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  1. The problem with this is that even if Thomas leaves the court, since it is so close to an election, the republicans will block any attempt to seat a new judge until after the election because the people will not have a voice in who is elected to pick the next judge.
  2. Well, you have to admit. Trump isn't wrong there. Given a sufficiently large enough glass of water, you could drop it onto a thin magnet and it could shatter the magnet into a bunch of tiny pieces therefore ending the usefulness of the magnet and "end[ing] the magnet". You just have to understand the way people who are 'like a smart person' talk. This is all part of the genius that is Trump.
  3. Not to be Mr. Obvious here but sometimes I wonder if it actually has to be said to get the point across. This (the OP narrative) isn't a D or R issue. It is a corruption issue and BOTH parties are corrupt. The loss of jobs probably has more to do with the changes in Net Metering than any outright subsidy given by the government/taxpayers.
  4. Again Logan's Run had it right. Maybe not that actual age - that can be up for discussion. But the sentiment was correct. Need to start embedding those crystals.
  5. Not that I'm replying to nigel directly, it is just the last post that referenced my previous one. Of course Trump and Biden are not the same person with the same traits. That is not what I mean by "being the same". What is the same is both political parties. Both want their form of dictator. Just look what has happened here in Florida where we no longer will have a primary - only one choice on the ballot. It is not about Biden's age. Here is the problem with Biden: (How Popular Is Joe Biden? | FiveThirtyEight) You are telling me that the D party could not come up with anyone who could beat these numbers? The dems don't even what to find out apparently. Make Biden stand up, grab some balls, and shout out his accomplishments and stand behind them. But he won't do that in fear of offending his good close republican friends.
  6. The problem isn't solely on the Republicans. This also will lay directly on the Democrats hands if that happens. This outcome could easily be adverted if the Dems put someone up that could easily beat Trump. But they won't, so we have the same problem on both sides of the isle. And then people wonder why we say that we do not have a 2-party system, but instead they are all the same.
  7. I think that is a smart and excellent move by the Republicans. That way we can have an out - not wanting to 'defund the IRS' so that we can stop sending money to that state sponsored terrorism regime.
  8. Oh, come on. The Guardian was talking about UK subsidies. Those people are not even part of this world. Don't you know that the earth ends at the borders of the continental US? Just remember his argument about F150 sales and only willing to look at US sales and not world-wide sales of vehicles.
  9. That just looks like a proper lifestyle to me. Although it really highlights the difference between average and median and really should be shown to those that do not comprehend the concept between those two terms. But overall, it makes sense. Younger than 35 you are just starting out in this world. You should have very little net worth. 35-44 is where you are starting to accumulate assets and make something of yourself. 45-54 is where you have gained some experience and you income reflecting that. This is where the biggest jump should be happening. 55-64 you are preparing for retirement. If you don't have that nest egg for retirement, you still have some time to invest (although it is really getting a little too late). 65-74 if you are a democrat you are thinking of retirement. If you are a republican and not of the elite, BACK TO THE MINES - otherwise let's party. 75 and older you are living off your retirement so yes your net worth is decreasing. That way you can end your life where you started it back at $76k.
  10. And this is exactly why you would not make a good republican politician. Although you failed to mention if you are highly concerned what your students did "in the bedroom".
  11. You can blame the farm lobby (corn growers) for that mess. They were the ones to petition the government to use corn in ethanol verses other more appropriate vegetation. If I were you, I would go out and punch every farmer in the face for allowing that to happen.
  12. So, what are you complaining about? What is a poor singer/songwriter to do on a small budget? It is not like he could stage a multi-million dollar production with hundreds of extras, make-up, costumes, explosions, etc. He needs to get his racist, violent hate out there somehow and make it entertaining to watch. Give him a break.
  13. Oh, puhleeze. Even your quoted conclusion is full of uncertainty and doubt. Nothing is going to change here, and I quote: "climate may be upstaged" and "cannot say at present" and "are expected to be" and "This expectation" and finally "an anticipated" See all just speculation. Nothing is going to change. They even admit it. Let's do nothing until the phrases change to WILL happen or IS happening or better yet, HAS already occurred.
  14. Then I'll say it for you. Brent knows he will be long dead before renewables will 100% replace fossil fuels. Therefore for him it is a win and he will not have to change anything. He obviously does not care about humanity or the future of humanity. As long as he gets his, that is all that matters. The affects that we create today are someone else's problem and he doesn't care about them at all. He has no concept of the idea that a small change today can make a big difference in the future. If you study history, you see this behavior from people in the past. Look at all the people who thought we could never exterminate the American Bison. Brent cannot see the damage we do until the last one dies.
  15. Wrong Actually, Phil, you are wrong and Brent is correct. I was waiting for this and even today before I opened the site said to myself, "I wonder when Brent will post his mid-year update." I needed a good humorous post to read today. I wonder if that is mostly due to the fact that GM and Ford have already announced the plan to switch to NACS. Hyundai is considering to make the switch. And does Toyota even make an electric vehicle (no, the Prius doesn't count)? If I were in the market for an electric vehicle, I would not want one that uses CCS. NACS is now becoming the WORLD standard - since the world apparently ends at the US borders. That is just about as laughable as if I were to say that EV adoption rates are equivalent to what is happening in Norway. Which BTW, what is that now for this year? Fifty-four percent I do believe.