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  1. 15 liters fuel bladder. Will be on the lower back, right behind BOC.
  2. I need to make openings for engine mounts. You can see some details here – I will ask advice from our riggers, but cannot ask them to do the job. They don’t have materials and experience to modify wingsuits.
  3. I need to do several significant modifications on ATC wingsuit. Since it is going to be continuous research process, I decided to obtain all necessary materials and skills to do it myself. Thereby several questions: Main surface material (like 210D Ripstop) – what are my options and where to buy ? What thread (size, type) should I use, where to buy ? Needles for sewing machine – type, size ? Are ball-point needles preferable ? Sewing machine – for start I intend to use household Bernina machine. Does it makes sense ? If not, what do you recommend ?
  4. Well, I already ordered C4 suit. And I think jumping from ATC to RACE is too much. I will use C4 for a year or two before considering further upgrade.
  5. Wow, you made it very clear. Thank you for comprehensive explanation. I will go for C4.
  6. I own ATC2, pretty happy with it and intend to keep it for any-style flights. But I’m considering to buy additional, larger wingsuit for single purpose – to stay longer in air. No acrobatics, no base and no flocking with it, just cloud surfing as long as possible. Which one will be better for this purpose – Freak or Colugo ? Or there are other brands which are better matching my purposes ?
  7. Indeed my intention is to stay high above terrain. I booked Eiger WS flights, which is considered skydiving rather than BASE. Obviously there are still several dangerous situations which can develop, such as quick loss of altitude due to bad exit, or flying in wrong direction. Are there other dangers which I should be aware of ?
  8. Can somebody recommend skydiving clubs in Alps area (Switzerland / France / Italy) which offer wingsuit jumps from helicopter and have well established flight lines over terrain at safe altitude ? By “safe altitude” I mean that terrain has slope similar or steeper than WS descent angle so if I will exit at 3000 feet above and will fly in the right direction, I will continue to stay at the same altitude above terrain all the way down until deployment.
  9. Photos of helmet with Vufine HUD installed and connected to smartphone. The display of application running on phone is mirrored to Vufine. A lot of work to properly install it in helmet.
  10. Great, thanks ! I will post update as soon as I will have chance to test it in flight.
  11. Maybe I will end-up with RPi, but meanwhile seems that smartphone applications are working pretty well. Their accuracy is better than mine ability to exploit accuracy advantage :-) But presently all tests I did were by car running up/down the hill, not sure it represents well enough wingsuit flight conditions. I’m awaiting for HUD arrival to test these applications in real flight.
  12. Nice to meet you. BASEline is cool application and porting it to Google Glass creates excellent instrument for wingsuit. I decided to take somewhat different implementation path, which allows me more flexibility in selection of proper application. Application will run on smartphone while smart glasses will be used only for display. There are several available displays, for example Vufine+ and Epson Moverio. I think Vufine is the best match, because it less obscuring peripheral vision. With this hardware setup I can try several available applications to find the best match. I ordered Vufine display yesterday, $200 new on Amazon. In recent days I played with several applications (still without Vufine). I tried Aircraft Cockpit, GoFly and BASEline. For first impression I simply drive the car up and down the hill, which was sufficient to create vertical and horizontal displacement for GPS of my Galaxy S8. Here are my findings: All 3 applications provided reliable real-time data. Aircraft Cockpit Pros: very aesthetic dashboard, clear readings, easy to understand during the flight. Cons: Out of 6 displayed instruments, only 3 are relevant (HS, VS and ALT). Altimeter is absolute, not relatively to ground and cannot be preset. No glide ratio. Maximum of VS scale is 10 m/s, insufficient for wingsuit, unless you are flying CR+ :-). VS scale limitation is major drawback, rendering this app useless for wingsuit. GoFly Dedicated for paragliding. Pros: displays all relevant information: HS, VS, Glide, ALT. Can be configured (through Android display settings) in the manner that relevant information will be dominant on the display screen. Cons: readings are ugly, not arranged well on the screen, require focused concentration to grasp. Overall a good candidate for wingsuit flight. BASEline Pros: dedicated for wingsuit. Displays all relevant information. Also displays additional information which (for me) may be relevant in future. Cons: readings are not clear. In NAV screen they occupy small rectangle. Attempt to increase font size through Android display settings make readings truncated. In ALTI screen readings are too small and cannot be resized. I’m planning to use this app first when Vufine display will arrive. Clarification about emphasis on readings clearness To avoid obscuring of peripheral vision, display should be located on eye’s edge, so it would be almost out of view when person is looking straight forward. Eyeball movement and refocus is required to check readings. In this case small, poorly arranged readings will require significant attention, affecting usability. It will work properly only if user can catch information in brief glance.
  13. Smartphone GPS is limited to 1Hz rate. But accuracy also matters and in newer phones accuracy is better. Also it is possible to connect external GPS, which can sample at 10Hz rate. I would like to test some existing applications for a start. Are there any applications you recommend ?