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  1. No, I think the RFID was injected with the chicken pox vaccine. Covid injects you with a chemical that changes your behavior/perception to passively accept more government control of your life.
  2. Bill you forgot one: Type 5 - "Sure warming is happening and we may or may not be causing it. But it is not happening fast enough, so let's burn more, stupid!" I fall into this category because have you seen the cost of beachfront property? I live about 5 miles from the ocean because this is as close as I could get and still have reasonable housing costs. But with melting glaciers and ocean levels rising, eventually there will be beachfront property at my house. I want beachfront property before I die! I dream of the day where I can look out my front door and see my neighbor's house across the street fall into the ocean. Then and only then will I have beachfront property and not have to move to get it. Additionally, people fall into this category when they live "up north" in states like IA, MI (or maybe even PA) where is so freaking cold. You know up there in the Artic circle. They are pissed off that they can't move to someplace nice. So they want the warm weather to come to them. Increased temperatures are a benefit to them - so bring on global warming.
  3. Since no one else has answered and you claim you are not trollling, I'll answer this question to shut you the F up. In your hypothetical scenario, the situation would be way better than today. There would probably be close to zero power outages. I say close because there would still be some power lines downed by ice. No system is 100% perfect. But in a 100% renewable situation, there will be distributed generation with storage (read this as Li Battery, Salt, Change of State, Potential Energy, etc.) vs. centralized generation. The demand on the current grid will be significantly reduced therefore when there is a problem with the legacy grid, the effect to the population will be reduced to close to zero. Also, the "Midwest" is attached to the National Grid. Therefore what little centralized generation is still left and there will be some, will be able to get their power form other states that are not currently affected by whatever hypothetical storm we decide to create for this hypothetical situation. Your Welcome!
  4. Why is this posted here and not in the There IS a problem with global warming... it stopped in 1998 or Green New Deal... threads? Clearly this is more evidence that AGW is a hoax. I mean it snowed someplace. It was probably cold too. All undisputable facts that nothing has changed.
  5. Ok, this has gone way beyond the dry humor of my original post. But instead of conceding, I'm going to go full-on republican denialism and double down and say: Don't try and confuse me with facts! My mind is made up. I have no time to read stupid articles to become informed on any subject that does not mesh with my preconceived notions. I know I'm right and that is all that matters.
  6. I could be wrong about this (don't think I am, but prove me wrong). You don't need to get an appraisal to sell your house. House prices are based on what someone is willing to buy the house for, not what some appraiser says it is worth. If I'm buying a house it makes no difference what a person says the prosperity is worth. Is it worth "$X.xx" to me that is all that matters.
  7. Because they were incredibly stupid? They will have to pay higher property taxes every year from now on.
  8. That is true, but we are not talking about us average peons. We are talking about the elites who are allowed to get away with things we could only dream of.
  9. Not really the end of the discussion. I haven't done any research and I'm not about to because frankly I don't care that much. But the bold statement is probably true - if we are talking efficiency. No need for comities, voting, procedures, etc. It is not the legal or correct way, but it is efficient which is why it works in wartime. So the question is, "was that a credible threat or just someone talking, campaigning, pumping up her base?" If it was a credible threat then there is no need for congress to remove her. She should be arrested and charged for solicitation of murder. If you can't do that, then it is just posturing by her opposition and she should remain in the house. And yes I believe that if the laws are not there already, it should be a crime for a politician to advocate the assassination of anyone during a campaign speech.
  10. I see nothing wrong with Greene in congress. This is what it means to be in a representative democracy. Our government needs to have people of all types in there - not just the ones you like. QAnon should be represented just as much as progressive liberals. If the people of Georgia want someone like her to represent them, then she should be allowed to be there to represent their beliefs. And everyone else outside her district should not be able to say shit about it. Kind of like those a-holes in Texas trying to change the votes in Pennsylvania. Now if the people of her district decides that she has gone too far, they could do a recall (or whatever it is called) and vote her out of office. But since that hasn't happened, we can only assume that she has the full support of the people of her district and for me, I know now where in the US I personally would never want to move.
  11. And then in 20-30 years, all the school names will have to change again because all the Xbox fans are upset that schools are named after the Play Station. We should just get it over with and accept our fate and start naming everything Brawndo
  12. She was just jumping the gun. Need to wait until he is president in order to impeach. If Biden was a real man after he uttered the words "so help me God", he would have had the SS bring up a folding table and chair on stage and start signing executive orders undoing every one Trump signed. That would be real leadership. Instead what did he do? Give a speech. Have a parade. Shake some hands. And only hours later start signing executive orders. WHAT A LOSER. BABY! SAD!
  13. I want to be the first one on record to say that Congress needs to immediately start articles of impeachment on Biden right now. Or at the very least invoke the 25th amendment because Biden is too old and senile. Just look what he has already done as president. We now have another do-nothing president and things need to change.
  14. Trump not pay? I'm shocked. SHOCKED I TELL YOU! Bigly.
  15. Look, we all just need to get over this. If you cannot handle the virus, then you need to stay secluded from society. It has been too long already and this isn't going away so lets just move on. Anyway this is how we will evolve as a species. Those that can't handle it will die out and the rest of us will become stronger as a result. It really saddens me to look at a herd of gazelles and see them all lean, healthy and vibrant. Then I look at a herd of humans walking down the average city street or browsing on a dating app....