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  1. TomAiello

    Slider Bumpers/Link Covers (Silicon tube size?)

    Perfect. Thank you!
  2. TomAiello

    Slider Bumpers/Link Covers (Silicon tube size?)

    There is a lot of discussion here that doesn't really apply to my (slider down BASE rig) case, but it's interesting to read it. Does anyone happen to have the actual dimensions handy (ID and OD, or even just ID)? Thanks!
  3. TomAiello

    Slider Bumpers/Link Covers (Silicon tube size?)

    Thanks for the photo. Something that needs to be tacked down won't work for me. I need to slide the bumpers up and down quite frequently.
  4. TomAiello

    Slider Bumpers/Link Covers (Silicon tube size?)

    Looking at the chart, they are number 5 links. I can buy tubing from McMaster, but I'm trying to narrow down the correct interior diameter so I'm not stuck ordering a range and then trying different ones until I find the right size to order more of. How hard is it to slide the white webbing ones on and off the links? Do you happen to have a photo? I'm not really familiar with them. I could probably just sew up some webbing covers. Maybe I'll give that a shot.
  5. TomAiello

    Slider Bumpers/Link Covers (Silicon tube size?)

    Can anyone point me at the correct size silicon tube to use for (reserve size) slider bumpers? I'm replacing the bumpers on about 40 BASE rigs, and I just want to buy a length of hose and cut it up. Does anyone have an internal/external diameter hose (or better yet a link to a supplier) that works? Thanks for any help.
  6. TomAiello

    Ken Oka 5/25/13

    A great man and a heck of a guy. I've still got Ken Oka pull up cords. He will be missed.
  7. TomAiello

    Mike Ungar

    So sad to hear this. Mike took my course at the end of October this year. We took a break for trick-or-treating, and he helped hand out candy to kids who came by our house. He was kind, funny and thoughtful. My kids loved him, and loved playing with him. He said one of the things he was looking forward to about working in California was that he could try to build up his swooping skills more. He definitely died while living his life on his own terms, doing what he wanted. Fly free, Mike.
  8. TomAiello

    46" z-po pc for bridge day?

    Yes, you _could_ use it. What kind of delay are you planning on? Slider up or slider down? As you take more delay, the larger PC is going to deform your pack job more during extraction. On a slider down canopy, especially at Bridge Day (lots of altitude and nothing to hit) I don't really think that matters too much. But if you go slider up and take a deeper delay, I'd start to worry about the pack job deformation potentially (we're still talking single digit percentages here, but why take the chance) leading to more serious problems (tension knots, line overs, etc) with the slider making things worse/harder to deal with. Are you really so hard up that you can't just buy a 42? There are tons for sale at Bridge Day itself, and I'm 100% certain they are in stock in at least 4 places.
  9. TomAiello

    Jumpers in Twin yesterday (tuesday)

    Yesterday we had a big group from SLC (maybe 8 or so), 2 from Arizona, a couple locals, 3 from Australia and 1 from Canada. I'm sure there were a few others I can't recall. At any rate, there were plenty of people here.
  10. TomAiello

    Chance to comment on BASE jumping in Zion ends June 29

    [url ]On-line comments submission form[/url].
  11. TomAiello

    Starting BASE

    My advice is [url ]here[/url]. I had about 300 skydives when I started BASE jumping. I wish someone had pointed out to me that freeflying and high performance canopies didn't have much skill translation, and had steered me toward CRW, Accuracy, and (max) tracking, instead.
  12. TomAiello

    I have lost my nerve..

    If you don't want to jump, don't force yourself. If you really want to jump, but something inside you is stopping you, I'd recommend taking a break. Go skydiving, or scuba diving, or hiking, for a while. Clear your head, get away from BASE jumping, then come back in a year or so for a fresh start.
  13. TomAiello

    New Morpheus Nano

    Is there a BASE specific round available with it?
  14. TomAiello

    maylasia airfare...

    Have you looked at flying to Singapore, then taking a train or a commuter flight?
  15. TomAiello

    Remembering coombesy

    I've moved this from BASE to Blue Skies. There is still a pointer in BASE, so the thread is visible from both forums.