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  1. The traffic on the site was very low, and it didn't make financial sense to maintain it separately. The owner of the sites (both and made the decision to shut that one down and move the BASE conversations here. It also has the benefit that skydivers who are curious about BASE have an easier place to ask questions and get answers.
  2. Hi Ivan, and welcome to the forum! You are correct that you need to start with jumps from aircraft. If you want to jump the big mountains in your country, you are going to need to do a fair amount of skydiving to learn tracking skills--even more if you are hoping to fly wing suits in the mountains. I know some Russian jumpers who have traveled there for BASE. Have you met any local BASE jumpers? Or is it all people traveling there to jump? I know several people who have jumped there while traveling for work (in the oil industry), but none who are there now, unfortunately. How able are you to travel? The easiest thing to do is to travel to the USA or Europe and take a training course, but I'm not sure if that's within your budget.
  3. Just got this from ITD: Perrine Bridge Inspection Flyer_Jan22.pdf
  4. I haven't seen Lee in quite a while. When was the last time he posted?
  5. I have lots of used containers. If you want you can email me ([email protected]) and I can throw some options at you.
  6. I think the best case would be to create a big archive accessible from a link here. I think that if it's not possible to do that here, it's very likely that someone else will copy the post database and put it up somewhere else, but personally I'd rather see it here.
  7. I'm not a giant fan of the NRA, but _every_ political organization engages in similar behavior. This kind of thing happens on all sides of American politics. The problem is that enforcement is sporadic and politically motivated. You see 'red state' law enforcement cracking down on left wing organizations, and 'blue state' law enforcement cracking down on right wing organizations. All it does is widen our already massive political divides.
  8. Given that Biden's legislative agenda is basically hostage to a coal executive (Joe Manchin) from the largest coal producing state (West Virginia), that makes sense. If the democrats are openly anti-coal, they are going to lose their entire program by alienating the key swing voter in their caucus.
  9. Done. :) Cash is pretty much trash at this point. You have to use it for daily expenses, but it's a huge mistake to keep any more than necessary for everyday transactions.
  10. I wasn't aware the GOP thought they had a chance of winning the New Jersey race. In a state where there are a million (not an exaggeration) more registered democrats than republicans, that would be pretty unrealistic.
  11. The original archive is just below this forum: I'm not sure what the plan is for the posts to be archived. I can see if I can find out. I'd love to see them archived here in the same format, but with the number of subforums over there that may be challenging.
  12. I think this will be a positive change. I'm excited to get back in touch with :)
  13. There is a lot of discussion here that doesn't really apply to my (slider down BASE rig) case, but it's interesting to read it. Does anyone happen to have the actual dimensions handy (ID and OD, or even just ID)? Thanks! -- Tom Aiello [email protected]
  14. Thanks for the photo. Something that needs to be tacked down won't work for me. I need to slide the bumpers up and down quite frequently. -- Tom Aiello [email protected]
  15. Looking at the chart, they are number 5 links. I can buy tubing from McMaster, but I'm trying to narrow down the correct interior diameter so I'm not stuck ordering a range and then trying different ones until I find the right size to order more of. How hard is it to slide the white webbing ones on and off the links? Do you happen to have a photo? I'm not really familiar with them. I could probably just sew up some webbing covers. Maybe I'll give that a shot. -- Tom Aiello [email protected]
  16. Can anyone point me at the correct size silicon tube to use for (reserve size) slider bumpers? I'm replacing the bumpers on about 40 BASE rigs, and I just want to buy a length of hose and cut it up. Does anyone have an internal/external diameter hose (or better yet a link to a supplier) that works? Thanks for any help. -- Tom Aiello [email protected]
  17. A great man and a heck of a guy. I've still got Ken Oka pull up cords. He will be missed. -- Tom Aiello [email protected]
  18. Holy necro thread. Did you just respond to a 9 year old post? I have large harness rings and small riser rings on most of my BASE rigs, but obviously a hard cutaway isn't much of an issue there. What kind of container did you buy and what brand of risers were on it? -- Tom Aiello [email protected]
  19. I'll call PD. Since they use F-111 to build the Ace and Blackjack canopies, hopefully they'll have some scraps that I can use to patch them. Thanks! -- Tom Aiello [email protected]
  20. Does anyone have a good source for small quantities of F-111 (for patching canopies)? I realize that it's not really "F-111" anymore, but you know what I mean. Help, anyone? -- Tom Aiello [email protected]
  21. Can anyone help guide me to the slowest falling suit on the market? I understand that's not exactly a precise question, but assuming all else is equal (pilot size and skill, etc), what suit is going to generate the slowest sustained (i.e. average for the entire jump) fall rates? In this application, I am looking almost entirely for slowest fall rate. Glide angle and speed are very secondary, and I understand that slowest fall rate will likely not have the best glide angle. My preliminary opinion is that I ought to look at whatever the latest-greatest Tonysuit flying airmattress is (Apache Rebel or something, right?). Can anyone offer any other opinions? If you have real data on fall rates in various suits, that would be extremely helpful as well. Thanks for any information or opinions you can share. -- Tom Aiello [email protected]
  22. Lodi is very cheap. It has a pretty unique culture. If you are looking to do a bunch of jumps as quickly as possible, and have your own training program or schedule to follow, it's great. It's not as good for just picking up random jumping partners or hanging out. -- Tom Aiello [email protected]