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  1. Does anyone remember Benghazi anymore?
  2. I don't understand this statement, Bill. You are changing the goalposts (notice I said changing not moving). The discussion was on CO2 not water. Since CO2 is a nutrient and good for plants (like Brando) we need to stick with that. We should be increasing the CO2 in the atmosphere to say 80% of the atmosphere. It is good for plants, remember. That would be a good thing, right? It heading toward winter here in the northern hemisphere. Increasing the temperature of the planet will be a good thing for plants here in the North so they don't die due to cold weather. That would be good for the plants too.
  3. That's where you are wrong. This is murica. Let me rephrase that for you: If you are too stupid to know not to park on train tracks, then you are way too stupid to be trusted with a badge.
  4. Yes and I remember when gas prices were $1.70 under Clinton. We should really elect another Clinton so that we can have gas prices that low again.
  5. When will you finally get it? Until: 2018 is worse than 2017 in every weather aspect simultaneously around the entire world 2019 is worse than 2018 in every weather aspect simultaneously around the entire world 2020 is worse than 2019 in every weather aspect simultaneously around the entire world 2021 is worse than 2020 in every weather aspect simultaneously around the entire world 2022 is worse than... well you get the picture There is nothing to see here. It is just natural variation. We should continue as though nothing is wrong and not change even the slightest behavior.
  6. I was and as usual Bill Von picked up on it and stated it eloquently with a movie quote.
  7. Or if you don't like living in the greatest nation in the world, maybe you should just go back to where you came from - or in this example Canada. Move to Canada, if you don't like it here. I'll be damned if I'm going to sit here and listen to you degradate the US and it's perfect capitalist economy. You must be a commie in order to even question the status quo.
  8. Of course we need more seals. Just think of the massive increase in unemployment benefits that will be required if we put all of the people out of work who make a living clubbing baby harp seals.
  9. I say it can't come soon enough. These pests should have been eliminated long ago. I cannot tell you how much of a pain it is to clean out those big orange and black wings from the grill of my car after driving through a swarm* of them crossing the road. Why don't they just learn to fly 10 feet above the roads instead of right in my pathway. Finally something good coming out of "climate change". * a "swarm" is defined as any number greater than one
  10. No Way! That would mean raising MY taxes (if I lived in AZ). It is much better if we just lower the cost & quality of public education and make parents pay that cost by sending their kids to private schools.
  11. Then you use political persuasion/pressure to "change their mind". Not specifically in this case, but said senator is highly corrupt. Threaten to use that against them, and if they don't fall in-line with the rest of the democrats, FOLLOW THROUGH. Just don't talk behind closed doors then do nothing. This is where you and I disagree. I don't see the second doing anything except going with the status quo and hoping nothing will change. The opposition has been actively trying to change things and the Ds have done nothing to permanently uphold Row v. Wade.
  12. The blame also lies with the (Corporate) democrats. Let's not forget that they did have a way of slowing down and/or blocking the confirmation of Barrett. They could have started another impeachment of Trump which would have superseded the nomination process. They could have attempted to increase the court size. They could have gotten rid of the filibuster and codified Row or something similar 2 years ago. But instead they chose (and continue) to do nothing. Thoughts and prayers, everyone. I saw it on-line where someone said history is going to look back at this time and say WTF when a decision like this went down during the first time we had a woman democrat vice president and when asked what the administration would do about this, her answer was, "What can we do?" I will go one further than Jerry Baumchen and say it is time to clean house of both the Rs and Ds. They are both responsible for this decision.
  13. You say that like it is a bad thing. Having an increase in cancer risk is a good thing for everyone: It is good for the economy (why do you hate economic progress?) Just think of all the jobs created when cancer rates skyrocket. There are cancer centers employing - doctors, nurses, lab technicians, custodial workers, receptionists, administrators, etc. All these people would be out of work without coal causing lung cancer. Then there is all the drug companies who are researching ways to cure coal inspired lung cancer. Just think of all the scientists, more lab technicians, custodial workers, and veterinarians. All out of a job. Do you really want that? Not to mention all the miners, people that process and transport the coal. Gas station operators that supply the fuel to the trucks/trains that transport the coal. Let's face it, the whole country would shut down if we were to ban coal generated power plants! It is good for the environment (why do you hate nature?) With all these people dying from lung cancer and being buried in the ground improves the population of worms to decompose the bodies. The worms create waste products that the plants use as nutrients to grow beautiful big trees and grass. And its not just worms, but probably ants, beetles, fungus, bacteria. All these things are good for the environment. We need more people dying not less to help the environment!
  14. I guess it really depends on when the books were written and released. If they were written during the Trump presidency, then it only makes since that his administration would be featured in the books. It is kind of like when I went to a Disney theme park and into their "Hall of Presidents" during the Trump administration. Disney had Trump prominently displayed (like they do all current presidents) telling the audience to "grab 'em by the pussy"!
