing happened, oh we see where our mistake was. We didn't take into account that the earth's rotation is slowing. The new rapture date is March 15, 2020. March 16, 2020 - Nothing happened, it is obvious now how we could have been wrong about the date. You see the first day of spring has changed between now and back in the first century. Using the new calculation, the rapture WILL be April 4, 2020. April 5, 2020 - Nothing happened, we now see where the misunderstanding occurred. Every 4 years there is a blue moon occurring on the 3rd Monday of the month in August. Because of this, those events have moved the first event proclaimed in the Bible forward by 2 months from our initial calculation. We have now corrected for our error. The rapture is certain to happen July 9, 2020. Trust me, no one is better at predicting the rapture than we are. July 10, 2020 - Nothing happened. It's the atheist's fault. If they would just believe in the rapture it would happen. We must all go out and purge the world of atheists, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc. so that we may spend time in the company of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jihad!
  2. I want to see the first person ever get secret service protection in prison. Hal: Bob, what are you doing tomorrow? Bob: I get to spend my day in prison.
  3. Yes, and that is the way it should be. The senate is not a representation of the population of each state (or the US as a whole). That is the "job" of the house of representatives. The senate is a representation of each state no matter how many people are in that state.
  4. I agree the FLOTUS gets a pass. The title of this thread should be FLOTUS hates decorating for Christmas. Why certain tasks are forced on individuals is beyond me. If the first lady doesn't want to do the decorations, she shouldn't have to. Let her assign it to someone who loves to do that and move on people.
  5. Actually Trump was right. Those military soldiers who died are losers and suckers. You people just don't understand what he was saying.You all just hate Trump and just don't want him to be known as greatest president to ever live! You can't see through your hate to understand what he actually meant. Let me break it down for you... If you died in battle, you have lost your life. Therefore you are a loser (of your life). Trump was also using the 5th version of the definition of sucker. Without the piston, a suction pump would be useless. Pistons are vital to the machine, just like soldiers are vital to the war machine. This is what Trump actually meant. Jeez. suck·er /ˈsəkər/ noun 1. INFORMAL a gullible or easily deceived person. o a person especially susceptible to or fond of (a specified thing). "I always was a sucker for a good fairy tale" 2. INFORMAL•NORTH AMERICAN a thing or person not specified by name. "he's one strong sucker" 3. a flat or concave organ enabling an animal to cling to a surface by suction. 4. BOTANY a shoot springing from the base of a tree or other plant, especially one arising from the root below ground level at some distance from the main stem or trunk. o a side shoot from an axillary bud, as in tomato plants. 5. the piston of a suction pump. o a pipe through which liquid is drawn by suction. 6. a freshwater fish with thick lips that are used to suck up food from the bottom, native to North America and Asia.
  6. All I can say to that is #EightMoreYears. #Trump2020 #Trump2024. After 2028, Trump will be too old to even care about being the figurehead that he wants to be. I'm sure he has never cared about doing the job of president. I'm actually shocked that in 4 years, Trump hasn't completely broken the US economy and turned us into a 3rd world country. We probably need 8 more years for that to happen. It is time for a change in world power/structure anyway. EightMoreYears.
  7. I miss those interest rates of the 80's & 90's. I could get a certificate of deposit for 6-8% APR. Now all I'm stuck with is investing in Tesla stock.
  8. Brent bought a Hybrid? I'm not quite up on religious dogma. Is this one of the first signs of the rapture? Ron? Anyone?
  9. That's practically on top of each other as seen from Mars.
  10. While this would be funny. It will never happen because being a former president, Trump will still have secret service protection even while in prison.
  11. Too bad you already picked a minimum of 6 hurricanes with 3 major in post 2030. We hit that number and you will concede that climate change is happening, right?
  12. No that will actually stop long before it gets to those who actually matter. You eliminate the bottom 10%. Then poor people from other countries will flock in to fill that 10% back up. Plus poor people breed more rapidly than rich. So you have a continual stream of poor people to exploit.
  13. And why shouldn't they. That makes perfect sense. Their citizens come here, work a little bit, and get the virus. You wouldn't want them going back home and spreading this in Mexico. Keep them in the US. Plus you get the added benefit of having those people not burdening the Mexican healthcare system. Make them stay in the US and burden that system. It is a win-win situation. The more I think about it, this whole virus action/inaction is all parts of Trump's master plan to limit the influx of illegal aliens. Well played, Trump. Well played.
  14. Meh, I don't need any more titles. I already have the title of "Lord of the Known Universe". Now if he instead would have given me 1/2 million dollars immediately because he just needed to pay rent on his safe deposit box in order to get the contents, I would have been all in.
  15. So just today I received my refund for my 2019 federal income tax. Submitted my return (e-file with direct deposit) in mid March. All I got back was what was listed on my return. Where are the late fees and penalties for taking so long? Also there was no mention on how I'm supposed to give this money to Elon Musk or Tesla. It is almost like the money is mine to keep. That just can't be right according to what I've read from some people. Someone please help me out. What am I supposed to do with this money? If I don't have to give it to Tesla, I guess I'll have to use it to boost the economy and buy solar panels, new table saw, or some other items I would like to own.