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  1. Need advice: which full face helmet has a visor extending lower (toward chin) so it allows eyeballs to look down as much as possible. I’m currentyly using Cookie G3 and when looking down I see helmet’s chin mold, i.e. my vision in that direction is somewhat blocked. To make sense of what problem I’m trying to resolve, see the picture below. The display is mounted in the position as low as possible for Cookie. If I will try to mount it lower than that, part of it would not be in the field of view, obscured by helmet’s black plastic. So I’m looking for helmet with visor extending down, which will allow to mount display in lower position. Looking at different helmets I got impression that Bonhead Aero has better vertical field of view. Does somebody has experience with Bonhead or with other helmets and can advise on that matter ?
  2. About what was inconvenient with Vufine display: It is supposed to be located very close to eyeball and has lens designed accordingly. But you would not want to put it so close to the eye in wingsuit flight, as it may hit the eye badly. Attempt to position Vufine at reasonable distance creates "tunnel vision" effect - even a slight shift of eye from the optimal position makes the image to disappear. No practical use by any means. As I posed the image earlier, assembling of AON2 on helmet front works much better. I already made about 200 jumps with this setup and believe it is a practical solution in terms of where and how display should be positioned. The AON2 can be replaced by any kind of custom implementation, but optimal position is as I mentioned. I'm currently designing my own custom solution with 5" 800 x 480 high-brightness LCD .
  3. I was not happy with the result, and abandoned it after several test flights. Vufine display is not convenient to look at during the flight. Instead, I mounted AON2 on helmet front. This configuration works pretty good.
  4. 15 liters fuel bladder. Will be on the lower back, right behind BOC.
  5. I need to make openings for engine mounts. You can see some details here – I will ask advice from our riggers, but cannot ask them to do the job. They don’t have materials and experience to modify wingsuits.
  6. I need to do several significant modifications on ATC wingsuit. Since it is going to be continuous research process, I decided to obtain all necessary materials and skills to do it myself. Thereby several questions: Main surface material (like 210D Ripstop) – what are my options and where to buy ? What thread (size, type) should I use, where to buy ? Needles for sewing machine – type, size ? Are ball-point needles preferable ? Sewing machine – for start I intend to use household Bernina machine. Does it makes sense ? If not, what do you recommend ?
  7. Well, I already ordered C4 suit. And I think jumping from ATC to RACE is too much. I will use C4 for a year or two before considering further upgrade.
  8. Wow, you made it very clear. Thank you for comprehensive explanation. I will go for C4.
  9. I own ATC2, pretty happy with it and intend to keep it for any-style flights. But I’m considering to buy additional, larger wingsuit for single purpose – to stay longer in air. No acrobatics, no base and no flocking with it, just cloud surfing as long as possible. Which one will be better for this purpose – Freak or Colugo ? Or there are other brands which are better matching my purposes ?
  10. Indeed my intention is to stay high above terrain. I booked Eiger WS flights, which is considered skydiving rather than BASE. Obviously there are still several dangerous situations which can develop, such as quick loss of altitude due to bad exit, or flying in wrong direction. Are there other dangers which I should be aware of ?
  11. Can somebody recommend skydiving clubs in Alps area (Switzerland / France / Italy) which offer wingsuit jumps from helicopter and have well established flight lines over terrain at safe altitude ? By “safe altitude” I mean that terrain has slope similar or steeper than WS descent angle so if I will exit at 3000 feet above and will fly in the right direction, I will continue to stay at the same altitude above terrain all the way down until deployment.
  12. Photos of helmet with Vufine HUD installed and connected to smartphone. The display of application running on phone is mirrored to Vufine. A lot of work to properly install it in helmet.