  15. California's electrical grid has an EV problem ( I do want to give credit to the author for him stating [very far down in the article] that if we just adjust the time where "everyone" charges, the grid can handle the added load placed on it by EVs. Maybe electrical grid operators should actually incentivize the use of wind/solar AND batteries instead of trying everything to limit it's usage by private customers while at the same time complaining about the increased grid usage.
  16. Yes but does India, Japan, & Russia have all the cool snappy phrases to distract the conservatives with shiny new sayings? You just have to sell it as a way of owning the Libs and they will jump on board in no time. Maybe we could claim we are "building a wall" out of nuclear powerplants stacked right next to each other along the coastline. Then cost will not matter to them at all.
  17. This is so simple, I cannot believe no one has thought of it. Climate change is causing drought Climate change is causing sea level rise Climate change is causing an increase use of electricity We build massive power plants - we will call them Teraplants as a catchy phrase - along the coast line using sea water as a coolant to resolve 2 Use the steam to power turbines to resolve 3 Use "Steam Capture Technology" (SCT - my new coined phrase) to condense the steam into drinkable water Pipe the water into lakes and aquifers to resolve 1 What could be simpler - even a caveman could do it...
  18. I think the best argument in the abortion discussion is asking the question, "Does anyone have bodily autonomy over another human being?" Or said another way, if I need a kidney to survive and you have a matching kidney, can I force the state to make you give me your kidney so I don't die? And to stop the inevitable strawman about taking the kidney from the person where a fetus doesn't "take" anything - I'll give you back your kidney if one is later found from a cadaver. If the answer is "No you can't take my kidney", then the discussion is over. You have conceded that it is not about the life of the fetus. You don't care about life. Then please explain your objection. And please, PLEASE, tell me it is because of your christian religion so I can quote you the verses where God approves and dictates the cases for abortion.
  19. There is nothing specifically wrong with Kentucky or any other individual state per se. The only issue is that we have set up a system that allows a single Testudinidae to acquire an unreasonable amount of power. The other issue is why we are led so much by partisan politics that votes (bills) are won and loss by a single vote or two.
  20. I very rarely feed trolls, but hey I read these posts just for entertainment. So keep them coming... I don't have the will or time to debunk all 41 points, so I'll just choose the easiest one. So what the author is saying here is that the break even point between oil and batteries is cycle number 100 on the battery. And we all know that battery life is much greater than 100 cycles. Therefore, I don't think the author really has thought through his arguments very well. This is not an inconvenient truth of new energy, it is actually a reason to switch over to batteries. It seems more likely that he is trying to convince people who only look at big number vs little number without even the slightest bit of cognitive thought.
  21. Wasn't there another thread on here about not declaring war on some country before actually being able to immediately commit resources to that effort? There is nothing new here. This is just the preparation work before we invade Russia to shut the naysayers up.
  22. Are you advocating for the stabbing of one's spouse?
  23. That's it, I've just about had enough of this. If they make standard time permanent, I'm starting a civil war*! We clearly cannot work as a society and therefore the only recourse is to start killing each other. We all need to pick sides and fight it out to see who wins. Instead of calling it 'North vs. South' or 'The War of Northern Aggression' since those names have already been taken we will call it 'Right Side vs. Wrong Side'. Those on the Right Side who believe like me should believe: Daylight Savings Time all year Vaccines Saves Lives and should be mandated when appropriate Masks do help prevent the spread of disease and should be mandatory when appropriate Abortion is a woman's right and not dictated by others The world is a sphere and therefore needs different time zones Religion should lose its tax exempt status and abolished in any political or legal discussion Those on the Wrong Side should believe: Standard Time all year Vaccines are used to control your thoughts Masks are tyranny Woman should be convicted of murder charges whenever a pregnancy is terminated including miscarriages The world is flat and therefore why do we even need time zones - oh and only 6,000 years old because, reasons American Taliban? Yes sign me up please * I'm not literally starting a civil war, but you do you, boo. I'll sit back with some popcorn and watch - but only if it is not on pay-per-view.
  24. I vote for daylight savings time year round. Like we are going to make this a poll on I just don't understand how Manchin and Sinema couldn't conspire to kill this bill too?
  25. It really is too bad that over the past several years our politicians have become weak and neutered. If only we had the strong leadership in the likes of Donald Rumsfeld and President Cheney, this war would probably be wrapping up. Or at the very least we would have nukes raining down on major US cities like (well) rain. We tried to reduce the population with Covid, but those pesky doctors and scientists came up with a vaccine way to early. It seems our only hope is an outright and open war. Something needs to be done to reduce the population of the planet, don't you think? If that doesn't happen and Putin just decides to claim victory and leave, should he just get on an aircraft carrier with a banner stating "Mission Accomplished"?