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  1. I'm a USPA member and am all for the Museum. But mostly because: So, it is not a case of NIMBY, but YPIMBY (Yes, Please In My Back Yard). Fund away and get this built now!
  2. CygnusX-1

    good DZ tent?

    There has been a lot of good advice in this thread, so I'll add my own. I concur with the idea of getting a tent you can stand up in. Make sure you have a full rain fly. My preference is 4 person. I would highly recommend an enclosed Vestibule that is separate from the "main" living area. I use this area for food storage. That way if bugs figure out how to get into your food, you don't have bugs in your main tent. My tent is several years old so it is obsolete. But I've had good luck with Kelty tents. Something similar to this:
  3. CygnusX-1

    Reserves Smaller than Main

    I would have to agree. A 100 lb girl under anything is much hotter than a 170 lb guy on a 170 sq ft main any day. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  4. Here is something to consider. I've owned 2 rigs in my skydiving life. I weigh about 165 lbs (without rig). My first rig I bought was used. It was for a 190 parachute. I kept it and jumped it for about 3 years. Then I bought a brand new rig to fit a 150 main/PDR143 reserve. I've had that rig now for something like 13 years. In this rig I've had a Firebolt 149, Stiletto 135 (with logo on bottom), Sabre 2 120 (this was just a demo), Comp Velo 111, and Comp Velo 103. All of these canopies had fit in the rig and I have no issues with "loose" packing. Although the 103 if it wasn't brand new could be considered a little loose. So if you are choose your canopies right and wait a little bit, a rig can last a long time and have plenty of options for future advancement.
  5. USPA then need to link with Paralog so that we can upload our digital logbooks. Then maybe, just maybe, the USPA will enter the 21 century before it is 1/5 over.
  6. CygnusX-1

    Mamba vs Crossfire2 vs Katana

    Pre-order a new X-Fire 3 now and we will ship it in a new skysystems C6 Air. Operators standing by...
  7. CygnusX-1

    Re: [skydiverek] New Speed Skydiving record

    You learn something every day here on I did not realize that Celsius was not exact or even accurate. Who'd a thunk it?
  8. CygnusX-1

    Atair WinX

    Flew one for some of my first wingsuit jumps while in Voss, Norway. I normally jump a Stiletto 135 loaded at 1.44. I was demoing a 150. I could have demoed a 135 but it packed up way too small for my rig. The flaps on my container were just wrinkly loose when closed with the 135. So (at least for the 135) this canopy packs up very small. The 150 fit my rig good (which is designed for a 150). Overall impressions: The good - Loved the openings. They were all on heading and I did not have any line twists or other opening issues on my (2nd-5th ever) wingsuit jumps. The bad - Comparative speaking, the flight characteristics were very sluggish. Not sure if this is because I upsized, different canopy design, or whatever. Attempting harness turns were non-existent, this could be considered a good or bad thing depending on your desires. For me it was good, because I had booties that would not come off even when unzipped. I had to reach down while bringing my leg up to get the thing off my shoe. The canopy did not even attempt to turn while doing this maneuver. It seemed like I had to bury a toggle to get the canopy to even consider turning. And when it did, the turn was very slow. I also felt like I was being blown all over the place (having to make constant corrections) with what I would consider light winds. The okay - Landings were just ok. Flare was good (relatively speaking). I didn't have any issues landing. But these were just straight in non-speed induced landings. I did not attempt to do any riser turns or use double fronts. Hey, I was in Norway. I wanted to extend my time under canopy as much as I could! Conclusion - It was a good opening canopy that will get you where you need to go. It does the job intended. Side note: Since then I have flown a Storm 135 (hated it for wingsuiting) and a Pilot7 137. My leading contender for a wingsuit canopy is currently the Pilot. It has the same beautiful openings as the WinX, but is also fun to fly after it is open.
  9. CygnusX-1

    Best FS suits?

    They did not want the massive booties, vents, or anything that would make you somewhat floaty. The complaint was that too many people would get in their slot, take the grip, and stop flying. This was causing formations to be "lifted". Personally, I thought this was a cop-out. Learn to fly your suit that you are wearing and don't stop when you get the grip, look under the formation - not over it, etc. Do this and you have the booties to give you that extra boost when tracking away.
  10. CygnusX-1

    Best FS suits?

    Another recommendation for Tony. Mega booties are a must. That would be good for 4/8-way. But not big way. The few big ways I have went to the organizer specifically stated that they did not want people flying 4-way suits. It is a different discipline requiring different skill set. Therefore, I would get 2 suits. One for competition and one for big way. Then you can get one or two suits for free flying. One for tracking. One to three for wingsuiting. One for swooping. Pretty soon you will need to pack a separate suitcase for all your suits when you go to the DZ.
  11. CygnusX-1

    Oil Price - Jump Prices

    Because that is what you are told and probably not the only reason. It is just the easy cop out. I tell you that I'm increasing my prices because of fuel and you won't be as quick to shoot me. But if I told you I needed to increase my prices because Jenny the manifest girl wants a raise or because Tom the mechanic wants a second vacation home you might not be as understanding. But yes I totally agree with you. I think jump prices should track the price of gas and be changed on a weekly basis. All that other stuff is pretty fixed and can be planned for. That way any time I go to the DZ, I won't know what the actual cost of jumping will be. I'll save a few bucks one week and pay a little bit more the next. It will all work out in the end and keep things exciting when the bill comes at the end of the day.
  12. CygnusX-1

    Knee pads for tunnel flying

    +1 for G-form. Haven't tried many other varieties, but they work great.
  13. CygnusX-1

    Audible dependence.

    This is a fallacy. Every time you jump with someone you are trusting your safety to others. If you didn't trust your safety to others, maybe you should be jumping alone. Don't believe me? On a jump I could end up going low on the formation and deploy right below you (while you are filming the formation). You may or may not see me deploy. Your safety is in danger. You could be part of the formation or filming it and I'm a late diver. I'm late and trying to make up time and come in at 180 MPH and plow right into your back (from behind). Your safety is in danger. I could be learning to swoop and am setting up for that awesome 540 degree turn. I don't see you in the landing pattern below me and - you can guess the rest. Your safety is in danger. Moral of the story. DSE - you better trust me with your safety if you want to jump with me.
  14. CygnusX-1

    Skydiver Suffers Seizure During AFF Jump

    This is just sad. Here we complain about how the media can't get skydiving reports correct and yet in our own community we have people writing articles who can't get the story correct. "Instructor Heroics Gets Main Deployed at 4000 feet". Watch the video again. It is the reserve, not the main. Your credibility has been completely destroyed if you don't know the difference between the main "handle" and the reserve.
  15. Since you are from a small DZ, it should be fun. We will probably have the skyvan and/or otter running. And hurry up and get comfortable with more people in the air. While you are here (if you want), we will get you your SCR and SCS awards. Oh, and make sure you bring money for . (I feel I have to say even though I don't drink.)